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  1. Some of the selections on this tour have been absolutely bizarre. Starting with choosing Ben Duckett instead of Hameed in Bangladesh was strange, especially when it seemed pretty clear from the beginning that he wasn't going to be the opener in India. He stumbled and was invevitably dropped for Hameed, who then gets injured and instead of returning to the original, they bring in another lad who can actually play a forward defensive and attack when necessary. The top order is failing too many times. I've just gone through all of the scorecards from the English summer onwards and we've been 4 down for under 100 in 12 different innings. If it weren't for Stokes and Bairstow, we'd have been absolutely fucked on more than one occasion this year. Cook, Root, and the anyone else who has rotated into opening position and top order have scored on occasion, but they have so rarely fired together. Some of the bowling decisions have been...interesting. Leach not getting the nod this winter was bizarre. A lot of talk on Cricinfo and TMS about Leach not going appears to be because the ECB are worried of him doing a Kerrigan and being too young/immature and not able to cope with the pressure of international cricket. A bit suspect, you aren't going to find out unless you pick him and on wickets that are going to turn, you need someone who can turn the ball. Rashid has surprised me in how well he's played. I just wish he'd learn to bowl the odd maiden over. Such a key part is being able to stem the run flow and build pressure that way. But I guess the issue with a leggie is that you're going to get a dodgy ball an over. He's picked up plenty of wickets, so he's doing something right. He might put Moeen under a bit of pressure when we go back to a single spinner next summer given current form of both. The spin issue in the English game is an interesting one though. The changes to the county game last season brought spinners into the game more and meant that guys like Leach have been able to have more impact. Somerset knew their strength was in Leach and his ability to spin the ball. They prepared turning wickets and he delivered. Bringing Dawson out for the last game to carry the drinks was mental. His bowling average was average at best. Root bringing himself on in the last game was brilliant. Decides he's fed up with garbage, comes on while Cook is off the field and picks up two wickets. Wonderful.
  2. I remember one of my friends had Sky and with some English language programming on various channels, you could change the audio back into English instead of dubbing. You won't get that with the standard channels though. VPN should work. I used Hola and it worked perfectly fine with Sky Go, though they might have clamped down on that recently.
  3. They don't ban flippers. One of the robots who did very well in Season 1 (and shows up in the second season this year) is Bronco, who utilises a flipper/lifter. I think they're just not the preferred weapon of choice as Battlebots very much leans towards having to beat the robot into a knockout, and flipping the opponent makes things slightly more difficult to damage and beat the other robot these days. It's very much doable, but another weapon is more likely to succeed. Comparing the two sets of competitors, Battlebots definitely has more variety and destruction over Robot Wars at the moment.
  4. I enjoyed it too, a lot of reaction I've seen from friends has been positive. I'm not convinced by the round robin format that they have for the second round, but that might change as the series goes on. They could have kept it as a single knockout after the initial four way openers, though I did enjoy Nuts being destroyed. Carbide looks like it's going to do some serious damage. I recognise a few of the other names in the competition from the entry list that was published, and some might be able to give a strong challenge to Carbide in the final. They'll take some beating though. Also, I've been really enjoying US Battlebots on their second series since the relaunch last year. They've kept the straight one on one fights with the robots seeded and fighting off in brackets. Battlebots has fewer restrictions on weapons though, with many robots using fire and drones as part of their weaponry and a lot of interchangeable weaponry so that teams can tailor their robots to specific fights. Definitely worth checking out if you can find it online.
  5. Going to be doing my very best to get to this show. Card already looks great with some very fun matches and a stacked main event, and it's been a long time since I was last at a GPW show.
  6. I'm noticing it starting to play up more these days. Though I've also found that when it stops me watching something, I can back out, press play again and it's fine. May not be for much longer, does seem they're actually starting to do something with this.
  7. Hi Richard, hopefully this will be seen by yourself. I took the decision to upgrade from the basic to the ultimate box and give it a whirl. From the post above and having seen a few unboxing videos, I appear to have some items missing from the box. Is this because the upgrade kicks in from the month after where I've upgraded?
