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  1. hbk4life

    UKFF NFL 2018 Predictions League

    Thanks for running it and putting the time into the calculations and everything @MVP RULZ And congrats to @johnnyboy on the win, just like his Patriots!
  2. hbk4life

    UKFF NFL 2018 Predictions League

    - QB: Jared Goff (Los Angeles Rams) - RB: Sony Michel (New England Patriots) - WR: Brandin Cooks (Los Angeles Rams) - TE: Rob Gronkowski (New England Patriots) - K: Greg Zuerlein (Los Angeles Rams) -Defense/Special Teams: New England Patriots - Pick the result - New England 27-30 Los Angeles - Winning Margin - 3 Points - 1st team to score any points - Los Angeles Rams - 1st team to score Touchdown - Los Angeles Rams - Player to score 1st Touchdown - Brandin Cooks - Total Number of Touchdowns scored (both teams combined) - 7 - Total Number of Interceptions made (both teams combined) - 3 - Will the game go to Overtime (Yes/NO) - NO - MVP - Jared Goff (Los Angeles Rams) - Time and quarter of 1st Touchdown (ie 14.20 1st quarter) - 09.00 1st quarter - Total Rushing yards - New England Patriots 126 Yards - Total Passing Yards - Los Angeles Rams 266 Yards - Total net yards - 866 Yards Advantage at the end of each quarter - 1st quarter - Los Angeles Rams - 2nd quarter - Los Angeles Rams - 3rd quarter - Los Angeles Rams - 4th quarter - Los Angeles Rams
  3. hbk4life

    UKFF NFL 2018 Predictions League

    CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND: QB: Patrick Mahomes (Kansas City Chiefs) RB: Sony Michel (New England Patriots) WR: Michael Thomas (New Orleans Saints) TE: Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs) K: Greg Zuerlin (Los Angeles Rams) DST: New Orleans Saints MOST YARDS: Kansas City Chiefs MOST POINTS: Kansas City Chiefs TOTAL NET YARDS: 1466 Yards AFC1: New England Patriots @ Kansas City Chiefs: Kansas City Chiefs NFC1: Los Angeles Rams @ New Orleans Saints: New Orleans Saints