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  1. Yeah, it's possible, but I dunno, just seems a little off: -Poirier shits on Conor -Conor retorts "fight is off" -UFC officially announce that the fight is on - Dustin with the "my bad, guys" shortly after Honestly, I don't see what's so bad with taking it public. Sure, it's more professional to handle things like that behind closed doors, but on the scale of shitbag things to do, it's about a 2/10, while Conor reneging on a promise to donate to a children's charity is at least an 8. McGregor deserves the hit to his already damaged reputation on that one.
  2. Dustin offers something of an apology for talking about Conor being a fuckwit. Possible pressure from UFC higher-ups there? Feels like a move to take some heat off Conor building to the PPV, very different tone from what Poirier said the other day.
  3. Gutted Tom Phillips is getting demoted to 205 Live. I know he wasn't on Mania for COVID-related reasons, but the news of him getting replaced on the Raw announce team was already floating around. I think Tom is excellent. Yeah, at times he's sounded like a younger Cole on Raw, but his personality really shone through on NXT and to a lesser extent, Smackdown. He's a wise-cracking smart-ass and the banter he used to have with Graves was great. It's a pity that WWE strip every announcer of their personality these days. Unless you're an already established name like Booker T. Graves is like t
  4. You say that like it's a bad option. I'd love to see a Bayley vs. Cole feud. It'd be ridiculous, shit and amazing all at once.
  5. If you look on Instagram, Triple H gave him a plaque honouring Vlad as a "superfan" as well. Seems like they really want to show love to fans after not having them for so long. I just worry that it'll make some of the more obnoxious ones more unbearable. Brock Lesnar Guy seems like a massive tool, and Izzy's been getting featured more on WWE stuff lately- there seems to be an air of cockiness about her, which I guess would come from being a pseudo-celebrity since she was about 10.
  6. Also depends on the inductee. I could happily listen to Kane go into detail on his storied career for 40 minutes. Hillbilly Jim probably deserved about as long as JBL went this year. And I could have listened to JBL for a good half hour. He's a prick, but an entertaining prick. I understand that this year was a weird circumstance though. Had to be strange for the inductees too, giving a speech in an empty room to really obviously, badly canned noise. Kevin Nash, in particular, seemed to be bemused by the whole thing.
  7. I think the card is fine as far as straight up wrestling quality. I can't see the matches being bad at all. But nothing on the card stands out as special. Drew vs Lashley should be a huge match, but it was on Backlash or Extreme Rules last year as a WWE title match, and neither man has elevated high enough to feel like a WM main event, even though Lashley is definitely doing better. I feel like Smackdown could have had something had they stuck with Edge vs. Reigns OR Bryan vs. Reigns- mashing them together just feels weird to me. Also, Sasha vs. Bianca could have been massive with the right bu
  8. Drew had it, and they threw him back in there as quick as possible against Goldberg.
  9. If Goldberg had just walked away after WM33, it'd be one of the greatest comebacks ever. Come in, look like a million bucks, sound like a million bucks, squash the biggest star in the company, then pay it off at Mania with Brock in the match they should have had 13 years earlier. End it on the highest of high notes. My feeling towards Goldberg in 2017 and my feelings about him now are worlds apart.
  10. The whole "announcing it to the inductees" as a surprise has to be a work, surely? There's been people that have refused the honour before. Someone like Molly, who has worked with WWE a good amount in recent times, was probably a safe bet, but Bischoff, given his relatively recent firing and appearances on AEW, might have been a bit shakier. How embarrassing would it be if Eric turned around and said, "Actually, I don't want to be part of that"?
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