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  1. Teedy Kay

    Series with huge character arcs

    Lost was fucking great, but sadly went down hill towards the end. However the overall arc of John Locke (or the image of) was belting from start to the actual start to finish to the real finish that happened before the finish. Locke is still one of my favourite characters in TV. However, the greatest arc of any character HAS to be Walter White, it's truly wonderful in so many ways.
  2. Teedy Kay

    Who do people say you look like?

    It's the ears, it's all about my bastarding ears.
  3. Teedy Kay

    Who do people say you look like?

    Despite being white I always get that I look like Will Smith or Barrack Obama. It's the ears with Smith and my mouth for Obama. What makes everyone the racist is then when they agree that I look like Curious George. Alex Kidd was the bane of my existence when younger and I got sick and bloody tired of being asked to play Paper, Scissors, Stone. (It was always that as a kid Rock, Paper, Scissors is American)
  4. Teedy Kay

    Prog Rock is shit but Gabriel era Genesis is fucking great.

    He played pretty much all the piano parts on Hunky Dory, so I give him a bye.