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Post a pic('s) of your pet thread

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I've grown to be alright with cats (well, nice cats - still hate the ones that act all aloof), but I'll always be a dog guy at heart. We used to have a miniature schnauzer, she had the same birthday as my dad. Guess who got more attention on the day? I'll try and get some pictures of her to stick on here.


My missus' dad has a deaf cat who's the noisiest creature I've ever heard. Plus if you so much as make eye contact with her, she'll come and rub up against you for the entire time you're in the house, covering you in white hair. And she sticks her claws in everything when she gets comfy. Bizarre animal.

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Finally found the perfect two kittens to adopt after being on the lookout for a while. Meet Bruce and Clarence. Nine weeks old and they’ve already melted my cold, dead heart.

I talked about this boy in the mental health thread. Thought I'd post a couple of my favourite pictures of him.

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No real surprises with which side people are standing on the cat/dog divide. It's the only real way to judge someone.


You get TripleA. Think about that.

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the old man's dog Mickey (picture taken when he was apparently a "puppy" at the kennels). A superb mix of a dog who is both obedient and stupid. Lovely thing. Dogs > Cats, I like Cats mind, but I just find the bastards to be proper arrogant.


Butch's dog is fucking lovely. Looks like a stout drinker.

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