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Post a pic('s) of your pet thread

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I think that my recent chat conversation I had with my wife, after I sent her the pic of "Daisy Horse" - she's in bold


OMG I love the first feller so much I make a weird noise.

He's awesome, right?

He looks like he wants to use the phone

He looks like a giant cake.

He looks like he pays taxes

He looks like a dad who's kids just did something really inappropriate in public.

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Finally found the perfect two kittens to adopt after being on the lookout for a while. Meet Bruce and Clarence. Nine weeks old and they’ve already melted my cold, dead heart.

I talked about this boy in the mental health thread. Thought I'd post a couple of my favourite pictures of him.

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Good thread, love seeing people's pets.


Here's my dog Bailey, he's a working Cocker Spaniel who was cute when he was a puppy that didn't chew stones:




He's a fully grown near 3 year old who loves finding other dogs toys in the park, like this frisbee:




Or just standing in your face demanding you rub the insides of his ears:



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Here's my lot


This is Pippa my 5 year old epileptic German Shepherd covered in the boy child's bedtime bears. She looks thrilled to fucking bits about it




This is Reggie my Royal Python back when he was a baby. He's now just over 2 foot and a beast of a snake.




This is Sprout, one of my two USA Gree Tree Frogs. He's properly chilled out and unlike a lot of tree frogs is happy to sit on your hand for ages, aslong as theres a worm or a cricket in it for him




We also have a Guinea pig but I don't particularly like it so I'm not taking a picture of it. Twatting thing.

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Restore the balance slightly..




Thank fuck for that.


My heart was in my mouth when I saw the last post was from Chesty, wondering what I'd do if he revealed himself as a cat person. Needn't have worried tbh :thumbsup: No real surprises with which side people are standing on the cat/dog divide. It's the only real way to judge someone.

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