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What are you watching? Part 6312


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Wanted to bump the old thread but went back about ten pages and couldn't find it. Time for a new one!

Ernest Miller vs Joey Janela, GCW/BLP: 4 Cups Stuffed: First thing's first. Joey Janela is the shits. If shits could take shits that would take other shits, Janela would be the third generation shit. There's a spell in this where he just stands openly calling spots then, WHEN HE'S FINISHED, ducks his head to hide his mouth and just looks like he's kissing Cat's head. Still, it's The Greatest, in 2022. I smiled the whole way through. We got Janela calling a fan's momma and telling her her son's about to get his ass kicked, Cat kicking Janela through a door, some crotch-chops that were literally so good they got a replay (not kidding!) Janela being thrown hard through a door, a RAM JAM! And, what we all paid our $13 for, Joey Janela getting kicked hard in the head! I'm bewildered that this was a thing, but the world's a better place for it. Here's some highlights:

The best thing about this is that it establishes a working relationship between Miller and GCW. Get him in Bloodsport. Make the Don Frye match happen!

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