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UKFF (On-topic) Poster Of The Year 2010


Best on-topic poster?  

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Voted for Ebb last year so I am voting for Wand this year. I am guessing a lot of what he posts gets missed because it is in the MMA threads but it is nearly always a good read, especially the stuff in the past fight discussion.


The other nominees appear to be here due to the amount of posts they make; whilst one of the nominees I don't understand as their lengthy posts I find boring and tedious.

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Pityinthecityofsin - despite the rubbish name, he's got a good taste in wrestling and argues his point well, even though he's not a Nash fan. In that respect, he's refreshingly un-influenced by peer pressure.

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What the-?! I was nominated?


Anyway, I voted for TheBigBoot - provides great discussion, has a great wrestling knowledge and passion for it, and can do it all without being arsey.

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