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  1. I don't know what to think of that, the bang I suppose was last week, I think the necessity of another season was quite telling. The fall of Dany and the end of the Targaryn line (ish) could have been a whole other 6 episodes. I do feel somewhat let down by the build of so much that just never came to really anything. I was one of the few that enjoyed the Bran arc, but it just stopped going anywhere, and this almighty power that he became turned to fuck all. At least Ghost was happy.
  2. And with that Cup Final complete so to draws to a conclusion of a season that live with me for a lifetime. As a Wolves fan I have had to endure countless seasons of obscurity, whilst listening to tales of the 70s from my old man and the 50s from my Grandad, when we ruled the world no less. I however was born after the Bhatti Brothers had a go at running a football club, and dis nothing but run it into the ground. I grew up on going to work with my mom in the school holidays, because the flats she cleaned overlooked Molineux carpark so I could watch Bully and Mutchy train. We had a few promotions here and there, a couple even saw me witness in top flight, but never did I as a Wolves fan think I would enjoy the football in the Prem, Sir Jack has spent his millions way to early to compete, and Steve Morgan was happy with 17th or parachute payments each season. Our last season in League One, although embarrassing was exceptionally enjoyable, the fanbase seemed to come together and we just had a bloody good laugh at games. But I can't honestly ever remember enjoying football as much as when Nuno took over the reigns. And especially not as much as this season. We thrived, instead of survived, and for the first time in my lifetime I can say that I'll get to go and see Wolves in European competition. Brought up on the notion Wolves were one of the key reasons European competition exists, I finally get to see it for myself. This season has been the greatest of my lifetime and I'm truly looking forward to the Wolves journey progressing rather than as normal, stagnating. Just hope we don't do a Burnley!
  3. On the Pattinson film front, Remember Me was a cracking little film that seems to get no mention at all.
  4. He's just released his autobiography. There's a book signing in Brum upcoming with Trev, I'm popping along to get a copy signed for my Wednesday supporting mate.
  5. Shame. He would have been my from left field casting for The Joker, ruined now.
  6. Nothing weird about that, I'd rather never play against Albion, Villa, Brum or Coventry again if it means Wolves are doing better than them.
  7. As well as not spending THIRTEEN million on Ross McCormack!
  8. How are your Villa supporting mates doing with the denial of the financial fuckery they've got themselves into. The denial runs deep with one of my best muckers, he was absolutely lambasting City fans and their FFP points deduction this season, when explained to him if Villa stay in the Championship they'll get the same treatment next season he couldn't get his head around it. Villa hit the FFP limit in two years rather than the three for Christ's sake.
  9. Frank Lampard's Derby shouldn't be ruled out of it yet. Villa are going to be fucked if they don't go up, points deduction inbound for sure.
  10. Teedy Kay


    Got home from work yesterday to find Nigel Farage's ugly cunt face staring up at me from his shite hawk election literature. Made me wince wondering how my details could have fallen into their hands, the initial of my middle name suggests my bank has sold them my details. Either way, back it goes to their HQ in an unstamped envelope.
  11. Hopefully not as quick as the credits this week, mind you four pages for stuntmen alone. We all know where the CGI cash went, loved the shot of Drogon through the ruins as Clegane fought Clegane. And the final visuals with Arya were awesome too, especially the one framed between the buildings. Bran's going to warg Drogon and fuck her up isn't he?
  12. That was fucking belting that. My only negative is the fall out of that episode deserves a full season in itself. How they're ending this show after that has me baffled. Have they basically just gone full circle to Aegon the Conquerer sacking and burning Harrenhall? Dany has to fall after that, she just has to. Fuck that was good, it's done it's job perfectly as I'm aching to see the conclusion. Great TV. Duck anyone with negativity for that.
  13. Problem is Liverpool shouldn't have been 'catching up'. Liverpool were ahead and, simply put, blew it. My favourite moment of all of this was the moment Danny Murphy said 'I'm starting to believe' many bin dippers did, and the club fucked it up.
  14. Come on City, one more game, the domestic treble is history making. You can fucking do it!!!
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