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House of the Dragon (no spoilers!) book readers welcome


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So, since the Game of Thrones got locked, it might be prudent to open a thread for House of the Dragon, which serves as a prequel to Game Of Thrones. Not directly - the story is about Targaryens in history and is still a few generations before the Mad King sat the throne.

The show looks really promising. Matt Smith really grew on me with his Philip in The Crown, I think he'll make an interesting Daemon Targaryen. I'm looking forward to watching it.

Re : spoilers. Let's agree to keep pace with the show, if you come in this thread having not seen the latest episode to air on Sky Atlantic, more fool you. But nothing to spoil forthcoming episodes, please.

Book chat - I think we can allow this if there's a modicum of common sense. Don't spoil anything from the book yet to air in the show, don't complain too much about differences, don't smugly add "well, something that will happen later will explain this," worst of all, don't pretend you haven't read the book and "predict" what's going to happen in future episodes.

Discussion of ASOIAF/the wider Westeros world, encouraged. New material exists to add to what we already have, so lets chat about it. Could be a washout. Hope not....




He's never, ever, ever finishing Winds of Winter. The king of procrastination will find something else to faff about with next instead. 

I'd much prefer it if he did, it would be fitting for an author who bangs on endlessly about the never ending seasons to leave A Dream Of Spring never coming true.

I wonder how many people are in the same boat as me, wishing Dr Sam Beckett could come warn them not to bother reading the books until the show wraps. I ruined the best parts and key plot developments of 5/6 series of a good TV show getting into arcs that won't end and being invested in characters that don't matter. Unless Martin croaks "Euron kills Stoneheart" on his deathbed or something.

Probably for the best, minding, the casting of Arianne Martell was never going to live up to expectations, short of a perfect blend of Priyanka Chopra and Sunny in her prime, nobody could live up to my imagination.

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What an episode. As I started watching it, I remember how much they covered in the first episode of GoT- even for those that had never read the books like myself. This wasn't dissimilar, great job laying the groundwork.

Matt Smith, as usual, was brilliant. 

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Lot of groundwork covered, one got ‘Choppy Choppy Your Pee Pee’-ed, plenty of violence, at which point my wife said “nice, all we need now is some bumming and we filled the bingo card”. 2 minutes later, cue bumming.

Emma D’Arcy looks like she’s going be a right moody cow all series, and I was kind of wanting the women to play hook-a-duck when throwing their favours to the jousters, but otherwise top draw stuff.

We’re off to the races

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1 hour ago, Keith Houchen said:

Got to please the fanbase!  This cracked me up. 


I went full this mode when the good lady Danger remarked that “childbirth was so bad in those days.”  I was just happy to reintroduce the joke in to our weekly viewing after retiring it for a few years.

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