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  1. Typically, they would need a toilet pass because they've got medical exemption. At the moment though, the idea behind it is that if we allow more pupils to go during lesson time, less will need to go at break/lunch and minimise the number trying to use them at the busiest time. They need to wear a face mask if they're going out and can only go to the block in their zone. It seems to be working, just means I'm constantly repeating myself.
  2. Six kids missing from my form on Friday with two more being sent home through the day. Kids are either super happy with the weird timetable or hate it as they have subjects bulked together. For example, my form group have 5 hours of maths on a Friday and nothing else. English on Thursdays is broken by 1 hour of PE. I see them for 2 hours on a Wednesday to break up science and then the other two days they're doing humanities subjects or tech/art/music with no equipment for practical work. I spend that much time going between zones, I'm starting to think I work in the fucking Crystal Maze.
  3. Kids aren't thick. Few of them started talking to me in form this morning about this new "rule of six" and trying to figure it out. "So sir, if I'm hanging out with my friends in school and we're a group of 10 then that's OK because our whole year group is a bubble and that's 170 kids. But if I see those same friends outside school or we're walking home, it has to be in a group of six? Seems pretty stupid." Kids dropping like flies and it's crazy how many parents are ok sending their kid into school with a bad cough when they know we're turning that kid around. Then again, a lot of
  4. This part is utterly insane and where the system is going to fall apart within weeks. Kids are in year groups of hundreds in some schools. My school is 150-180 per year which each are their own bubble. They're in one zone per day, have to use toilets for that zone and have a designated inside and outside zone for break and lunch. KS3 and KS4 have different school days, so the older years have an earlier finish, fewer lessons per day and a short lunch. But I'm teaching MFL, Music and Computer Science this year. I'm crossing bubbles during the day, 3 days a week as well as having my form g
  5. I'll throw in my stuff about school. Been back since last Tuesday for inset with pupils starting Wednesday. I had a few kids in my form who didn't come back because they're still shielding or isolating because family tested positive. I'd wager that around 10% of pupils are wearing a mask, and most of them aren't wearing them properly or spend half the day fiddling around with it. The caretakers put tape on the floor in every room to signal the "teacher zone" where pupils can't enter. We are meant to stay in that all lesson and if we want to leave it to help a child, we have to wear a viso
  6. Yikes. This is going to be the big issues once secondary schools in England resume "normal" service next week. As soon as child has a cough, a bit of a temperature or feels a bit peaky, they are going to have to stay off. Same goes for teachers where they might just previously get on with things. I was in school today getting some things sorted and had a chat with my HoD/assistant head. He reckons we'll get about 85-90% attendance next week since some won't want to send their child back or they'll be ill and it'll go lower. If we make it into October half term without bulk school closure
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