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  1. 1. More international TV shows/PPVs. The main issues around this have been historically the time difference (which WWE are starting to not care about given the UK Network specials, Saudi shows and Australia's Super Show-Down) and production costs. I don't know about anyone else, but if WWE were doing episodes of Raw in Australia, UK, Japan, Germany, Africa, India, the Phillipines... but the arenas had house show aesthetic, I'd still love it. I just want things of actual value to occur when I go to WWE shows, not meaningless house show guff where all the babyfaces win and no titles change hands ever. Being an Aussie, Super Show-Down got my hopes up last year... and now we're back to "WWE Live" which has THE EXACT SAME CARD in every city. At least when I first started going as a teen, they'd shuffle the card up a little. 2. AEW to be a massive success. Both because I've enjoyed AEW's product so far and because it'll give WWE the kick up the ass it needs. 3. More of a personal one, but I want to some how, some way see both The Rock and Stone Cold live. Started watching in 1998, but didn't attend a show until 2005, when both men were done. Then I finally became an adult and got the disposable income to go to America to see Wrestlemania 33 live- and neither Rock or Austin were there. And there were there at WM32... and it was the first time The Rock HADN'T been at Mania in about 7 years. At least I got the Hardyz return- which was a fucking amazing experience to be a part of.
  2. Went to a House Of Hardcore show in Sydney last year. After the show, got talking to the Spirit Squad- Kenny, Mikey and... Randy, who is a new addition on the Squad on the indy scene. One of my friends is an indy wrestler and got along with them. So we were all going to get some food after the show, but Randy wanted to go back to his hotel room for 5 minutes to change clothes. So we all went up to his hotel room, and he was rooming with Lance Archer for the night. Archer was already in bed snoozing. I was dying to take a piss, so I asked to use the bathroom. Was terrified of Archer waking up, interrupting me mid-slash, and wondering who the fuck is this kid pissing in my hotel room. We went to a pie shop, being the only thing open in the area past midnight. Al Snow was in there enjoying a pastry with his wife. My wrestler friend asked, "Do you wanna meet Al?" I did, but I didn't want to be the asshole fan interrupting Al while he was enjoying some pie with his wife, so I left it.
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