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Album Of The Day Thread


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1 hour ago, Carbomb said:

Gave Black Unity a listen - I'm not normally into jazz, so I don't think I would've appreciated this to the extent that others would, but it was definitely fun, and the atmosphere of it has a certain quality that's quite relaxing (until you get to the screechy, atonal bits - sorry, but I guess I'm a bit of a philistine in this regard; I don't really enjoy that sort of thing). Overall, I quite liked it.

Yeah I thought the almost Afro jazz bits might be your tastes. It’s quite an eclectic sound going on in that piece!

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Joan Armatrading - Show Some Emotion

I've liked Joan Armatrading for years, but I'm starting to come around to the fact that she's fucking amazing. This is the album that came out after them one with Love and Affection on it, and it's just as good. Freamon off The Wire does backing vocals on two tracks as well. I've listened to this about 6 times this week. 

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