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  1. My old DT teacher explained to us all that Records of Achievement were practically a waste of time, and if you had any sort of aptitude for learning or motivation to 'get on' you'd never have to use them. He then informed us that 'people like... ' and rattled off names of the thick kids in our year will probably need them as a weak form of CV to get work upon the end of their educational days.
  2. Rees-Mogg's cuntishness increased ten fold today with the comparison of David Nicholl to Andrew Wakefield. Love the fact Nicholl has headed to Parliament Square to face Mogg face to face and ask him to reaffirm his comments away from parliamentary privilege so as to sue the cunt. On lighter news, I've been teaching police recruits for the past 5 weeks, each one pissed themselves at that awful attempt at a caution.
  3. They really aren't, throughout they have said they wish to honour the referendum, much to the chagrin of it's members. Corbyn is one of parliaments biggest euro sceptics, in fact old school Labour as a whole are more euro sceptic than Rees-Mogg. Just look at Skinner.
  4. Hoping Clarke doesn't stand at the next election, he said he wouldn't. Only reason for that though is it would make Dennis Skinner (if he keeps his seat) father of the house.
  5. I truly believe if Andy Burnham was Labour leader, we'd have a Labour Government by now. I'm a believer of Corbyn's motivations and ideology, I'm a believer of the man, I am at that point now where the realisation is the public (ugh I hate them) won't vote for him. To rid us of this Tory cuntery, something has to give, and sadly I now think Corbyn should do what's right for the country.
  6. Has everyone seen that video where the opposition captain kicks off at Cornwall because he retired "hurt" as he was struggling to make anything other than singles from the non striking end as he was too tired to stay out there?
  7. Wolves fans are bit pissed off at the Bratislava tie, as it's going to be behind closed doors, cutting down on the experience. But similar to Araenal, us travelling to Turkey, Portugal and Slovakia isn't that bad at all considering. The Braga tie would probably allow half our squad to see their families.
  8. Loved the atmosphere at Molineux last night, I was right next to the Torino a fans and they were belting from start to finish. After the draw, I don't think we could have asked for a better draw from pot 1 and 2, gives Wolves a really strong chance to progress I feel. A lot is being g made about coping with "Thursday/Sunday" syndrome, I think we could be very well prepared, as a lot have experienced this on the continent already, and those that came up with us were certainly fine with the 'Saturday/Tuesday' bullshit that gets lauded at players from a broad playing in the Championship. Either way, it's just fantastic experiencing European football for the first time in my lifetime at the Mol. Roll on the group stages.
  9. So are John Major and Rory Stewart taking Boris to court as promised?
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