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  1. So seemingly ESPN controls the UFC. I can't deny that I'm a little mad about this, putting on a fight card gave me something to look forward to in amongst all this crap that's going on in the world. I understand it, but I don't like it. Logically, the right thing to do, but my gut reaction was just "Well, this sucks."
  2. It won't focus on the performers as such, there'll be a ton of WWE patting themselves on the back as a company, pushing forward and putting smiles on faces during the pandemic. Oh, and Stephanie will take full credit for the concept, cinematography and fight scene coordination of the Boneyard and Funhouse matches. Unless people turn on those matches, then it was all Heyman.
  3. Hard to disagree. Wrestlemania 33 stands out for me, mostly because it was my first time attending, but it also had a couple of big memorable moments- biggest being the Hardyz return, but also AJ somehow stealing the show with Shane O, Brock and Goldberg having the perfect hoss battle, and Taker having his fake retirement after the main event. I struggle to even remember the matches that happpened on 34 and 35 though.
  4. Some good stuff from my local scene. Caveman Ugg has done some work in the States lately, in particular PWG. Wahlberg is about 2 years into this 'rasslin gig and has a natural knack for it IMO. Great athlete, tons of personality.
  5. Loving my choice, I feel like that era where Neville was top dog is vastly underrated in NXT compared to the more indy-riffic flavour of recent years when they started signing EVERY fucker and the brand picked up buzz. Plus I'm a massive Tyler Breeze mark and he's in the main event if I remember correctly.
  6. Not sure, I was first row on the bottom tier. Funnily enough, I had a better/closer seat to the stage than some of the WWE staff, like Corey Graves and Tom Phillips. I remember a fuckload of people- fans and wrestlers- taking a piss break during LeGrand's speech. I couldn't hear the poor bloke anyway, he was using a mic attached to his wheelchair instead of a normal mic.
  7. Asides from his cool entrance, I loved Gangrel's double underhook suplex. Haven't seen anyone else really use it since, but it looked wicked. Was one of my favourite moves on the first Smackdown game besides the big finishers.
  8. They've done this at a few HOFs now, so not sure which one you're referrring to. I was at the 2017 one and a lot of them ripped into Cena as he gave a classy induction speech for Kurt Angle. The fans really pissed me off generally over the night. It was my first Mania, so I dressed all nice for the HOF, treating it like a somewhat formal event. Two guys behind me were an absolute embarrassment, to the point I really hoped people didn't think I was associated with them. They reeked of booze and constantly shouted obscene things, especially at the former Divas walking past us like Candice Michelle and Christy Hemme. Would have been a bit much for an Attitude Era Raw, let alone the Hall of Fame. Absolute tossers.
  9. Don't think he'll be allowed to make the trip from Japan. Damn coronavirus.
  10. I'm a sucker for things like this, even when I'm not being forced into "self-isolation". Since Raw and Smackdown are not really delivering the goods as far as Mania hype goes... and the event itself is taking place in essentially a freaking empty gym, here's some ideas for playlists based around the participants in Wrestlemania and the HOF. Here's the first of a few match listings to cure my boredom. The Edge Collection Everyone's favourite Rated-R Superstar made the shock return of the decade (granted, we're only a couple of months in) at the 2020 Royal Rumble. For the younger viewers that may not know who Edge is, or older fans who need some refreshing, here's some career highlights: -Edge vs. Owen Hart- Breakdown 1998 -Edge/Christian vs. The Hardyz- No Mercy 1999 -Triangle Ladder Match- Edge & Christian vs. The Hardyz vs. The Dudleys- Wrestlemania 2000 -TLC II- Edge & Christian vs. The Hardyz vs. The Dudleyz- Wrestlemania X-7 -Hair vs. Hair Match- Edge vs. Kurt Angle- Judgment Day 2002 -No DQ- Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero- Smackdown 2002 -Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit- No Mercy 2002 -Edge vs. Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman- Rebellion 2002 - Edge vs. Randy Orton- Vengeance 2004 - Edge vs. Shawn Michaels- Royal Rumble 2005 - Money In The Bank- Wrestlemania 21 - Street Fight- Edge vs. Matt Hardy- Raw 2005 - WWE Championship-Edge vs. John Cena- New Year's Revolution 2006 - Edge vs. Mick Foley- Wrestlemania 22 - WWE Championship- TLC- Edge vs. John Cena- Unforgiven 2006 -Rated RKO vs. DX- Cyber Sunday 2006 -World Heavyweight Championship- Steel Cage- Edge vs. Batista- One Night Stand 2007 -World Heavyweight Championship- Edge vs. Rey Mysterio- Royal Rumble 2008 -World Heavyweight Championship- Edge vs. Undertaker- Wrestlemania 24 - Hell In A Cell- Edge vs. Undertaker- Summerslam 2008 -World Heavyweight Championship- Elimination Chamber- Edge vs. Rey Mysterio vs. John Cena vs. Chris Jericho vs. Mike Knox vs. Kane- No Way Out 2009 -Steel Cage- Edge vs. Chris Jericho- Extreme Rules 2010 -World Heavyweight Championship- Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler- Royal Rumble 2011 -World Heavyweight Championship- Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio- Wrestlemania 27 - The Edge & Christian Show That Totally Reeks Of Awesomeness Season 1 & 2... it's actually pretty damn funny! - The 2020 Men's Royal Rumble
  11. Oliveira's had good technical stand-up for a long time, but the issue, like you say, is that he seemed to have trouble when he did get hit. Somehow, he seems to have developed a chin as he's gotten older and had more UFC experience, when typically it's the opposite. Perhaps it's because he's filled out a bit and is carrying a bit more muscle on his frame? Although don't know how that would help his jaw exactly. He's gone from wilting the second Cub Swanson touched him to taking hooks from Kevin Lee without issue. It's an awesome development in his game, because it forced Lee to shoot when that's the absolute worst thing to do against someone with the jujitsu skills of Oliveira, but he was starting to get rocked on the feet so he was running out of options. I've been a fan of Charles Oliveira since he debuted, so glad he's putting it all together now and coming into his prime. Let's not forget he faced killers like Jim Miller and Donald Cerrone in their prime in his early UFC fights. Talk about trial by fire! I wonder if the lack of crowd factored into the lack of finishes for so long on the card? Usually, when someone lands a big shot, the crowd reacts and it seems to spur the attacking fighter on, but there was none of that here. Also, both fighters could hear their corners perfectly, meaning they could be coached out of compromising positions. Good fights all throughout, but I was definitely turning into a bit of a "Just Bleed" fan about halfway into the main card... "c'mon, someone finish someone!"
  12. Yeah, count me in. Guaranteed to watch a quality show again out of it, so all good!
  13. Miz Girl is one of the earliest I can remember, Brock Lesnar Guy in 2012 is another. Loved how Miz Girl got included in the Wrestlemania video package for Miz, with "Hate Me Now" playing in the background. Ever since those fans got a little notoriety for their reactions, you see people trying to ham it up to get their 5 seconds of fame. I miss the old days when particular fans were recognisable just for the outfits they'd wear, like Sign Guy, or dollar store Hulk Hogan that's been around since at least the Attitude Era, or that middle-aged couple that wear the really bright pink and green shirts.
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