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  1. Chelsea finishing 5th or 6th and winning the Europa League sounds bloody good to me.
  2. Raul Jimenez running off doing his best Steve Bull celebration impression had me beaming. Jota turning Shaw inside out and scoring had me going tonto. That was one of the greatest games I have been to. Really hoping we dodge City and Watford to a smaller extent. This has been the best season I have experienced as a Wolves fan.
  3. If you've seen the documentary you wouldn't need to ask. Wade is because of his child being born and the imagery going round his head. Something he actually spoke about first in 2013. James because Wade came out and was looking to find solace in other survivors.
  4. Captain Marvel is the best superhero film ever made. I have never been so happy at the cinema than watching that film and have my 7 year old girl just beam from ear to ear for 2 hours straight.
  5. Well that was an entertaining two legs of football.
  6. I have spent many an hour discussing the scale of that middle finger in relation to his body, and yet I can remember nothing at all about those conversations.
  7. The Prodigy and Keith dancing and evolving into singing have been with me since the 90s kicked off. A good friend was massively into rave culture and that sparked everyone in our group to indulge, Dreamscape tape collections of Micky Finn were a must have to fit in. I was 13 and had just learnt to roll cigarettes, as was the norm we spent weekends camping out on land belonging to a friend, the Walkman and shite battery powered speakers would be out and an array of dance music would pour from those tinny sounding speakers, things like a 4 non blondes "what's up" remix for example. This one evening everyone had drifted off to sleep but I was still stirring. Weather Experience came on through the Walkman, the basic white album cover strewn next to the player, I rolled a ciggy lay back and smoked it as I let all 8 minutes of that masterpiece wash over me before drifting off myself. That is my Will Wheaton in Stand By Me coming face to face with a deer moment, sat with friends I don't see any more as we all grew up and moved on or away, but in that group experience I had a fantastic moment all to myself, and The Prodigy are at the forefront of that memory. The band, and all it's members are special, but when Keith became their physical manifestation of what they were, he became even more special. This death has really fucked me about.
  8. Weather Experience is my favourite of theirs, truly amazing song from an amazing album. This is a fucking shock and a half, haven't they just got back to start touring? Awful news.
  9. Wasn't the talk of being a clear 10 points ahead when they had the opportunity to go that if they won their game in hand? But that fucked it up?
  10. You know when you're hoovering and you go over a bit of paper, the Hoover goes from "herrrrrmmmmm" to "HHHRRRRRMMMMMVVVVV" I'd like to know is that the Hoover putting in more effort? If so why doesn't it put that much effort in all the time?
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