  8. Futureshock aren't planning to run Warrington this year from what I see. It's not on the calendar on the website, and I think someone asked a question on the Facebook page and was advised that Futureshock aren't returning this year. Things could change at some point.
  9. I might have to upgrade to the ultimate box from the standard one from next month. If the difference in quality of contents is things like the Tetsujin DVD, I'm missing out.
  10. Channel 4 put a bid in to take the rights to F1 coverage back when BBC initially decided that they couldn't afford to air the full season live. The bid that they'd put together was actually really good, looking at making it a focal point of their coverage and having lots of archive footage, shows about the technological side and really trying to draw a new audience to the sport. BBC and Sky got the coverage, and the rest is history. Now Channel 4 are back with their package, and I suspect they'll do a good job. Making it very clear from the offset that they won't run adverts during the race session is crucial, though I imagine pre- and post-race will be very advert heavy to compensate unless they decide they're going to take a leaf out of the American book and run side-by-side coverage to get some sort of commercial benefit during the race. Now the big question is about who they'll get to front the coverage and in the commentary box. DC is rumoured to be on the new Top Gear, so I imagine that rules him out. Martin Haven as lead commentator would be fantastic. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, loves a good rant about safety cars.
  11. I believe all of those bar perhaps the June show are in tandem with Futureshock's Underground shows at Prestwich, and that's only due to Futureshock running on the Friday night instead of Saturday. Obviously very different markets as a whole in terms of crowd, but may well lure some of the Progress fans into making a weekend of it and vice versa. I'll echo everything else that's already been said. An absolutely brilliant show from top to bottom. I was talking to someone beforehand about being slightly wary after hearing so much hype that I feared I'd end up disappointed, especially after having not checked out their catalogue on demand. Nothing to worry about, lived up to expectation and blew me away.
  12. Yep, that happened too. The Wolves decided that the best way to keep the Models out of the match and win the titles was taking them on a tour of the building and leaving them at the front door. Rather luckily, there's a back door which the Models were able to find to get back into the building on the way to victory. I wasn't too wrong about the TLC match. Pretty much everything on that show was really impressive. As Benny said, I often forget how good Bubblegum is as the good guy because I'm so used to booing him at most other places. The best crowd Futureshock has seen this year, and without a doubt one of the best shows. Loved the Age of Rayne entrance, just something about the spectacle to make it all that bit more special. I didn't realize you were reffing until last night! That's me! I like to think I look slimming in stripes.
  13. I'm massively looking forward to this show. Arguably three main-event worthy matches with Rayne/Cooper, Gallagher/Gibson and the TLC tag match and not a single match of the seven doesn't stand out as something that doesn't belong on the biggest show of the year. I get a sneaky feeling the TLC match is going to be absolutely insane. Really, truly insane. I can only assume that the submission match will be wrestling joy. Those two are amazing in a ring together.
  14. I really enjoyed last night. That was my first HXC show since the one with Pondo and Crazy Mary back in...2013? Took my girlfriend to the show and she really enjoyed it, possibly because it's the sort of crowd that she fits in with. I guess that might mean she'll go to a few more HXC shows in future, which I certainly won't be complaining about. The ECW parody was brilliantly done for how daft it was. Viper continued to impress every time I've seen her. BT Gunn and Whiplash were absolutely fantastic, and I've got a soft spot for Tommy End so his match was pretty darn good. The main event seemed to finish out of nowhere. I guess I just expected a little bit more from it, but it was still fun. Fingers crossed that I'll get back to the next show they do.
  15. I've been at Futureshock's school in Manchester for almost a year now. Decided right from the beginning that I wanted to be involved without being a wrestler since my knees were shot from dodgy bowling technique when playing cricket and committed to training as a referee. I still train and put in a lot of work at sessions both with refereeing and doing various drills and exercises. I put a ton of work in throughout the autumn and managed to get the opportunity to start working on shows which is something I absolutely love getting the chance to do. I'm still working hard, but it's a great feeling knowing that I'm (hopefully) improving at such leaps each time I'm in the ring.