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  1. I always found that the ending of No Country for Old Men seemingly falls off a cliff. I personally love the ending, and the exclamation mark of a conclusion is fantastic. I know many muckers that were put off by it.
  2. Fictitious figures aren't any less innocent, Peter Pan for example.
  3. Miller's Crossing without any hesitation. It's practically perfect, and as mentioned the Danny Boy Tommy Gun scene is fucking amazing. O Brother is such a great premise on Homer's Odyssey. And that version of Hard Time Killing Floor Blues send chills everytime I hear it.
  4. What's amazing, although from completely polar opposite viewpoints is this. We both ardently agree that community based work is so vitally important to ever rescuing this. And funds need to be hurled in its direction. If Black Lives Matter does that I'll take a knee next to you all.
  5. I understand that emphasising a word that clearly conflicts with 1500 die IN police custody can be vitally important.
  6. Why didn't you ask. In a year where there were 18 and a half thousand armed deployments in the UK (armed with firearms, not Taser only) of those deployments there were only four fatal shootings, three of which were terrorist related. Taser was 'used' 11,000 times in one year, and although that sounds high, the actual discharge of Taser was 17 per cent of that, with Officers getting resolution through other means of Taser use, IE red dotting to gain neutralisation. Although Taser use is going up, discharge is going down, which is great. The pushing of Taser not being used as a compliance tool is also of astounding benefit to not only police but potential victims. I think Taser use would fall off a cliff if more Police were armed, but I don't want that to happen. Batons are getting used less because of Taser which is great as it results in less injuries and potential deaths, irritant spray is also seeing a decrease, again as its a stronger use force than Taser. Sadly the above may be the only option for some police, but that could be changing. The developments in Force against vulnerable people is showing amazing work, such things as Focal Aware Seizures are more in the mindset than ever where previously had potential to be mistaken for drunkenness or being high. I've already mentioned the awareness of ABD which is a fucking killer, and with synthetic drug use at an all time high the likelihood of ABD is also at a high, and developments in techniques for restraint have been excellent. There's a wonderful video out there somewhere of a lad on Alman where police 'restrain' him for approx an hour by holding legs and wrists until sedative can be used. Amazing work from all officers involved, one of which I used to train. The recognised model for decision making, after a few alternatives is probably at it's finest. And you need to be cast iron straight to that model for your Force to justified. IOPC and their alternatives continue to hold the Police to account, I think the organisation goes too far sometimes, and their investigations take WAY too long, but they serve the public well. Amnesty International have played their part too, especially in Taser and are happy with a lot of the work that has been made, I've been present at Amnesty International talks to Police and the relationship is strong. Oliver Feeley-Sprague at times speaks a lot of sense I am concerned about Brexit and the potential disbanding of ECHR as it plays a massive part in Use of Force in this country. But I can't see us going backwards in that respect. I fucking hope not anyway, accountability through ECHR is fairly big, and getting rid of accountability is worrying. Are there errors? Of course there are but the massive point is whenever shit happens we take on board development points and develope. Can we get better? We strive for it, with the knowledge we'll never be perfect but as far as use of force goes as a Nation, compared to so many, I think we have it spot on. Did an online course on Spithoods recently that I wasn't overly happy with, but I'm not in a position to get spat at on a daily basis thankfully, so I'm just not use to that environment. But yeah, fuck tha police fuck fuck fuck tha police
