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Good and bad titantrons.

The Gaffer

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So as a divergence from the set thread, that got me to thinking how titantron videos don't really exist anymore.

For awhile they just done away with them completely for most wrestlers, in favour of rubbish 3D graphics and title cards of their logo. I think with WWE there's a mix now again but the videos aren't really memorable anymore and get updated probably every week or so. 

Back in the day (shakes fist) titantrons were always memorable to me, though. One of the best parts of the first two Smackdown games was just getting to watch them full screen. It stood out when someone had a new one. First one I remember changing was Dean Malenko getting the Bond gimmick in 2000:

That's better than anything in wrestling these days. Anything that flashes character attributes up on screen like that is a winner. 


Vince's 2003 one from when his character turned from Evil Corporate Mogul to Genuinely Sick Man is great, too:

Always liked the sheer preposterousness of this, and the little manga McMahon.  


What say you? There's plenty of good and bad out there. Though WCW probably won't get as much of a look in here. They had bizarre on-the-night videos depending on the show. Starrcade 1998 had the wrestler's names sharpied on bits of carboard floating around a static background. 

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a long-time favourite of mine in the Gregory Helms/David Flair school of Titantrons, from Big Boss Man's comeback as a short-term lackey for Booker T;


Hit with chair, adjust tie, get a sweat on, repeat.


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14 hours ago, Keith Houchen said:

This wouldn’t look out of place in Hollywood. The cinematography made me think Roger Deakins had joined Titan Towers. 

Also best, anything produced by SMSL TV. 

The look of disappointment on Ric's face is absolutely perfect.

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