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  1. Yeah, I know. Was speaking more to the general point that was being made, that "ain't AEW great? They just give us what we want" isn't necessarily a positive. And Hangman losing that 5 on 5 was a good example of the point I was making too- that occasional letdown helps the story along rather than the more straight-forward path of "Hangman gets no. 1 contendership, Hangman faces Kenny, Hangman wins". The reaction for Hangman was massive, BECAUSE he had the wind taken out of his sails and everyone knew this ladder match was his path to get it back. I mean, Hangman was definitely over before, but who could have seen him getting that kind of monster pop as a top guy when guys like CM Punk and Bryan Danielson are in that tier? Or Moxley getting booed for beating him up- in Philly!
  2. I agree with this. Giving people what they want every single time makes them spoilt. Sure, YOU GOT TO GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT! most of the time, but for the sake of a little unpredictability in storytelling it needs to be done. Also- not that it's happened yet in AEW- but being crowd-pleasing at every single point could lead to over the top kickoffs when something doesn't quite go their way. As loyal and passionate as the AEW fanbase is, it wouldn't take much for that passion to turn into something toxic. We saw shades of it at Revolution when they fucked up on the explosion stunt. To use a little anecdote, I babysat my friend's kid last year. She spoills him rotten, and he can be a right little shit sometimes. When he stayed over, he was asking to play with things on my shelves. I said no, because he might break them. It'd be very unlikely that he would have, but I wanted him to understand immediately that no was an option. Throughout the night, he'd ask to do things- some I'd say yes, some I'd say no. When it came down to it, he was better behaved that night than I'd ever seen him be with his mum. Don't spoil kids. Or wrestling fans.
  3. Of all the modern slang to be annoyed by, "dropped" would be way down my list. It's been around so long, especially in music- "the album/mixtape just dropped"- that I didn't even consider it an attempt at sounding down with the kids. Then again, had he described Escape The Undertaker as "lit, fam", then I'd be right there carrying the pitchforks. Swag.
  4. Best thing about the Edge/Seth segment was a sly nod to FTR, when Edge said "David & Daniel" were on their way (Dax & Cash's real names). Always enjoy when those little things sneak their way in. Like Daniel Bryan sneaking in a "List of Jericho" reference earlier in the year.
  5. Main event has to be the FOTY surely? Insane how Volko escaped the subs in R3, amazing that he came back to batter Ortega, and it was bat shit crazy that Ortega seemed to catch a second wind in R5- after Herb and the doctor looked close to calling it in between rounds a couple of times- and come back to arguably win that round- I think he got it on one judges' scorecard. Funny how it started as a good, technical fight in the first 2 frames, to where the round Ortega won could have also been one of those, all the way to the mental 3rd round and the battering that followed. I know it wasn't a finish, but Volko can't be accused of being a point fighter in this one. He was out for blood. Credit to Ortega for the toughness, but people have to start giving Volkanovski respect and stop holding controversial judging in the second Max fight against him. I think it was Ariel Helwani who pointed out after the show- Alex didn't score that fight himself. And I thought Moraes vs. Dvalishvili had FOTN or even a FOTY contender sown up in the featured prelim. That was wild! Referee might have let it go on too long at points, but both fighters showed incredible toughness and heart. Other stuff: -They might as well shut down the women's divisions in the UFC down and just put Shevchenko vs. Nunes in a 3 Stages of Hell match or something. Seriously, it doesn't seem like anyone has anything of substance to trouble them with. So many levels above it almost doesn't seem fair. -Everything about Nick Diaz was sad here. His pre-fight, the way the fight ended, and his complete disinterest post-fight. Does someone have a gun to his head making him accept a fight? Is he in major debt or something? He clearly didn't want to be there in any shape or form. At least Lawler looked in shape and up for it, looks to have renewed his confidence. -Great seeing Dan Hooker not only get the win after the hassles he's had, but continue to work on his ground skills to complement his vicious striking. Super classy post-fight interview as well giving props to Haqparast.
  6. I know it's trendy to hate on Chris Jericho and his dad bod these days, but I thought his match with MJF at All Out was really pretty great. Lost in amongst the Punk/Cole/Danielson craziness obviously, but that was a high quality, dramatic match. Best straight up singles match Jericho's had in a good while- before that was probably Jericho vs. Mox, which happened when Jericho was 49.
  7. Exactly where my head's been at with this card- and most cards lately. This one in particular though because Volko was on the doorstep of the fight earlier this year, only for COVID to swoop in at the last moment. Should it all go ahead, it's a night of fantastic fights that I can't wait to watch. But I can't let myself get excited until after weigh-ins go down... and even then, it's not totally guaranteed. I think Volko is motivated to make a statement here. He knows all the negative chatter around his last defence, plus COVID forcing a longer lay-off. I think he'll be more aggressive than he's been in recent fights, plus it seemed like Ortega's cockiness did get under his skin a bit on TUF. Not fussed on Shevchenko vs. Murphy. Feels like Murphy is there just because Valentina already battered everyone else. So, Diaz vs. Lawler is at middleweight. A little odd that triathlete Nick Diaz didn't want to cut the weight, but I suppose it's been 6 years or so since he's had to do it. Hopefully, the fact that Diaz and Lawler aren't depleting their bodies will lead to a wilder fight on the weekend. Should be fantastic, provided everyone makes it to the cage.
  8. It's been said, but worth reiterating- Bryan openly praising WWE like he is, but STILL going to AEW, is 1000X the endorsement of the All Elite crew that any anti-WWE rhetoric would ever be. It's like, "yeah, WWE is an awesome place, but AEW is even better." Bryan is a total class act.
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