  7. Was that his reason for having that knife? Fuck me no wonder he got booted.
  8. I'm not ignorant to the hidden systemic racism in British policing, for example as I have alluded to earlier, I honestly believe more should be done to encourage recruitment of the youth in run down black communities that know their communities and the populus know them. But a barrier is in place as you now need a degree to become a copper, and we've seen that figures of young black males in these communities are being failed by the education system, meaning the Police Force and their protocols are systemically racist when it comes to recruitment. The Police will push their trying for better represtation, but when that representation isn't the right kind the doors shut. Atrocious attitude. I do believe that relations between black communities and policing is unfortunate, it's saddening, videos of that prick racially profiling someone and thinking the excuse of 'havent see you on my patch' is adequate is shocking and should be put up and out there as a resounding example of racism. Because they don't help the relationship. It's not casual and I understand that, it's deep rooted through time. I hate Stop and Search, I understand it's reasoning from a policing view, but it's not a deterrent it's not educationally beneficial and it doesn't solve the problem and SO much more needs to be done, exactly what now the horse appears to have bolted I shake my head at and wonder. I don't conflate race and class, but I do contrast. I'm not holding up one higher than the other either, both have serious connotations to the state our country is in. I do think comparison can be made in certain times on certain issues, and it amazes me that those who are white in Socioeconomic disparity aren't standing up in these times, instead they appear to be a driving Force in the opposite direction, mainly due to systemic racism in areas like the media. And on no front am I after anyone's sympathy, certainly not personally, I'm alright thanks. On the professional front, I just feel sometimes it's incredibly useful to explain things from a policing viewpoint. And I'd rather take time out of my day to explain things and hopefully garner a better understanding than be like Hannibal's "friend" on Facebook and simply pour scorn over anything. It's why so early on in this thread I attempted to get points on Use of Force, SuperBacon obviously doesn't want to engage, but if he did and gave examples hopefully I could be that one copper that's helped. It's where it goes back to the point on relations hurt totally beyond the control of police, I don't think that. But I certainly think it works both ways. Other points quickly. Harry Stanley was 20 years ago, do I think Use of Force is right now? yes. If I get time I'll do a little test for you Surf 1500 deaths in custody, it's estimated and I'll round it down a fair bit, 75% of deaths were suicides. A percentage of the deaths were suicides AFTER release, another percentage was police shootings and another was deaths after collisions from vehicle pursuit. It was noted by someone 11% were resulted from restraint complications. UK policing has moved heavily on restraint in recent years to curb this figure, namely through ABD since the rise of Monkey Dust and other drugs like Alman. Really good work resulting in the continual allowance of certain muscle groups to be clear from restraint tballow as much oxidisation of blood as possible. Taser deaths, there have been no deaths on UK shores due to Taser, although we await Dalian Atkinson's case, but I don't think Taser will be the main cause of death. Stats on Blacks being proportionately more likely to be victims of knife crime, haven't got a computer by me sadly, I keep shit tonnes on my work lappy. I'm sure it was a Mayor of London study (MOPAC) which used David Lammy's findings it was a couple of years ago like, but post 2015 I'm sure. From memory the percentage of non domestic abuse knife crime victims that were black was in the 60s per cent wise.
  9. No it's not black people's fault for living in poor areas, I never said that, unfortunately living in poor areas means you are living in and around crime. This from someone who grew up in The Scotlands part of Wolverhampton. It's no one's fault at all for where your standing is in society, I fucking strived to get out of that shit hole part of Wolves, now proportionately in that part of Wolves, white people will be stopped and searched far more than black people, you know why? The black population is in Heath Town and Whitmore Reans. Where they'll get stopped more than whites in that area. This is the main issue here, the complete disregard by govt of the lower working classes of all races. The criminal underfunding of those areas, and the gentrification forcing more into squalor. And sadly the black population is represented more in those areas. Proportionally you are more likely to be stabbed if you're black in this country, so is it wrong to police those areas where stabbings are taking place? Of course not, is it a sad biproduct that those areas are highly populated by black people? Of course. Is it systemically racist? probably not, can it be construed that way? obviously, should it be cast aside as not? no. Should discourse happen to explain? Yup. Does that happen, no because the Police are underfunded and haven't got the resources, hence the reliance on Stop and Search, is it the answer to solve knife crime? No fucking way, we need better community engagement, we need to encourage people from those areas to join the police and help, but as a unit we are fucked folks, and the places within this country are lost to crime, and I don't see them recovering. Stop and Search can stop knife crime, it doesn't solve it, but it's all we have.
  10. Where? Seriously, you give me examples of how Police Use of Force in this country is so outrageously off kilter to the point you believe it's fine to call someone a fucking cunt.
  11. Must have missed this originally, my answer is simply I don't know. Is it racism? It could be. Is it that inner city policing has been more ardent at Covid stops, and by that very nature are in and around areas of higher density black population? It could be. Are those breaking lockdown proportionally more likely to be black men? It could be. Are more more black men carrying out low end work that has been deemed a key worker position and due to socioeconomic reasons can't afford cars so are walking to work more hence their low paid key worker job, so are exposed to police presence more? It could be. Again, could it be racist? Yeah, you know what it could be. Is it wise to make informed decisions on statistics about percentage populations of London being affected? Probably not, as there's more to it.
