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  1. Wow that was pathetic. Should have left it with him riding his bike into the unknown. He's never going away anyway, he will be back with Ted Dibiase and Sgt Slaughter at the next reunion show. Not a single fan in sight in the arena but he couldnt speak becuase all those fans not in attendance wouldnt let him talk. It just made him look silly. Plus why the fuck was Savio Vega, Foley etc even there? They could have atleast had them clapping him on from ringside like lumberjacks just so they did something instead of just hugging themselves. One other touch they could have done was have
  2. That's Booker between Savio and Undertaker. They probably felt bad asking him to get out the BSK shot haha.
  3. I think this is the real retirement. He's been all over the media this past week talking about his farewell on sunday. You can even see it in his face in all his interviews that he knows its over now and is at peace with it. He also has all the living members of BSK apart of his big day. (It's funny that back in 95 I always thought Undertaker's Survivor Series team was abit random as I didnt know they were all his real life best friends). Its the perfect ending with it being 30 years to the day he debuted on tv 22/11/90 - 22/11/20.
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