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NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

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Ah, my mistake. Freebird rule would make sense, though I'm not sure they'd want Cole reduced to being half of a tag team when they obviously see him as the singles guy in the stable. Given that they've already had Cole teasing asking other wrestlers to join before beating them up, I suppose they could just go through with him getting someone else in to the group - though nobody comes to mind as an ideal fit. Maybe Chris Dijak whenever he makes TV, to get another indie darling ROH lad in there?

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Bobby Fish is set to undergo knee surgery which is to keep him out for about 6 months, so that would be 3 Takeover shows he's set to miss (New Orleans in April, Chicago II in June and Brooklyn IV in August). I do agree with you Pat that the  Freebird Rule would be the easy fix to everything, but it could be a good chance to bring in someone new or repackage someone.

For anyone who hasn't seen that Powerbomb spot I mentioned earlier it's here:


seriously, what the hell are they thinking

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Thought this was super cool on Gargano’s Instagram this morning. It’s crazy to say this considering how long the angle has gone on for, but I’d fucking love if they strung this out for even longer. Bring Ciampa back and have Johnny acting as a vigilante, constantly fucking with him, jumping the rail, attacking him in airports, making his life hell until he somehow gets Regal to reinstate him. By the time the match finally happened it’d be like Sting vs. Hogan, only without the shit finish.

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