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  1. When it comes to anyone with name value though- and Bray is that, love him or hate him- AEW would be mad to pass him up. What's the alternative? AEW leaves him alone and he works the indies for $50 in front of 30 people?
  2. I remember Sasha punking out Bianca a lot for being a "rookie" after their half assed partnership earlier in the year. And I wouldn't count the ESPYs stuff as canon- sure, WWE will take the clout of it but it doesn't have actual bearing on the characters. But yeah, glad we have clear cut sides now. Should be plenty heated by Summerslam.
  3. Gotta be among the quickest face/heel switches of all time for Sasha too. Was she not a heel at Wrestlemania? Meaning she effectively turned face on Smackdown returning to save Bianca, and turned back heel about an hour later.
  4. He said in one of his IG posts or something before he left WWE that he'd never wrestle anywhere but WWE. Wouldn't take that literally though, expect he just said that to come across as the ultimate company guy.
  5. It's not like Punk was ever a super-athlete though. He had the indy cred, but never really the athleticism/explosiveness of someone like Bryan. I can't think of anything in his act that age would compromise, save for maybe the springboard clothesline, which I don't think he did a ton of towards the end of his run anyway.
  6. McAfee is a millionaire from his NFL work, both as a player and analyst, and does really well with the Pat McAfee show that he hosts as well. He doesn't need WWE at all, he's doing it for funsies. Since McAfee is both a legit athlete and a media personality, WWE are happy to latch onto him for the perception of relevance, but I think he'd happily pack it in if they tried to mold him in any particular way. I'm sure I heard him say he was willing to just walk off Mania over the shorts thing. EDIT- yeah, that vid above haha, Watching it back now. God he tells good stories.
  7. Don't follow Impact closely, but tuning in tonight. Think it was last year's Slammiversary I enjoyed quite a bit, buoyed by the hype of the WWE releases, and here we are again. Enjoyed the Impact product independent of that hype, but there's only so many hours in the day, and I already follow WWE, AEW, a bit of New Japan, and the Aussie independent scene. Glad that Impact has fans back. Biggest drawback for me in watching last year's show was the empty studio. Killed the vibe that the otherwise great wrestling provided.
  8. Top two fights are of interest to me in this one. Makhachev is clearly a major prospect, and I'm curious to see how Miesha Tate looks in her return. She appears more jacked than I've ever seen her, but then again, Ronda Rousey looked in the shape of her life for the fight with Amanda Nunes, so muscles don't always tell the full story. Admittedly, may not watch this live. Not invested enough to sit through all the ads and fluff in between fights. I do want to make a habit of watching all the shows again generally though. Thinking I'll watch Impact Slammiversary to see who they scooped up from WWE, then jump back to UFC after.
  9. The first 30-40 minutes was ace. Felt like a PPV with the monster reactions to Vince and everyone in the six man, plus the match was really fun and the crowd were into it. Then Sami and the return of Finn Balor, who at least appears to be keeping some of his Prince presentation for now- was big time. After that seemed to settle into business as usual for a regular Smackdown. Couple of big spots in the Fatal 4 Way but the match overall was standard fare until Owens' madness.
  10. I thought he sounded very sarcastic too, but then I remembered that I've heard him talk about time limits before in a very positive way. Think that's the old NWA/WCW announcer in him. But I think sarcastic/snide is just JR's default tone these days, even when he's being sincere. Grumpy old bastard.
  11. I might be biased because it was the first- and largely due to COVID, only- WrestleMania I've attended, but this has to be one of the best modern-day ones. A freaking rollercoaster! Plus a ring above the ring. It's like they wanted to make up for years of bad sets on one show.
