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2020 - The Good Shit

Kaz Hayashi

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Fuck wars, politics and arguments. Let’s have a thread about the nicer stuff going on in our meaningless lives, throughout the 2020.

I left my job in December. After working in the mental health/education support sector for 12 years, it was time for a bit of a change. I was sick of the bureaucracy, money focus & red tape now associated to learning support in further education. My job was at one point, all about proactive engagement with learners and preventing crisis before it happened. It turned in to the amount of money attached to learners, how much could be retrieved from local authorities and a fuck load of data entry, leaving only time for reactionary crisis intervention, rather than a proactive (before a crisis) approach. Not good, and a common trend at present.

Anyway, I started my new job this week. I’ll be co-leading craft/wood workshops for a housing charity, giving its tenants (all previously homeless, street workers, ex-offenders) the chance to take part in short & free 10 week courses. The aim is purely to provide enrichment activities for isolated folk, to develop practical & communication skills, to work effectively in groups and to hopefully create the start of pathway back in to education or employment. 

I’m so happy. After 2 days of working for them, I’m so stupidly giddy and optimistic. I met my new team mate, a 60 year old diamond who is a real master craftsman and has been making ornate wooden artwork for 40 years. He also makes ice sculpture commissions of footballers, for said footballers, as you do.

Our first task has been to sort out our new office and workshop. Loads of machines, tools and wood to go through, but it’s been great. Really can’t wait to craic on. While he’ll be leading the practical sessions, I’ll be overseeing recruitment and engagement, but will still be crafting with everyone. The pics are essentially my new office. Dream jobs do exist. 




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1 minute ago, Keith Houchen said:

Stopped off at Sandbach services on the way home and had a real ace dump that had been brewing for a few hours. Fucking lovely. 

4 posts in and the threads down the shitter, good old UKFF

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12 minutes ago, Tommy! said:

Is there a photo of a big wooden arsehole you've missed that should go between these two to complete the narrative?

Rule 34a: if it can be goatse-ed, it will be goatse-ed.


wooden goatse.jpg

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I'm off for surgery in Feb that's totally life changing, pre op is next week. But scared, but waited so very long to get here ❤️

Aside from that, I'm also dead chuffed that a role I started last year now covers the entirity of Lancashire and beyond. There are only 4 of us in the country that do the same job and I'm immensely proud of how far its come. We got mentioned on the BBC last week too. Helped hundreds of people, their friends, families and significant others and now leading a few organisations across the country on related subjects. Immensely proud of that and hopefully once back in the land of the living in May, get to develop that further. 

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Got promoted into a management role at work this year which was a real step up and personal acknowledgement of the hard work I've put in over the last 6 years in 2 different companies. Also passed the second module of my diploma with only the last bit to finish off this year which is going well so far. Hopefully got a bit of break as we move cities later this year and can do some travelling and kick back a bit. 

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I love this thread. 

I've been going on about this in the Music Project thread but I feel like I can chuck in a positive contribution here too, since I'm fairly proud of this. 

I knocked the hooch on the head last October and decided to use the money to build a little wee home studio as a hobby. So here's a window into what my 2020 recreational time looks like! 


Still awaiting a sweet reverb pedal for the Korg, and an small mixer to tie it all together. 


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