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Post a pic('s) of your pet thread

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Well after the positive response regarding my missing cat Mickie, I thought UKFF could do with some positive energy and alot of awww and cuteness.


So heres my cats Mickie (whos currently missing) and her sister Jess. Turtle shell poly cats. Poly cat means they have a gene defect in this case leads them to have thumbs on their front paws which have made there lives slightly easier, but they are very mischievous.


Them as kittens









Mickie and Jess together



Post a little description about your pets and a few pictures.

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My girls, Juno and Io. Had them about 6 months, they were rescue cats from the RSPCA.They are the best cats I've ever owned or met - no scratching of furniture, they use their litter tray but prefer going outside, they are friendly even to visitors, they sleep quietly on our bed at night. In 6 months they've not broken a single thing in the house!

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These are all pictures of our landlord, Manischewitz "Manny" Barrilow. He has an attitude.




This is Shawn (Michaels), who is my wife's cat, but who lives with her grandpa.




And somehow, this is my only pic of her Maltese, Simon, who also lives with grandpa.

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ajmcstyles has realised that he's cracked it. All he needed to do all along was post pictures of his cat.

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He's about 6 months old now...Hasn't grown up at all, still extremely playful yet annoying.


Charlie and Dee:




Charlie is 8/9 Dee is around 4

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