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  2. I don’t think he actually runs the account but yea he follows loads of wrestlers from the indies and Britwres scene
  3. I can't say I agree with any of the praise heaped on that gender reveal shite. I would rather have had Ricochet in a proper match with Mike Benett over that. Between the 24/7 skits, the awesome AOP promo and the fantastic, creative Bray Wyatt segments, this show had enough to fill it out. This lousy Vince Russo horseshit can get in the bin. The show came to a screeching halt with that nonsense. The crowd couldn't be arsed with it and it killed them dead. The Street Prophets have become 100% obnoxious, Ricochet looked like a clown, and Rusev came back in the flattest, most underwhelming way possible. The crowd didn't react to him at all. It didn't help that he was unrecognisable. It seems like I'm alone in this, God help me, but I'm not into his new look. Give me the thick, hairy, Bulgarian brute over this trim Rusev any day. That guy stood out. It's like Chad Gable. Lord knows why he cut them precious locks off. Now he looks like just another guy. Maria is better than this too. She's good enough to generate real, genuine, heel heat. Rather than this bollocks, which does nothing for nobody. Raw was great apart from that. Hilarious that, after all that, Baron Corbin is King Of The Ring, and it doesn't feel wrong in the slightest. I thought they'd brought him back to TV way too early, but fair play to him, he's turned it around for himself with some great performances. He's become a good base for the little guys to work around and the Deep Six and End of Days are two of the hottest, coolest moves in the company. He's much more palatable now he's finally out of that dress shirt and the main event. Gable's bumping and selling was tremendous in this as well. There was a few missteps but KOTR was worth it for the growth of Corbin alone. Plus the crowds were into the entire thing so you'd have to call it a success. For the first time since Mania the women feel like stars again instead of scrambled together time-filler. The tag and the chair brawl were sloppy as hell, and it looks like Bayley is the only girl they have that's good in tag team matches. I enjoyed this though, because the women have some semblance of character to hook onto. Too many of the guys feel like dudez doing movez, going through the motions. There's nothing to distinguish them from each other. Bayley, Becky, Charlotte, Sasha, Alexa and Nikki all have identifiable character traits and it makes their stuff more fun and purposeful. The Fiend continues to be excellent. I got a kick of how they weaved the Funhouse segments throughout the show. It's the boldest thing they've done in years. It's so cool to see that Bray is smashing it every step of the way so far. I loved how they had him piss around with the graphics during the show. I wish they'd think outside the box and play around with the 'TV' aspect of their TV shows more often. I remember NWO used to do shit like that way back when. It brings a real sense of urgency and chaos when it's done properly.
  4. The show name is... All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite
  5. They pushed Bret initially at the height of the steroid scandal. His not having the look was exactly what they were after. They were always after a new Hogan without the conotations hence the Luger push. As much as they pushed Bret and Shawn at times, both were always as a result of them having no other choice because Luger, Yoko, Diesel, etc bombed. They were safe pairs of hands.
  6. He was considering a comeback with the WWF in 1996. The angle they ran where he screwed mero out of the IC Title was supposed to be a feud with HHH. In the end he went to WCW, probably because of the better pay, but also because the WWF enquiring about him working again alerted lloyds and they stopped paying him. It was a bit of a Michaels-esque injury although a couple of years rest probably did it the world of good.
  7. And Joel Dommett. Well, as much as a man with a Papa Roach tattoo can be into metal.
  8. Ah, I'd forgotten about that. But then didn't he go on to wrestle regularly for wCw? With respect, I'd say that raises more questions than answers. Not having the chiselled look shouldn't have been a factor if they were OK to push Bret and HBK - in fact, I'd go so far as to argue that it would've been preferable if they were going to have Luger in the main event scene, because of the "Billy Graham Effect" of being a bodybuilder among guys who looked tough but not particularly spectacular. Being an old guy, I'd get, but seeing as he'd spent time away and appeared to be quite over for his comeback, it was almost like he was a fresh face. As to the promo side, you said it yourself - Luger wasn't great, nor was Bret, and Yoko wasn't talking much at that point either. Looking back at it, it really is a bit mystifying as to why he wasn't a candidate for a main-event push. Looking at the dates, they could've debuted the Steiners as mystery partners. SS92 was Nov 25, and they signed with the WWF on Nov 21. How amazing would that have been?
  9. Wondering if this is a wider thing, but John Cena proper account seems to be adding wrestlers and fans from the scottish scene . Is this happening everywhere?
