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Best music from computer games


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So recently I've found myself quite bored with listening to proper music for some reason but I've really got into computer game music. It's sometimes difficult with computer game music to know if you love tunes for the music itself or because of the feelings you associate with the music through your game experience. But regardless, here are some of my current favorites, they are all fairly recent:

An absolutely beautiful tune from Disco Elysium. Catchy, fun, atmospheric but also sad, like the game itself. Somehow manages to feel both optimistic and depressed at the same time. Brings back fond memories of hanging out in the dingy cafe talking to dock workers on strike who don't trust me at all.

A great, peaceful little number which I feel encapsulates the epic but personal feeling of the Mass Effect series. Pure, perfect sci-fi.

Listen to this with headphones and loud. It's proper "shit is kicking off" game music. When this hits in the game you know you're in fucking trouble. 

What are some of your faves?

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21 minutes ago, gmoney said:

Someone in the comments sums this up well "This song is unnecessarily well made."

".... and Ariston...."

Meanwhile, this is what world-building music feels like.


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There's too many to name, I'd be here all day. The menu music in Halo 2 will always stick with me from the first time I booted it up. The scores that run through Elder Scrolls as you're exploring. The opening theme to Metal Gear Solid 2. 

If I'm going for one that sums up my love of video games and how they had such a profound effect on my imagination, though, it would need to be:

Ain't nothing coming close to that. Although I did have Man With The Machine Gun from VIII as my ringtone years ago, prompting my dad to ask once "You're not into that Ibiza shit now are you?" and me explaining that it was from a JRPG. 

I've always loved video game music, but like you I've found myself listening to it more lately than 'proper music'. Try though I might, my love of music has been intrinsically been tied up with seeing it live, so without that element of it my interest has flagged over lockdowns with video games taking its place. 

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I know Super Mario 2 is a knock off and not a real Mario game but I love the dreamy simplicity of the end theme.

This one is probably the song I associate most with my childhood. Endless hours exploring every nook and cranny of that castle. It really captures that feeling of childlike wonder.

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