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  1. Yeah, that was a chess match. Really cool. Seen some of the Sherdog types bitching about it, not enough brain damage for them, but they proved early that they could drop and hurt each other, and that created a massive sense of tension for the rest of the fight, at least for me.
  2. Haha! It's starting 7am here. Which is a little early for a Sunday but much preferable to staying up through the night. Although if there was any Fight Night I'd stay up for (hey yo), it'd be this one. Not just because Whittaker's my favourite, but also Shogun vs. Nog and Werdum vs. Gus are both intriguing for a number of reasons.
  3. Little surprised they're not pushing it as a promotional point, but then again they might not want to jinx it with last minute injury/COVID shenanigans.
  4. A glorious thing has happened to kick off this fight weekend- I was originally meant to go on an outing with my mum on the Sunday. She rang me and said she wasn't feeling up to it- never been so glad to have plans cancelled. Watching Whittaker vs. Till live tomorrow! C'mon Reaper! Also, 15 fights on this card? Is this the biggest card UFC have done in the modern era? (I'm assuming they had more back in the one-night tournament days)
  5. Don't get me wrong, as I said originally, the fight played out how I expected it to for the most part. With Usman having such a large grappling advantage, of course he was going to lean on that. It was just a little jarring to see Usman completely avoid being in striking range when he spent the majority of 5 rounds doing it against Colby. You're right though, levels to this stuff. I'd fancy my chances standing and trading with CM Punk, but I'd be shooting double legs like my life depended on it against McGregor. As for the other discussion about Usman, I'm indifferent to him. I just don't know that much about him. Hadn't seen the stuff about his daughter, haven't seen enough media appearances to see how well he speaks or how well he dresses. I'll say that a large segment of the MMA fanbase definitely base their opinions of fighters on race- shit, go to America and speak to some people and you'll hear some pretty damning things from certain parts of the population. I wouldn't lump Ebb in there though. Not EVERYONE who has something negative to say about a fighter of colour is automatically racist- I think that's where some of the animosity towards Woodley came in- he set a record for the least amount of strikes ever thrown in a UFC title fight, but he seemed to think anyone criticising him was doing it from a racially motivated POV. Not to say he doesn't get racist attacks from some scumbags, but I think a man of any colour would face some pretty heavy criticism for a fight like that.
  6. I thought it was a really good show. The final two fights will affect people's perception of it, but from the first prelim, the fighters fought their hearts out. No denying the main events provided the biggest talking points though. The main event went the way I expected it to go, but it was still a bit of a slog after such a long card. 10 minutes of clinch control. 2 entire rounds worth. Masvidal looked good in R1, and every exchange in the fight that wasn't Usman gluing Jorge to the fence looked shaky for the champ. Usman appeared very uncomfortable striking to me, which was a bit strange after the bombs he landed in the Covington fight. So yeah, not the most exciting way to end things but entirely expected. It's the morning after here and I was so invested in UFC 251 that I wound up having a dream about it. Don't know if I've ever had a dream involving MMA, besides maybe a couple of things involving Paige VanZant or Ronda after the ESPN shoot. I dreamt that Usman vs. Masvidal went basically the same way for 5 rounds, but in the dying seconds of R5, Masvidal starched Usman with the Askren Special to win the gold. The actual result of the main event has brought out some of the worst on social media. Tons of "hahaha Marty Snoozeman" and basically a fuck-ton of hate for the champ playing it safe. I'm not a massive Usman fan but his approach was entirely understandable given the circumstances. TBH I was surprised when he accepted the fight, he seems to be the type to go "nah I'm the champ, I'm not risking it on short notice, give me a full training camp". I'm sure there was a decent amount of financial incentive on both sides though. Then we get to the co-main. My real main event. Fuck me. I'm the biggest Volkanovski fan on here, but even I'll admit I thought that decision was pretty dicey. Even Alex looks surprised here. Max had bigger moments early, and Volko rallied late... basically the rounds played out in a similar vein to Jones vs. Reyes. I can admit my bias here because I was livid that Reyes didn't get the win over Jones, but in the featherweight version, I'm happy with the kind of screwy result. The confusing thing about the judging for me is that the point of contention was apparently R5. For me, it was clear that Max had R1/R2, Volk had R4/R5, with R3 being a toss-up. Like Jones vs. Reyes. Once again, this fight brought out some silly people on the socials. When it's potentially 3-2 either way, with a razor close round between them, by definition it can't be a "robbery". I'll have to watch it back, but my gut feeling live was that Volkanovski was very fortunate to leave Fight Island as the champ. For all his talk about getting a finish, there wasn't THAT much urgency after Max's hot start. Petr Yan (I can never say that dude's name properly) vs. Jose Aldo was great- apart from the ref adopting the "if he dies, he dies" philosophy for the finish. How many unanswered shots did Aldo take? He responded to the ref's repeated instructions to "fight back!' by shifting his body ever so slightly on the mat. Before that, though, Aldo looked in top form to me. I was saying to my uncle that Aldo never seems to throw leg kicks anymore, then this fight started and he started cracking Yan with them to great effect. People will say that Yan beat Aldo past his prime, given the recent career losses, but I dunno, to me he was looking sharper than he has in years here. Yan's just a killer. Thug Rose did an awesome job against Andrade. She ruined my multi-bet, but it was a fun fight so I'll let it slide.
