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WWF 2000


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Ok i accept this is sacrilidge as its th best year they ever did but...hear me out

Jan-March - no changes HHH gets over Foley gets an amazing way to say bye bye

April - HHH rock main event at mania Rock over clean Austin does the run in

May - Rock Benoit, i shift the Fullyl oaded match up a month. Exactly the same senario

June- Rock Benoit iron man. Benoit gets it as he was the champ then got it taken away, Foley agrees as hes comish, 3-2 going into last 5 mins taker returns costs benoit as he chokeslams him - Rock goes over 3-3 as he drew and keeps the belt

June - Rock, Benoit, HHH, Jerhicho 4 way, Rock wins

July - SS Rock beats Angle who Won KOTR

August - Rock Beats Angle but due to HHH (Steph storyline)

Sept - Angle beats Rock and HHH due to Steph (who kicked HHH in the balls)

Oct - Austin Returns to fight HBK who admittted he ran him down to give his best friend a leg up. Austin HBK closes with HBK winning after intereference with HHH & Benoit who has been paid off to help "the cliq" Title match Rock looses to Angle DK

Nov - 4 Man elimination HHH, HBK, Benoit and Angle vs Rock, Austin, Jericho and Rikishii, HBK team goes over with Benoit last man standing

Dec -  Angle beats Benoit, Rock and Austin beat HBK and HHH when HBK leaves HHH to the sharks

Jan- Austin wins Rumble. Rock beats Angle. HBK and HHH loose to Kane/Taker with HBK turning face at end and decking HHH

Feb -  Rock beats Angle, Benoit beats Jericho in a ladder match. HBK HHH does to a no contest when HHH tries to run him over

April Mania 17 - Austin over Rock clean, HBK over HHH in a cage, Benoit over taker, Angle over Kane (gives then excuse for tag teams) Jericho defends the IC in an open challenge who turns out to be SCOTTY STIENER who Shane has given a contract to as Vince has made some screw up and not removed Shane from his position after the last WCW nitro. and Scotty batters the crap out of him and wins the IC belt.

May - go with it

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16 minutes ago, Grecian said:

Wasn't HBK also kinda crippled in 2000 and incapable of actually wrestling? 

I think they trying to get him back working in 2000 but it was more his "demons" than any injury holding him back?

He was wrestling around that time in Texas.

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Just now, Grecian said:

One match, apparently. And I'd never heard about it! 

Yeah, against his former tag team partner Paul Diamond (wrestling as Venom) in his own TWA promotion.  The match aired on the Total Impact TV (it's probably on YouTube, I haven't checked) and here's what I wrote about it for a 2000 rewatch project (that took me roughly three years to complete!) on another board.


It’s so weird hearing ‘Sexy Boy’ on a non-WWF show. Michaels is the current TWA champion after Justin Credible had defeated Venom and then gave the belt to HBK. The match quickly spills to the outside where Venom drives Michaels into the guardrails, while the commentator talks about how he has a fused back and that there is a six inch bar with screws holding it together. Venom drops HBK throat first over the barricade and breaks a crutch over his back. After whipping him to the corner, Michaels avoids the charging Venom and wallops him with a trash can lid. He returns the favour with the crutch and then nails him with his cowboy boot which he had taken off. Piledriver on the trash can lid but he doesn’t even think about a cover, instead heading backstage to collect (a pretty small) ladder. He uses it as an offensive weapon before propping it up in the corner and slingshotting Venom into it. Fist drop off the ladder and Michaels then launches his opponent over the top rope to the floor. Chairshot to the head and Venom is busted open. Back inside and a series of punches as he goes to work on that cut. As Venom collapses in the corner, Michaels places the ladder between his legs and a running baseball slide dropkick into it. He rolls to the floor but HBK follows him and crotches him on the guardrail. Venom crawls to the backstage area and just as Michaels is going to level him again with the trash can, he gets in first with a low blow. Trash can across the fused back and apparently somewhere Vincent K. McMahon is cringing in agony for his once great superstar! Venom stacks up two tables, one on top the other, and goes to hiptoss Michaels off the stage through them, however HBK blocks it and hiptosses Venom through them. Michaels returns to ringside, seemingly looking for something, and a dazed Venom heads after him. HBK grabs a table from underneath the ring, although in the meantime the camera catched Venom emptying a packet of salt into his hand. He tosses the salt in Michaels’ face and nails him a couple of times with the kendo stick opening him up. Venom then handcuffs HBK to the top rope and starts wearing out the kendo stick on him. Shooter Schultz is out for the save and goes to T-Bone suplex Venom through a table he’d just set up but it doesn’t break. Attempt number two and the same outcome! He changes tact and tries to powerbomb him through the table instead and still it doesn’t break! Shooter uncuffs Michaels, HBK with a powerslam through the tables and a superkick for the win, with which he also regains control of the company.

I liked the majority of this a lot and the commentator did a good job in getting over what a bad state Michaels’ bad is in. How it’s fused and held together with screws, and how with one wrong bump be might not even be able to throw a football with his recently born child. I thought the pacing and psychology were spot on and it’s a nice change from some of the other weapon matches we’ve watched in this project. Where this went downhill was after Venom’s bump off the stage through the tables. Why did Michaels just leave him to return to the ring? Venom was up far too quickly and then after this almighty bump we then have him getting the heat on HBK. Less said about Schultz’s run-in the better and how on earth did he have a key for the handcuffs? Personally I’d have altered the structure slightly, had the heat section earlier (and not involving handcuffs) and the stage bump being the climax (scrapping Schultz’s involvement together). That final few minutes puts it a tad below the tag match for the month.


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Scott Steiner was in bed for most of 2001 after the final Nitro. His foot stopped working.

Which I always found interesting. Steiner's foot gave out prior to the final Nitro. So if Bischoff had bought it, there'd have been no Scott Steiner for most of the year.

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