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  1. Excited typing is to blame.
  2. Wolves appear to be close to the season long loan signing of Diogo Jota from Athletico. Fucking great signing that, especially with Costa out injured for a few months. Now we just need a striker.
  3. It was exactly just a singy part, and one delivered line and then sit back and react to Thommo Turgoose. Him from Snow Patrol was riding a horse. Him from Tenpole Tudor was way more noticeable.
  4. Don't get the mass hate myself, its just the same as members of Coldplay and Snow Patrol turning up every now and then to perform a singy part. They've been doing it for years.
  5. Isn't it actually widely regarded that Hitler hid behind 'being a socialist' to aid the rise of his power?
  6. I know it's come up on here before with regards the 'Rooney Rule' being applied to English football to encourage what they call BAME coaches. But you have to question it when Wolves receive criticism for not interviewing a BAME candidate before they hired Nuno.
  7. Nah, the reason he didn't get much game time was because in Nuno's style of footie compared to Lopetegui, Danilo was preferred early on and hit really good form.
  8. Neves has now officially signed for us as well as Porto centre back Willy Boly on a season long loan with option to buy. Ruddy is apparently close to signing after the Ikeme news, but we're sniffing around Jose Sa. Maybe next year. Onto a striker now, Afobe has been ruled out, but the Aboubakar rumours keep coming up, he'd be a belting signing for a Championship team.
  9. Nah, no chance Raiola and Mendes don't mix. It'll have to be De Gea, Ronaldo and Falcao I think. Why United seem to be getting into bed with a crooked agent like Raiola over the last few seasons I don't know. He'll ruin them. Oh and 4th richest owners, it's a fact you'll have to live with.
  10. Cheksea have matched the 75 mil for Lukaku, surely it doesn't matter though, what with the Lukaku/Pogba love in this summer, there's only club he's going to right?
  11. Awful news coming from Wolves that our keeper Carl Ikeme has been diagnosed with acute leukaemia. Apparently it was picked up on his preseason medical tests.
  12. Aren't Everton supposed to be sniffing around Iheanacho with West Ham and Wolves?
  13. The low fee is a very interesting topic. Only a few weeks ago Chelsea, Liverpool, Monaco and Juve were sniffing around and were quoted £40million, his release clause. Move on a matter of days and no bid of that nature has been forthcoming, however UEFAs deadline for FFP is fast approaching, Porto manage to offload a few including Silva to Milan but haven't met their needed total and face fines and potential bans from European competition. The deadline approaches and a certain agent with ties to one of their players and a club over in the sunny West Midlands who has knowledge of exactly what is needed makes a play, Fosun hand over the funds within hours, something a lot of clubs can't do. It's cut throat and Porto get what they need and only that for a player they didn't really want to sell, but because he's one of the few players they have that they 100% 'own' it has to happen to save Porto from sanctions.
  14. Said exactly the same thing about Costa.