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  1. I advise people not to watch the screen right after the end of McIntyre/Lashley. I tend not to notice the terrible camera cuts between all the performers and fans in general but here I thought my eyes were going to explode.
  2. It's a really good match. I didn't actually like Bryan/Styles that much, maybe because of the ad breaks and the flat (to me) ending. So this for me was the best WWE match of the week at least. But I agree with Supes, the "crowd noise" was so distracting. I wanted them to try and play with crowd noise at some point during the empty arena shows, maybe find a solution, but it didn't work here. Samoa Joe did work, though. Has he been secretly training to be a commentator for years? Because it bloody feels like it.
  3. For this to be the greatest wrestling match ever for me personally (and I'm going down the sports entertainment route), there's unfortunately going to have to be run-ins or some sort of appearance from Christian, Bob Orton, Legacy (now Cody showing up WOULD be something...), Lita, Beth Pheonix (cat fight!), Evolution, Mick Foley spitting in Orton's face, and ending with John Cena spearing Edge through a table while wearing a motorcycle helmet. There ya go, done!
  4. Top marks for Britt Baker's rehab session. Fantastic work!
  5. I'm just trying to imagine Brock Lesnar dressed up as Amish Roadkill now. I think he could pull it off!
  6. I loved Amish Roadkill! I still couldn't tell you why, though. He looked like the least-daft one standing next to ECW tag partner Danny Doring, and I liked his name. That's all you need! Reading up about his later career on Wikipedia, he seemed to have a bit a stint under different names in OVW until 2008 and even got an IC title match there against Santino Marella, supposedly. Good lad. The first guy to pop into my head here, though, was Yokozuna. He was great. There were definitely reasons to hate on him but during that early 1993 stint, 9-year-old me was fucking terrified. Even if it only took two minutes for Hogan to ruin his entire aura.
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