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  1. I feel like he's always been pretty crap. Joe Rogan did a decent job over the years keeping him in check. He's had some shockers though. One that sticks out for me is the Rousey/Holm fight, Holly is destroying Ronda, and Goldberg says something like "It takes a lot of energy being a rockstar", and Rogan shoots him down with "It's nothing to do with being a rockstar, she's getting punched in the face!" Not the exact quotes but it's along those lines. This is a great thread, Wand, some fights I remembered, others I didn't, but I'm using them all in my Favourites list on Fight Pass so I can have one hell of a binging session. Keep it up man!
  2. I expected Conor to beat Cowboy, but I didn't think it would be that quick and easy. One thing I haven't seen mentioned much is that Conor's power seems to be there now at 170. He looks much more muscular now than he did for the Diaz fights, and came in at 170 exact for this fight, when he was underweight for both Diaz fights. I know Cowboy seems to lose the big ones and that's what happened here again (the cries of a fixed fight in some circles are laughable though), but Cerrone has taken big shots from Robbie Lawler and Matt Brown without going down. And Conor has gone from throwing everything he could at Diaz to shutting Cowboy down with head strikes immediately. If anything, I thought the old "glass body" of Cerrone would come into play, but it wasn't needed. I actually like Conor's chances more against Masvidal after that performance. I think Usman would kinda ragdoll him around though.
  3. The one with "Wanted Dead Or Alive" behind it? It's the PPV opening video leaked early, awesome stuff. https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2020/01/ufc-246-video-opening-dana-white-bon-jovi-conor-mcgregor-donald-cerrone Would love Cowboy to win, spent the last few days watching all his fights, from WEC to today on Fight Pass, but the pattern is undeniable- Cerrone gets to a certain level, looking like a world beater... then he gets sparked in the first. Happened in his last fight with Gaethje and Conor carries similiar power. Conor via "Nobody can take dat left" in the first.
  4. Love that one-two punch at the top of the card. JDS is one of my favourite heavyweights ever, and Blaydes is one of my least favourite, so there's a nice heel/face dynamic there. It's not just because of Blaydes' style either. It's more the reaction he gives on social media to anyone that dares criticise him. Instead of taking it in his stride, he chucks his toys out of the pram anytime he's called "boring". I get that he's focused on winning and that's all he cares about, fair play. But a lot of the top guys, especially now, understand that there is an entertainment component to all of this. It is a spectator sport, after all. If Conor McGregor is at one end of the spectrum, Curtis Blaydes is at the other. Besides, how can anyone root against JDS? He comes across like the nicest man on the planet. What a guy. I like Rafael dos Anjos too, and would like to see him get on track against Chiesa. Fully backing the Brazilians this time out. Chiesa is no joke though, been a beast since going up to 170.
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