  12. Just watched the prelims too, completing the card for me. Woke up 11am Sydney time, just in time for Price vs. Pereira, which was an incredible way to set the tone as my "opener" for the show. I'm starting to think that they haven't put MIchel Pereira in the game because they can't figure out how to program his moves into the game. A standing backflip into mount, Jesus. Condit vs. Griffin was fun, but I'm beginning to think it's near the end of the road for the Natural Born Killer again. He got chewed up by those leg kicks of Griffin, sure, but he just seemed a step too slow to move and react generally. The rest of the prelims were great fun. I enjoyed seeing Zhumagulov get that high angle guillotine, he's fast becoming an undercard favourite of mine, and seeing Ryan Hall get sparked in the middle of his leg diving shit was strangely satisfying. I don't dislike the guy, but it's clear he only has one (very dangerous) way to fight. du Plessis got a wild KO outta nowhere and Tavares/Akhmedov had a hard-hitting 3 rounder. Bit of everything. Main card was the goods for me. Moutinho had all the heart in the world. Didn't like the stoppage, I know he was getting battered but he was hardly defenceless, he rocked O'Malley's shit about 6 seconds prior and was clearly with it still. It was a weird and arbitrary time to call it, he didn't fall, stumble or stagger, and he didn't go a prolonged period without landing shots of his own. Would have given him the last 30 seconds personally, but I guess Herb had money on a Suga Sean stoppage or something. Aldana vs. Kunitskaya was good while it lasted. The women's divisions need more hard hitters so it's good to see Aldana really start to stand out as a finisher. Tuivasa vs. Hardy is one of the biggest babyface vs. heel matches the UFC have ever put together. How can anyone hate Tuivasa? He's a good dude, a bit rough but it's part of his charm, and he sparked woman-beating cunt Hardy in seconds. Over the moon. Even as an Aussie though, I can't get behind the Shoey. So unsanitary. Volko did one online too. C'mon mate. Burns vs. Wonderboy was fun, but played out how I expected. Funny how spoiled the Vegas crowd were with an action packed show- they booed the shit out of Burn's tactics as the first fighter on the card to use grappling for a prolonged period- and it was the co main. Burns was smart, Wonderboy had something of a hope spot with that spin kick late, but Burns gets it down. Also laughed my arse off at them trading strikes on the ground at the end of one of the rounds. And the main event... look, Conor looked good in the early moments. Imagine if he wiped out Poirier with one of those spin kicks? And the leg kicks seemed to be working well- until they weren't. Conor proceeded to get smashed on the ground after inexplicably thinking he could catch a gullotine. He got battered. And now because of a freak accident, Conor's sitting there like Vince at the end of the 05 Rumble, shouting like a cockhead about Poirier's wife and "doctor stoppages". I hate that this has given the fuckwit a lifeline. I've soured on him so much after the second Poirier fight. I really thought he was maturing for a minute there. I got worked. Please fuck off forever, McGregor. Poirier was excellent. He won't get the credit for this win, but hey, maybe he can turn people around when he fights Oliveira for the title. Tough one for me, been a big fan of both since 2010/11. Was more an Oliveira fan, but everything about the way Poirier's carried himself through these last two Conor fights has made me more of a fan of him. Including telling the booing crowd to "kiss his whole asshole". They were giving him shit for the cardinal sin of not being the bus-smashing, old man bashing, sex pest coke fiend Conor McGregor. Fook 'em all.
  13. I agree, except I felt no pity for him. Was once a massive fan, then the bus incident and all the shit surrounding it made me sour on him. The "reformed family man" thing he was selling heading into the Cerrone fight and 2nd Poirier fight almost made me give him another chance, then he just acted like a complete twat in the wake of both of these losses. I just want him to go away now. No rematch, leave the UFC, don't show up in WWE... just go box the Paul brothers or something, I don't have to give a shit about that.
  14. Ah. Fight Pass must be region-based then, I went there first and the most recent one I could find was TUF 28. Might need to find a quality VPN- my anti-virus has one in-built but the sites I've tried recognise that I'm trying to use a VPN and block it. Tried to get onto Peacock so I could watch Young Rock.
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