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Ridiculous ways wrestling has worked itself into your everyday life


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We've had threads like this before, but since I can't remember how long ago or what it was called, here's another one. This thread was inspired by the cold I currently have.


It is causing me to sneeze quite a lot, quite loudly. While sneezing this morning, I realised that, when I sneeze standing up, my sneeze is accompanied by me slapping my leg with whichever hand is not covering my nose, to intensify the noise, in exactly the same way a wrestler will slap his leg when hitting a superkick, a big boot or a punch.


This is the only explanation I can think of for why I might do this - it's not conscious - and I have no idea how long I've been doing it for, but I'm blaming the subversive influence of wrestling.


There are other ways wrestling and its inspirations have crept into my everyday life, and all of them are silly. For instance, our shower is more an oval shape than a square or rectangle... so naturally the act of opening and closing it starts to resemble a pod in the Elimination Chamber.


That's the sort of thing I'm looking for... how has your fandom of wrestling snuck into your day-to-day existence? The weirder and sillier the better.


And if anyone else does the superkick-leg-slap when they sneeze, let me know it's not just me...

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I loved these threads in the past. There's a suburb in Peterborough called Orton, so every now and then I see a bus heading towards "Orton"


When I was a kid (and sometimes as an adult :-P), I used to step onto our rectangular rug as if it were a wrestling ring, bend down through the ropes and everything (normally i'd do it in a bret sort of fashion)


whenever stepping out of the car i normally act as if i'm stone cold getting out of his pick up


when play fighting with the kids on the sofa or on the rug (see above) i'll naturally imitate wrestlers


the only storage that is out of sight in our house is the attic and when my wife had the bright idea of getting a proper loft ladder to make it easier getting up there, i said no because it's too expensive, when really It's because i like setting the normal ladder up :-S


when walking down my hallway i normally brush my hand along the wall as if i'm walking down the aisle slapping fans hands




i'll stop now as i'm admitting far too much!!

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I use "heat" sometimes.


I have said "no sell" a few times then worked out what a said and felt like a right tool. Someone asked me how my dog was after he broke his tail. My answer was "he is no selling it"


I wish i had died.


The Mr perfect gum slap has been done a few times to.

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I imagine the ol' wake up and do a Taker sit up or kip up is popular. I personally don't do it but I've seen it first hand.


I used to do the international sequence on an invisible human. I sometimes walk like Foley, one shoulder in front of the other. If I'm in a rush but not so much to run, for example being in the rain getting home, I'll crack out a bit of an Austin walk. I put what I think is a pretty decent posture down to imitating wrestler's 'stances'. The biker Taker stance on the old Smackdown games would be stood up very straight and. I'd emulate that with a bit of a puffed out chest. Fuck me, I never thought about how much it influenced me before! If I'm at railings, I'll either do a Big Show where I'll stick one leg over with the other still on the ground or go through the railing with a bit of a hop when I come out the other side ala Austin. I tested myself to do a Rey Mysterio springboard landing both feet on simultaneously but I'd obviously never do that by myself.

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I used to have a lot of trouble with public speaking, and to counteract that I'd treat it like a wrestling promo. High school speech on Othello? Nah, promo on Othello. University presentation on socio-economic status of school children? Promo on those poor kids! It's worked wonders, I went from scraping pass marks to getting top of the class :p


I no longer stand still. Any standing time is now taken up with the Brock Lesnar hop from one foot to the other.


Also guilty of this.

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