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  1. Man I love Trevor Murdoch! Big belly bastard who wants to fight. And his opponent Ricky Starks was very charismatic in his post fight interview. I want some Tony Falk waffles! Another solid show! Everyone on the show looks like they are having fun and it's quite contagious as a viewer.
  2. Watched the live stream of Powerrr last night and have to say it was the best wrestling show I've seen in years. For real this is better than any WWE show in the past few years and better than last weeks AEW Dynamite. It was just fun to watch, the production was on point, the match lengths were how they should be and the interviews throughout were brilliantly done. It had that anything can happen feel to it and I loved it. I didn't even know who Tim Storm was but really wanted him to win. Plus Jim Cornette was brilliant.
  3. I saw a video with Fury saying he will be on Raw this Monday. So I guess he's also getting a big Saudi paycheck soon
  4. Vince McMahon and Paul E. Dangerously in the mid 90's would have been good. I know Paul joined in on commentary with Vince and King for the Ecw Raw episode but more a full time thing with just Vince. Maybe on Shotgun Saturday Night when they held it in around New York in 97.
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