  10. That reminds me of another one. What was with the main matches at Survivor Series ‘92 once Warrior was out the equation? Why rush a Perfect face turn to give Macho a partner rather then putting new WWF champion Bret in there instead? Considering Bret just dethroned Flair, would go on to face Razor at the Rumble, it seemed a perfectly logical solution once Warrior wasn’t an option. Or if that leaves Shawn without an opponent why not a Survivors match with them all in there? Bret/Macho and some mates vs Flair/Perfect/Razor/Michaels and start a Perfect face turn there. Realise everyone was leaving or being sent packing around this time, but even still seemed a more logical way to go than want we ended up with. Yeah, I don’t know who Bret and Machos mates would have been. Obviously Bulldog and Jannety would have made for a lovely Survivors match were they options.
  11. When I saw that picture I thought "I don't suppose Kona Reeves will sell a single shirt". And now I want one. Imagine being the one person in the world to wear that shirt.
  12. Hey, David - the sky's blue. 😝 But seriously, on reflection, I think wand's post brings me closer to expressing with a bit more nuance what I think about McG, which is that I'm done with the guy both inside and outside the cage, unless and until he proves he's worth watching again - and that covers both fighting and his public presence. As a public figure, I've no interest in his latest cuntery (and if it does turn out he did rape that woman, there's nothing that'll get me watching him again), and as a fighter, he's spent so long substituting actual fighting for just tweeting non-stop keech that I'm now not even bothered if he ever does come back. He needs to get the fiver out of his nose and his arse into the Octagon.
  13. I really like Dijakovic. Mostly though in the way that he's a bit shit and performs big moves he shouldn't be doing in the way I would expect Heidenreich or Nathan Jones to do them. Big thumbs up for his match with Keith. More of that lunacy.
  14. Olyphantastic is the man. Justified is a blinder of a show. Fargo is just one of the best TV show ever at this point. Season 3 was a David Thewlis masterclass.
  15. Yep. And that’s partly why I’m so against the Khabib rematch. There’s so many potentially great fights to make with McGregor now. His time away has allowed a bunch of appealing possible matchups to pop up. Rematches with the likes of Diaz and Aldo and some fresh matchups with Gaethje, Ferguson, Cerrone and even Masvidal would all be must-see exciting fights. And win or lose, they’re all more favourable matchups style-wise than Khabib is. Not that I think McGregor beats all those guys but I’d say they’re all at least competitive and they’ll stand with him a bit. Like David says, he even had little moments against Khabib. But it’s a fight he loses about 9 times out of 10 for me. And that might actually be generous. It’s just the worse style for him. But I wouldn’t count him out against the others. The jury’s out for me. He was never beating Khabib so that was no revelation or anything to really base anything on going forward. But I get Carbomb’s point, to be fair. McGregor has fucked up and pissed about a lot since that tremendous performance against Alvarez. Who knows at this point? But that’s why I want to see him fight someone other than Khabib. If he comes back and goes straight in with Khabib he’ll get dominated again and we’ll be none the wiser about where he’s at currently. If he fights a Gaethje or someone like that, then that’s a good barometer. And a fun fucking fight into the bargain!
  16. They clearly didn't think he was a top babyface. 1993 was the time to go with him if ever there was and they positioned him below Bret and then Luger. I think it was probably that he didn't have the chiselled look of Luger and he was an "old" guy in terms of TV time. Considering Bret debuted in the WWF well before him, when Bret took the IC Title off him in 1991, it really felt like he was the fresh young guy on the scene. And Bret was older than Hennig. I don't think he was a good enough promo though that's probably not that important given Luger never was and Bret was authentic but not exciting.
  17. It's the natural way to go. At least for his return. Eventually I'd turn him heel again but there's some mileage in his return story.
  18. Was it not his Lloyds of London policy kept meaning he'd start and stop his comebacks?
  19. Today
  20. McGregor is underrated in some circles these days. I think the loss to Khabib and his antics outside of the cage have clouded some people's judgements of his ability. He was never the best fighter in the sport, but he was the best featherweight for a brief time, and his wins over Alvarez and Diaz were commendable. Whether he can shake off the ring-rust and become a top-flight lightweight is another question. Although, I certainly wouldn't rule him out against Gaethje, Ferguson, etc.
  21. Maybe but my question was in the same light as asking someone about a football match "was there really no goals in the first half?" When I haven't seen it or questioning something you've heard about a movie you haven't watched. Anyway this is silly but could you endulge me in why I've clearly upset you so much as I honestly didn't mean to and it would be nice to lear from my apartment mistake?
  22. He’s one of the best heels in the business, it’s a shame when he returns he’ll be a face, I’m looking forward to this tonight feels like a Takeover.
  23. The Mexico tapings are always awful. I assume they are getting paid well to go there because there is no other reason to persist. Everywhere else is noisy these days. I think they've re-established a decent hard core fanbase now. The Dallas crowd for Slammiversary was raucous as is any time they are in New York or Toronto.
  24. Was there any reason Mr. Perfect didn't get a nod for a main event push following his comeback back then? He could still go, he could cut a promo, and he had matches that people got into. From what I've read about his work in AWA, he was a pretty fair blue-eye too.
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