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  1. I work with old service personnel who served in The Falklands and NI. The Pro-IRA sentiment is always being reffered to when Corbyn comes up in conversation.
  2. Corbyn's main problem is the media have turned him into an idiot, I shared Corbyn's 10 pledges on Facebook, allbof them exceptionally interesting and potentially very rewarding to the country. The response I got was: "Problem with Corbyn he would bankrupt the country" How exactly wasn't expanded on. Today I've seen in response to St George's Day being a national holiday dull arse memes from Britain First (who call for St George's to be a PH every fucking year) stating how Corbyn is Anti-British. People can't comprehend a difference between Anti-British and Anti-Monarchy for Christs sake, he sadly doesn't have a leg to stand on. Ex services lambast him being an IRA sympathiser, when they can't comprehend it was Sinn Fein as a POLITICAL movement that Corbyn had support for. He's been stained by the media and I doubt there is a recovery for him, 7 weeks lead in for a GE won't be enough. It's a shame. Mainly because it leaves people with Tory rule till 2021 ... ugh.
  3. This 'but how would you cope with Putin' bollocks is laughable, it was used against Milliband too. You deal with him by talking sensible politics that benefit both parties. Something Corbyn can easily do. Corbyn would fucking obliterate Trump with simple intellect. And no doubt come across better by standing up to and calling out his idiocy, which he's already freely done. China would bloody love a forward thinking Marxist in charge and it would probably build better bonds between the two economies. Just because he's weedy, a vegetarian and a bit straggly, doesn't mean he's a push over with an inability to communicate with intellect like a good leader should.
  4. Who in any party has the experience in SUCCESSFUL high level governance? The Tories have been an absolute shambles in every way. The education system is fucked after Gove and the real life Postman Pat character that was Nicky Morgan. The Police Service is in dire need of help and support after some of the worst management seen at ministerial level ever from the now Prime Minister. I mean how's she going to run a country if she can't run the Home Office? The NHS is screwed and ill funded. Houses aren't being built. The country is a shambles, it's worse off than under Brown after the financial collapse. The Tories are lumbering that burden on the public, and they're getting away with it. The EU referendum was the get out they used and needed to blindside the public into forgetting. That's gone now, it's back to policies and what can help the country. The Tories can't and more importantly won't. This is what needs to be exposed by every party, no fighting between Labour, Lib Dems, SNP, Plaid or even UKIP, they should all be striving as opposition to show how the Tories are grossly incompetent in every way. Corbyn has been attacked by pretty much every outlet. It's time May is highlighted as the awful politician let alone PM that she is.
  5. May's seemingly secret campaigning is doing damage to her already, all parties are jumping on it and rightfully so. I mean launching her campaign behind closed doors was ludicrous. That clip Corbyn has all over Facebook asking why she won't debate, followed by May pulling off her awkward 'I've lost this chat' chuckle should be played over and over. I honestly believe if May's ineptitude is pushed by all sides of the opposition she could fuck this up.
  6. I wondered why 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?' was on the what people are watching lists on Kodi, this explains it.
  7. Joe has been booked awfully. Came in and made an impact then disappeared around WM season. Give him a mic and a babyface to beat shit out of and he'll be over. 'Simples'
  8. Anyone heard anything review wise about American Gods? Seen a wee snippet flash up on Youtube and a show with McShane interests me greatly, but can't find much about it.
  9. I've never understood or been a fan of the fact away goals count in Extra Time. A team can have a stronger advantage of a third of a football match extra being played.
  10. May is potentially one of the most damaging Home Secretaries of all time, she has dissilussioned the country's Police Force and aided with cuts to the point certain Forces are facing potential bankruptcy. And now she's running the country. The reason she won't debate is simple, she can't, her public speaking is atrocious and she's probably only a few weeks into her coaching to improve that. The way she talked down to a conference room full of coppers was disgraceful. She would be so easy to verbally lynch and breakdown. Of course the antisemitic, IRA supporting, nuclear bomb fearing Corbyn is an easier target.
  11. Then he's fucked completely.
  12. Corbyn will need to work wonders. The one thing in his favour is his ability to talk and be sincere. Jez will do really well in TV debates, his debating in his first Labour leader run in was fantastic and blew the career politicians away. The 'New' Labour faithful brought up on Blair have pissed all over the potential of an interesting left opposition. I'm sick of voting now, I have no party to represent me and my political standpoint, and the dirge of any meaningful decision being placed in the hands of the British public again and again and now again has me filled with dread and a harrowing contempt. I can get behind Corbyn, I can't however get behind a Party still yearning for a bland Blairite Tory-lite political landscape.
  13. Sat and watched 13 Reasons Why on a binge with my missus, my choice is next and it's a rewatch of Twin Peaks in prep. Not a bad show at all, a bit Dawsons Creek in places with teenagers talking WAY too much at times, but overall the suspense of the tapes kept it rolling and wanting to know more and more. It's very good, have heard it hyped up, and it doesn't match the hyperbole that seems to come from most shows from Netflix (I'm looking at you The OA) but it is certainly worth a watch.
  14. Ugh, BBC are doing their 'Pick your Team of The Season' deal at the mo. You can't pick Alonso in his position he plays for Chelsea because he's a defender, I ask ya.
  15. I'm not a massive Tom Hanks fan, but 20 years is pushing it with films like Road to Perdition, The Green Mile, Saving Mr Banks (cracking little film that), The Terminal and Sully more recenty, which I thought was a belter.