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  1. Eh, I think The Ascension have the least chance out of basically any WWE cast-off to make it big, or even make it medium. The reason people are excited about Luke Harper being given his "freedom" is that we've seen him knock it out of the park with the limited opportunities he's had. As part of the Wyatt Family, he performed well, and the couple of times he flirted with single stardom in WWE, he had a killer ladder match with Ziggler, then a couple of years later had a barnburner outta nowhere with Randy Orton. Ascension got the big push, with a ton of time and attention on their act, in NXT. And they were awful. NXT went from strength to strength in 2013-2014, but Ascension's run of dominance over the tag division were a low point of the show. They were big guys with a kinda spooky gimmick, but they were just really poor as "monsters". Really plodding, devoid of intensity, just... dull. The most entertainment they ever gave was when Full Sail started mocking the "sha!" sounds they'd make while delivering their monotonous beatdowns. Really hope they don't get a shot in Japan or AEW. Let them run the low level indies as "FORMER WWE SUPERSTARS!" As long as they don't end up on anything I watch. Impact will probably take them.
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