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  1. Survivor Series 94 was live and so was Royal Rumble 95, Wrestlemania 11, KOR 95 and Survivor Series 95. Everything remained live till Survivor Series 96
  2. I think they may have come up with the slogan "Big Time" for that year and maybe looked for songs with that in its title. I doubt they thought of the song first and slogan after.
  3. Can you imagine Gorilla Monsoon screaming "This is a Wrestlemania moment" during Macho Man and Elizabeth reuniting or Hulk slamming Andre. They become moments automatically if they mean something. But when they keep saying it like they have for the past 20 years then the moment does not feel like a genuine one.
  4. I legit had fun watching all of Bastion Booger's matches. I also loved Undertaker vs Giant Gonzeles at Wrestlemania 9. That match is quite iconic for me
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