  7. Be a hell of a task if Usman can do it. Masvidal's only been stopped by strikes once, and that was back in 2008. I know no live discussion, but I gotta say I'm really enjoying this card so far. Still mad that it's not actually on the beach though.
  8. Everything about this card is the perfect storm for the UFC. I'm actually not surprised (motherfuckers) that Dana's saying it's trending in a Conor-esque fashion. It's easy to forget- well, for me at least, living in my pro wrestling/MMA bubble- but the rest of the world is still shut down in terms of sports and entertainment as far as I know. In Australia, rugby league is back, but they have cardboard cutouts for spectators. No, I'm not kidding. So on a worldwide platform, the UFC is basically all that is happening. Then you add the wackiness of that Fight Island concept, an absolutely loaded card with three title fights, legends, contenders, and Insta girls... and THEN the madness of Street Jesus jumping in on 6 days notice. That's so much going on in a world that has nothing right now. I'm excited for this more than any card in a long time. UFC 245 was similarly loaded, with several of the same names, but the external factors of 251, along with the profile boost that the Dec PPV gave all those fighters, gives this a little more gravitas. I definitely became a bigger fan of Usman after the Covington fight. Both because he broke the jaw of the MAGA idiot, but also because it was a really fun fight. Usman had this presence of a really dominant wrestler, the Woodley fight wasn't anything to write home about... and then he started using that power to throw hands. In a similar vein, not many people were hyped about Volko going into the first fight with Max. You can even feel it in the commentary watching it back, Rogan and company saw it as a fairly routine title defence for Blessed, at least they came across very dismissive of my Aussie mate- and then the fight started. The only slight issue with it all- and Holloway's pre-fight comments are feeding into this- I'm seeing a lot of fans throw out the whole "baby leg kicks" thing regarding Volko and his style. Man has 14 finishes in his career, and some are acting like he's a decision machine. Sure, he went to the final bell against Aldo and Holloway. But he also finished Mendes in brutal fashion and made him retire. He had a couple of UFC finishes before that through ground and pound, and of his other fights that went to decision- Mizuto Hirota and Darren Elkins were crazy tough and took a ridiculous amount of punishment over the 15 minutes. The only UFC fight where Volkanovski wasn't trying to take the other guy's head off was a short notice bout against Shane Young where he played it a little safe and admitted as much. UFC 251 Picks Usman via UD Volko via KO/TKO Yan via KO/TKO Andrade via UD Ribas via Submission ----- Oezdemir via KO Zaleski via UD Amirkhani via Sub Santos via UD Tybura via KO Paiva via Sub Rosa via UD Day via KO
  9. Well, I was completely fucking wrong. 😂 I still believe the card didn't need it, Volko vs. Holloway 2 and Yan vs. Aldo would have been an excellent 1-2 punch that would have done good numbers, but Street Jesus stepping in, appearing to have a bit of a belly (in his street clothes, at least), just made this card must see. I went back last night and watched Masvidal vs. Diaz. Putting aside the silly BMF promotion and the incompetence of the NYSAC, it was a masterful performance by Jorge. Up next I'm going to go back and watch UFC 245 again. I watched it back fairly recently, but I'll never tire of seeing Usman break Colby's jaw. This is going to be the first PPV I've bought in probably about a year. I've been doing it tough financially for a while- health problems keeping me away from work for a long time, plus getting burnt by a friend who owes me a lot of money. I finally managed to return to work about 3 weeks ago, then had a quick trip to hospital, and back to work last week... perfect timing to shell out the money for a PPV. Got my uncle- who's more like a big brother- coming over to watch too. We both love watching UFC and have gone to a couple of shows when the Octagon has traveled Down Under. He's going to chip in for some pizza, going to be a good day!
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