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  1. Were the old Wrexham board the fuckers closely linked with Steve Morgan, played golf with him and recommended Morgan hire Dean fucking Saunders?
  2. Truly embraced Portuhampton. Totally agree, not being able to see the most horrendous of all short sponsors is fantastic.
  3. "Since I've Been Loving You" by Led Zep. I absolutely loved that song, from the opening 5 bluesy notes to the then build in music accompanied by Plant being epic on vocals. Then when giving my dad a lift in a car one day it came on my shuffle play, as Page started up my dad says; "Stand by for the squeaky seat" and there you have it, ruined. Now all I hear is Bonham's arse gyrating as he drums and causing his stool to squeak over and over again. Edit: I am aware it was actually his bass drum pedal, but Dad claiming it was the arse/stool combo is a much better image.
  4. Proper gutted, I fucking love Diogo. When's he getting a game at Liverpool? Maybe the Salah to large Spanish teams rumours are true. It appears the deal is to help fund Semedo from Barcelona, so it's bittersweet. And Neto and Podence have stepped up massively. Doc and Diogo for a combined £50 million is good business mind, considering bought for a combined £13ish million. And it's all getting thrown back into players for the first team.
  5. If that means less Alison Brie on my screen it's a bad thing.
  6. Wolves have travelled back in time and bought a young Ed Milliband with longer hair back to the future to play up front.
  7. Can't believe Doc's going to Spurs, a fucking bargain of a price too. Should be noted his climb in ability under Nuno was down to being shifted to a wingback rather than a straight out fullback. Be interesting to see how he copes shifting back to a back four. If he indeed goes.
  8. Easily the worst Wolves kit in history, it'd look belting if it was just plain white. Adidas design department have been taking the piss these last few years, but that is just letting the work experience kid dick about on MS Paint and thinking 'fuck it, let Wolves have it'
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