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  1. Drew v Cedric again on one side, and Owens v Andrade on the other, that’s what I’ll go for. But the winner? Best King in the World Shane McMahon.
  2. When Red Dead online first came out I used my 14-day PS Plus trial and as mentioned above, I hated it. Fast-forward to now, having read there was a proper defensive mode and obvious additions now it's out of beta, I've given it a second chance finally. So far, I'm finding it much more enjoyable. First off I had 7 months' worth of Rockstar goodies waiting for me at the post office since I hadn't been online that whole time! After a few days I've only been kicked offline once, which for my location and terrible connectivity in general is really good. There's a big update coming this month setting out three distinct roles for players, if they want to focus more on bounty-hunting, collecting rarities, or setting up a trade (or all three). Anyway, much improved so far!
  3. That looks like something that would be a joke trailer only and not an actual full-length thing... It's not an actual full-length thing, is it?
  4. Yeah I just looked up the line-ups of the previous Bloodsports, sounds pretty interesting!
  5. I don't have a clue who that other guy is but that was ace. EDIT: Ah I started paying proper attention to UFC around the same time of his last fight, and I haven't seen too much non-WWE stuff since that time.
  6. First names that spring to mind for me are Carlito, Mr Kennedy, and Rick 'The Model' Martel. Oh and the Mountie! It's a pain having to see Sgt. Slaughter every damn year instead of someone, anyone else.
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