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  1. Ricky Starks reminds me of a very young Rock when he was Flex Kavana from all the memphis footage I've seen.
  2. British Bulldog returning in 99 and defeating Big Boss Man for the hardcore belt
  3. That is mad, I remember when Rock had his first child in 2001 like it was yesterday. Time goes so fast.
  4. I agree. For me late 1996 - March 1999 was the greatest era after the golden late 80s/early 90s. 97 and 98 was so good
  5. I knew something was up last week when they didnt have "Into The Fire" start or end the show. It's a shame because I've never even heard "Into the Fire" before NWA Powerrr but it became a huge reason why I carried on watched. This new Pantera song does not fit in with how the show presents itself plus whoever edited the new intro video didnt really do a good job.
  6. That was great when Murdoch said he had a question and Steven's pointed at Question mark and said "So Do I". Loved that segment. Only thing that was missing from this episode was the Into The Fire intro and outro. I hope they havent stopped using it.
  7. I don't think Stu Bennett has been replaced. He is an addition to the broadcast team.
  8. I just came to post that about the new broadcast member! This is unbelievable!!!
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