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  1. Everything about this card is the perfect storm for the UFC. I'm actually not surprised (motherfuckers) that Dana's saying it's trending in a Conor-esque fashion. It's easy to forget- well, for me at least, living in my pro wrestling/MMA bubble- but the rest of the world is still shut down in terms of sports and entertainment as far as I know. In Australia, rugby league is back, but they have cardboard cutouts for spectators. No, I'm not kidding. So on a worldwide platform, the UFC is basically all that is happening. Then you add the wackiness of that Fight Island concept, an absolutely loaded card with three title fights, legends, contenders, and Insta girls... and THEN the madness of Street Jesus jumping in on 6 days notice. That's so much going on in a world that has nothing right now. I'm excited for this more than any card in a long time. UFC 245 was similarly loaded, with several of the same names, but the external factors of 251, along with the profile boost that the Dec PPV gave all those fighters, gives this a little more gravitas. I definitely became a bigger fan of Usman after the Covington fight. Both because he broke the jaw of the MAGA idiot, but also because it was a really fun fight. Usman had this presence of a really dominant wrestler, the Woodley fight wasn't anything to write home about... and then he started using that power to throw hands. In a similar vein, not many people were hyped about Volko going into the first fight with Max. You can even feel it in the commentary watching it back, Rogan and company saw it as a fairly routine title defence for Blessed, at least they came across very dismissive of my Aussie mate- and then the fight started. The only slight issue with it all- and Holloway's pre-fight comments are feeding into this- I'm seeing a lot of fans throw out the whole "baby leg kicks" thing regarding Volko and his style. Man has 14 finishes in his career, and some are acting like he's a decision machine. Sure, he went to the final bell against Aldo and Holloway. But he also finished Mendes in brutal fashion and made him retire. He had a couple of UFC finishes before that through ground and pound, and of his other fights that went to decision- Mizuto Hirota and Darren Elkins were crazy tough and took a ridiculous amount of punishment over the 15 minutes. The only UFC fight where Volkanovski wasn't trying to take the other guy's head off was a short notice bout against Shane Young where he played it a little safe and admitted as much. UFC 251 Picks Usman via UD Volko via KO/TKO Yan via KO/TKO Andrade via UD Ribas via Submission ----- Oezdemir via KO Zaleski via UD Amirkhani via Sub Santos via UD Tybura via KO Paiva via Sub Rosa via UD Day via KO
  2. Well, I was completely fucking wrong. πŸ˜‚ I still believe the card didn't need it, Volko vs. Holloway 2 and Yan vs. Aldo would have been an excellent 1-2 punch that would have done good numbers, but Street Jesus stepping in, appearing to have a bit of a belly (in his street clothes, at least), just made this card must see. I went back last night and watched Masvidal vs. Diaz. Putting aside the silly BMF promotion and the incompetence of the NYSAC, it was a masterful performance by Jorge. Up next I'm going to go back and watch UFC 245 again. I watched it back fairly recently, but I'll never tire of seeing Usman break Colby's jaw. This is going to be the first PPV I've bought in probably about a year. I've been doing it tough financially for a while- health problems keeping me away from work for a long time, plus getting burnt by a friend who owes me a lot of money. I finally managed to return to work about 3 weeks ago, then had a quick trip to hospital, and back to work last week... perfect timing to shell out the money for a PPV. Got my uncle- who's more like a big brother- coming over to watch too. We both love watching UFC and have gone to a couple of shows when the Octagon has traveled Down Under. He's going to chip in for some pizza, going to be a good day!
  3. Doesn't bother me too much personally. Volko vs. Holloway 2 was my real main event on this show, I even wrote it as such on my calendar. There's still a ton of star power and two title fights to kick things off on Fight Island. Usman and Burns can be re-done in a month or so to boost another PPV. No point moving mountains in this climate. I do enjoy fighters getting all chirpy when they know there's little chance of them actually getting the call. It's a bit of a McGregor tactic to keep their name in the spotlight. No way would Covington or Masvidal jump in THAT quickly to make championship weight, unless they got paid handsomely, and as you guys say, Dana's not desperate here.
  4. Can't wait for this one! Loaded card for a Fight Night as you say Wand. No prizes for guessing who I'm backing in the main event. An absolute gent and a monster in the cage when he's healthy. The fight with Adesanya- I think- was Rob being a bit too eager to get a big finish, he almost Garbrandt-ed it with his aggression. Compare that to how he fought against Brunson and Jacare, where he was calculated and found his openings, and yeah. I just really want Rob to bounce back from those Romero fights, he got through them but no doubt the Soldier of God claimed a little bit of his soul in those 10 rounds.
  5. Yeah, he even bizarrely served as an on-screen authority figure a few weeks ago on Smackdown. I say "bizarrely" because WWE had never referred to him at all prior to the segments, he was just another suit that occasionally ran out to break up brawls or whatever.
  6. Kane is the biggest one that jumps out at me. I loved the Big Red Machine up until around 2004. It wasn't the unmasking that did it- I actually really enjoyed the first few months of that and the Shane feud. It was the returning Undertaker that basically destroyed Kane for me. It gets kinda glossed over because it was all about Taker returning to his iconic gimmick, but in that feud and Mania match, Kane was made to look about as credible as Zack Ryder. Then they plugged him into a world title match with Benoit at Bad Blood 2004, which happened in the midcard while the REAL main event was the HHH vs. HBK Cell match. Ever since then, every time Kane has been the world title challenger, I can't help but groan. His mere presence threw a quick bucket of cold water over the title reigns of Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan. Nothing to do with his talent (even though he definitely was past it in those examples), but 2004 really killed Kane's credibility as a main eventer IMO.
  7. Edge's current look is quite something. I don't know if it's his career best shape, but miles better than he looked during basically his whole main event run. He always struck me as a guy who didn't really like to put in work at the gym, but as we saw on the 24 special, he worked his ass off and it really paid off. Then we have on the left, when he first returned from neck injury in 2004, no doubt with a lot of help, alongside his general look for his whole main event run:
  8. I want to see a complete version without commercial breaks, that was the biggest killer for me, not camera cuts or crowd shots. I'd be really getting into the match, momentum building, it's good shit, pal!- then cut to break. And that happened something like 4 times in the match.
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