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On 9/21/2021 at 7:59 PM, jazzygeofferz said:

He's absolutely going to be their top guy.

Caught up last night I 1000% agree 

Also when watching I saw tenille and Madison calling themselves the influence, am I wrong in thinking that's what Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are going to be called? Just wondering if it was a subtle hint that they may he arriving here

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I'm up to date with episodes of Impact but haven't watched Knockouts Knockdown yet. The build for Josh Alexander Vs Christian Cage has been interesting, especially with Ace Austin, Madman Fulton and Christopher Daniels thrown into the mix. Daniels would be a decent first feud for Josh as champion, but could also be interesting in a program with Christian. I wonder whether Kazarian will pop through the hidden door so we can have a Bad Influence Réunion and a match against the Good Brothers, or even just a sly wink and a look to camera in Swinger's Palace. 

Some of the stuff at Knockout Knockdown looks interesting, but I still feel a bit weird that they're paying tribute to Daphne after the way she was treated when she was there. I know it was TNA and things have changed a lot, but it's still odd. That Monster's Ball could be quite the spectacle. I'll probably watch the whole thing this afternoon. 

Nice to see Zicky Dice getting a run out. Hopefully he breaks free from being one of Myers's goons and gets to do some stuff for himself. He could be good to pop into the X Division title mix now and again. 

The stuff with Heath, Rhino and VBD has some intrigue. I know it feels like it's building to a Rhino/Heath reunion, but I'd be interested to see where it could go if Rhino decides he's going to stick with Eric Young and VBD. On the other hand, Rhino & Heath is another team that can challenge for the tag titles. 

The digital media title could be an interesting one, but I don't think they need another title. Having said that if it gets eyes on their YouTube stuff and can get a few more people on their roster some more exposure it has potential to be a good thing. 

It's still a consistently good show. 

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