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  1. It was the semi-final, Gargano faked an injury (ages into a competitive match), Ciampa lost, then he tried to do the same to Johnny on the ramp that he did way back when, and Gargano reversed it. Candice was on the ramp too, delighted with what her hubby did to evil Ciampa. Then Trips came out the following week and said Ciampa was injured and he can't make them face each other for the title at Takeover. I knew Ciampa was injured (didn't know how bad) but why wasn't it kayfabe because of what Gargano did to him? They still aired it yet went on to pretend it didn't happen. That's what irked me the most. A rare misstep by NXT storytelling, for me.
  2. Haven't ever seen much of Drake Maverick but he's well funny in this (from 3:30)!
  3. Maybe on the bright side this incident will indeed lead to a fan ban for future events, which would be great because they're fucking cringe-worthy a lot of the time. When the likes of Cena and Triple H are berating you or being condescending about your shit banter, maybe you should just quit it. I get it, the fans are hyper and have drinks through the week/weekend, but this shouldn't be the place to act the twat, it just looks crap, trying to shout over heart-felt stories or start a chant which has nothing to do with what's happening on stage/in the ring. I skipped the event at Mania 30 for that reason, it's far more acceptable being a gimp at a Bourbon Street karaoke bar...
  4. Loved the show. I like Mauro, maybe it sounds off to some people because the two sitting next to him sound so dull. And I lost count of the amount of times Nigel tripped over his words. But it always sounds like Mauro's fucking enjoying it and it can help rub off onto others. I agree about the last 10 minutes of the main event, which included the best, most convincing near-fall I can ever remember. "That's it, that's definitely it," I said aloud and I was 101% sure of it. They had me certain on the winner, but yet it continued. Fantastic! Matt Riddle is growing on me, but still more to do. That was the first War Raiders match I've actually paid attention to, and I loved it. Same with Walter, I don't watch NXT UK but the bout was very entertaining.
  5. As the three ladies were being carted off to the back I said aloud "This is fucking stupid" which, considering how much WWE I've watched, is not something I really do. But then....then the backstage stuff happened. I laughed my ass off. It was still stupid but it was entertaining, hilarious stupid. I'm trying to picture how they discussed coming up with the whole thing before the show, having their three Mania main eventers just kick away at each other while being carried out the building like petulant brats. It doesn't sound like it could ever work. Not to mention using the whole handcuffs/arrest stuff again so soon. But, simply, it was really amusing stuff. As usual, no point over-thinking these things really...
  6. Here it is, hopefully they use some other parts too 😋 https://ukff.com/topic/139035-ukff-fantasy-booking-classic-2018/page/8/?tab=comments#comment-3189588
  7. Muhammad Hassan! May not have been special in the ring but boy was he getting reactions everywhere he went. Shame they went down the wrong route with him. I was looking forward to seeing him win a world title. I’m still hoping for a tiny backstage cameo at some point - if Mae Young’s handy-son can get one then so can this guy.
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