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  1. Don't forget the potential for the housing crisis to ease.
  2. No I haven't. You're just making an assumption that because I have highlighted that some parents are taking advantage, and that my personal experiences so far have highlighted and given evidence they are that I believe ALL kids/parents are. I don't. And it was in defence of someone who got set up upon quite nastily for not having a fucking clue, whereas I have somewhat more of a clue and people ARE taking advantage, not all, but some and to quote Ralphy, for the sake of the health of teachers and the students your talking about "it's not on"
  3. Yet it isn't, and discarding a potential problem in such a way isn't going to help solve it. I know first hand, not from a shit rag paper, that people ARE taking advantage of schooling. It's not fair to the safety of teachers and other students. But then people are taking advantage all over the place as this lockdown is so fucking weak and pathetic.
  4. They're not Key Workers, they're 'critical workers' which is the govts means to keep the country as open as possible even though they have said we're in a lockdown. I was part of an operation for PPE delivery in Lockdown 1 and the roads were deserted, last week travelling to Notts all week they were rammed. This isn't a lockdown in any way shape or form, neither was the second one.
  5. My 98 year old Grandad had his first dose, he decided to call up the GP to find out what was happening with his second and to what date it had been pushed back to. His Doc told him they were ignoring Govt guidelines and maintaining the advice given by Pfizer. He's since had his second vaccination. On the Ralphy and schools being used as babysitting services. It's happening at my kids school, I know of two kids where the dad is a key worker, the mother isn't, so they qualify. They're no longer a couple and live apart and mother doesn't work at all yet the kids are going to scho
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