  12. If you'd bothered your arse you'd have seen it wasn't a defence let alone contrived. You see a pig talking about other filth and immediately jump to conclusions. It's fucking laziness that's really not helping anything, even though you took effort to post about it. My whole point of my post was about NOT jumping to conclusions, you've reaffirmed my point so cheers. Same way as posting a gif of a black man laughing at the idea that Police Use of Force in this country is spot on. Happy to brandish police as racist but not happy to give your reasons why. Surely the most important thing during these times is discourse, how the fuck is anyone going to learn to change? I'm not one for sweeping this under a carpet to see the same placards written every 5 years or so.
  13. Yeah I need to learn to fit a narrative into the initial 45 seconds of a video so as to get it trending minimum in the UK but hopefully worldwide.
  14. That video shows absolutely nothing. Why were the Officers called there? Apparently it was serious links to drug distribution and serious violence. Arrests were made What happened previously in the property? What was he doing unsighted by the video around a corner? You can hear Officers shouting stay where you are a few times, apparently BWV shows him coming towards them. Listen to the language used in literally the first minute. Pushing the age of 62, can everyone here agree that a 62 year old can pose a threat to anyone? Same as the press pushing use of Taser on children, the fa t the 15 year old in question was 6'4'' and carrying a scaffold pole has nothing to do with it. "At the top of the stairs" or as it appears two steps up. "A Weapon used to make an arrest to stop an escape or in self defence" one it's a tool or device, and the use of Taser or any other Force is not JUST for those reason, for example someone self harming, which doesn't fit any of the above criteria. "The victim believes he was shot because he was black" victim or subject, he wasn't shot either he was Tasered, you don't shoot a Taser. As for the race thing he was closing Officers down and didn't stop during a raid on a property. Now bear with me, and this may be jumping into a scene without as much of an understanding as I could have, but not much has been released so far. And you can roll your eyes if you want to and ignore this and say thin blue line will always stick together, but if that video was bad I'd lay into it (like some of the issues I have with the petrol station video) I don't see a problem with it so far and what I'll do is use language other than that of Millard. Upon entering a property as part of an ongoing operation to make arrests for Drug related crimes and crimes involving serious violence to others I was met by initial resistance who was screaming to occupants elsewhere in the property. Upon clearing two rooms quickly on the ground floor I made my way upstairs. I was stood at the top of a small flight of stairs in a narrow corridor, upon turning a corner I was confronted by an individual who immediately began closing me down. I issued challenges and requests for this individual to stop, due to the nature of enquiry and the intelligence on the property and it's occupants I believed I was at risk from the individual, also as I was cornered and on a flight of stairs I believed this risk was high. The individual continued to close me down so I drew my Taser and engaged the threat with one cartridge knowing this was the least intrusive action to the rights of the individual. The deployment was successful and the threat was neutralised. Now I'm not saying I'm justifing that Taser use I'm just trying to provide an example and language that could, rather than the loaded ITV piece that is jumping around with glee that it fits a narrative. The reason I'm not justifying it is simple. That video shows us ABSOLUTELY nothing as to why it was used, we have no idea what Millard was doing around that corner, we have no idea if he was slowly walking towards the officers with inviting hands hinting if they'd like a brew, we don't know if his fists were clenched and he was making in an aggressive manner, we don't know if Millard was intending to harm the Officers, we don't know if the Officer goes home to a shrine of his Nazi memorabilia and wanks himself silly to the delights of his Roots boxset. What I'm not going to do is jump to conclusions that the video shows us a perfect example of systemic racism just because the fella Tasered was a 62 year old black man. I will jump to conclusions that as part of an ongoing operation arrests were made, so drug distribution that is harmful to the community has been disrupted and that an individual linked to serious violence in the community is off the streets so hopefully that stabbing he'd go on to order 6 months down the line doesn't happen.
  15. Just want an actual breakdown of types of death in Police Custody. That's what the inquest was exactly about right!? You've quoted it, you should know more than just a headline if you're going to throw figures like that about.
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