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All New Song of the Day (no Levellers)


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15 minutes ago, wordsfromlee said:

Boards of Canada are just too good.


Music Has The Right To Children sits comfortably in my top ten albums of all time.

I once listened to it stoned at about age 17 and became convinced the little kid that is talking on one of the tracks was trying to get in my house and kill me, but apart from that, I love it.

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You have to not mind not understanding the lyrics (it’s Polish) but I love this song. Some of the production makes me think of the tracks that would play in scene transitions during the first act of 80s/early 90s films. It puts me in mind of Tarzan Boy for vibe but with a completely different melody, obviously. It’s become an ear worm that I catch myself humming often. If you like 80s style pop and aren’t one of those weirdos that only listen to male vocals, give it a whirl.


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Air Raid's post inspired me to dig out my old bootleg Russian records from early 2000s St. Petersburg and this from Bi-2 still gets me going:

Edgy, opportunities, the film franchise (Brat & Brat 2) and the best accompanying film sound track I've heard to this day (not just this one). 

This gig 6 or 7 years ago was also pretty awesome. Feels like 100 years ago. 

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