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  1. I watched the prelims as they happened live but only got to watching the rest just now. While the main event stoppage was absolutely a terrible one- Herb was pulling De Randamie away before Ladd even hit the canvas- the co main event was almost as bad in my opinion, for a different reason. I hate to say it, but the Faber-Simon fight felt like the referee getting caught up in the moment. The crowd was super behind Faber, the California kid coming back from retirement in his home state. They absolutely exploded when Faber scored the knockdown, but Simon took a single punch on the ground and was scrambling to grab Faber. I've never seen a referee literally pry two fighters apart to force a stoppage the way Mike Beltran did. He ripped the two fighters apart, Simon was defending and looking to fight back. But that doesn't make as good a story as the 40 year old legend sparking the young upstart. Think Beltran reacted more to the roar of the crowd over the action that was actually happening.
  2. Insanity. The best thing for her to do would be moving up to 145. She wouldn't have to compromise her health, and she'd immediately be a contender considering UFC have like 3 women in the division. That weigh in video is a scary sight.
  3. I'm not sure how the commercial breaks really work- does WWE decide when they happen, or are they mandated by USA Network to go to commercial at certain times? I don't like how they settle into rest holds for 3 minutes while they do commercial breaks, but cutting the matches up like they've done this past week is much worse. They've got two better options IMO: a) Let the matches run as normal during breaks. If there's big spots, replay them out of commercial. To really create that "anything can happen" feel, have matches end during breaks every once in a while. You wouldn't make a habit of it, but it would make things less predictable- and make being there live mean a little more, to see these things as they happen. b) Install time limits. This is dependent on what control WWE have over their ad breaks, I don't know. But have undercard matches for a 10 minute time limit, main event for 20-30 minutes, and work the breaks around that if possible.
  4. No wrestling during our commercial breaks.
  5. I think the Volkanovski fight was more about Volkanovski looking good than Aldo looking bad. Aldo didn't look like a shot fighter in any way to me, Alex just had a great gameplan to completely neutralise him. Those performances against Stephens and Moicano were amongst the best in Aldo's highlight reel though. He's still got plenty left in the tank, so I'm glad he re-signed. The McGregor and Holloway losses got blown out of proportion in my view. It's understandable, looking at someone who's had a long career, been on an incredible run and then having that run end, thinking that they're declining, but I never thought that was the case with Aldo. He just encountered two of the best featherweights ever in close succession. Again, Holloway and McGregor have proven themselves amongst the best 145ers ever (despite Conor's Proper Shitarsery these days), it's a credit to them, not a slight on Aldo as a fighter.
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