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  1. Dunne will probably get the nod, being the youngest midget. That, or Dunne is found knocked out backstage before the match, allowing Ridge Holland to take his place.
  2. I think when it comes to swearing, a lot of it is to do with the delivery. As good as Jericho is on the mic, since joining AEW and having that freedom on TNT, he tends to drop the curse word and either look to the crowd or down the camera in that pro wrestling way for dramatic effect. But if they're saying off-colour words, they should just let them fly, like a normal person speaking would. The words and the frequency of them aren't a problem, it's dropping it then pausing for the pop of "ooo he said something naughty!" Schiavone got it perfect the other week when he dropped a "bullshit" about something on commentary, might have been about Don Callis or something, but it felt like a genuine reaction. Excalibur tried it with the false finish of the Jericho/MJF match, but it felt a little more forced and didn't work as well. The spectrum of good to bad swearing in AEW goes: Schiavone........................................................................... Excalibur..................................................................Jericho The likes of Christian and MJF can fall anywhere in there depending on the day.
  3. The Nikki Bella feud is actually the most interested I've ever been in Natalya's matches. She does things well, but she's just.. there. Really struggle to care when they give Natalya pushes.
  4. The Bellas are so hated that being anything better than Khali level in the ring makes them underrated by definition. Not their biggest fans, they're not great and I think they're some of the least deserving HOFers in there (yeah, I know). But Brie was competent before she came back and concussed Liv Morgan, she held up her end of the Summerslam match with Steph and didn't completely embarrass herself in the Divas division in the late 2000s/early 2010s. Nikki was better in-ring, having some pretty good matches with the likes of Paige, Charlotte, Natalya & Ronda, but most were determined to hate the Bellas by that point. Nikki could have become the women's answer to Ricky Steamboat and she still would have been shat on.
  5. Been catching up on all this over the weekend. I have to admit they've fully sucked me in. I've never liked Tyron Woodley, always thought he came across as a massive twat, but in this case he's the lesser of two evils. Jake Paul could make anyone seem likeable by comparison. I hope Woodley knocks him the fuck out. It's one thing for Paul to destroy Ben Askren. Askren was one of the worst strikers to ever step into the Octagon. But Woodley has legit skills, and despite how his UFC run ended, I actually thought he looked pretty damn great in his last UFC fight, sharp and aggressive before he got caught in the sub. Rightly got FOTN, and Jake Paul won't be pulling out any D'Arce chokes in this one. Plus, I can't root against a man who loves his mama as much as Tyron Woodley does.
  6. Here in Aus, we're in lockdown for at least another month plus. Gives me just enough time to watch back the first 20 minutes of Rampage again and again and again. I like CM Punk a lot and was looking forward to all of this, but he wasn't my favourite wrestler or anything. But dammit, everything about this was sublime. I got teary when Punk literally launched himself into the crowd. His happiness and emotion, as well as that of the crowd, really got to me.
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