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  1. Matt Brown was making noise about wanting to fight Condit next, I feel like that'd be the perfect fight for both guys at this stage in their careers.
  2. Name value wise, Condit vs. McGee makes way more sense as a co-main than the heavyweight lads. They may be on the slide, but casuals will definitely recognise Condit, and to a lesser extent McGee. I'll watch today because free fights, but I'm not particularly excited about any of them. I liked Aldana's last performance, it's rare to get memorable finishes like that in the women's divisions, and of course, Holm had probably the biggest one ever as her career highlight. But most of this card is meh. Culibao is a training partner of Robert Whittaker, which gives me the slightest bit of
  3. Roman vs. Jey was obviously brilliant. Loved the storytelling, the beatdown, the constant trash talk from Reigns. But there's one bit that I want to draw attention to. When The Big Dog kept demanding that his cousin call him "the tribal chief", Heyman jumped in to placate him, yelling "you're my tribal chief!" Whenever Paul E would kiss ass like that with Brock, Brock would smirk, hop around and look pleased about it. Roman Reigns was a different story, barking back, "I don't need you to say it! I need him to say it!" To me, that was an underrated piece of the puzzle that was really effec
  4. Pretty enjoyable show overall. I'll admit to being a little disappointed in the main card until Kara-France and Raw Dawg went crazy. Dawodu vs. Tukhugov was a snooze-fest for the most part. I don't blame Dawodu for getting upset towards the end, Tukhugov spent the entire round seemingly back-pedaling. I guess he thought he'd won the first two rounds and thought he'd coast it out? Glad he lost based on that alone, even though it fucked up my multi-bet on the first leg. Vieira vs. Eubanks was a little better, but I felt like the action was in spurts, with not a lot happening in between.
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