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WWE Euro tour Nov 2019


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UK TV Tapings are Fri Nov 8th- SD live Manchester Arena and Mon 11th Nov WWE Raw Hydro Glasgow 

With SD moving too Friday nights is it possible the whole touring schedule will be changed as regards Europe ??. Will they Travel Europe separately with SD starting there tour earlier than Raw ??. They normally go on tour 2 days after the respective US TV taping 

The Raw brand have a Dublin date on Weds 6th Nov (might be the beginning of there tour ?). I'm hoping too head too the Manchester tapings on the 8th Nov. Too much hassle trying too do TV tapings in 2 different cities esp with me travelling from Ireland. Glasgow tapings would be ruled out for me if I'd be seeing some of the Raw guys in Dublin 


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Thank's I though so but with the day changes then it's pretty confusing. Would make sense that if it's live that's WWE's night. But it's not, it's still tapped even if only by a few hours. Looks like gone are the days of the back to back show takings, which for attendance is a much more sensible thing. I've seen the MEN almost sell out a Smackdown house show when that was the only date they got. Last year with both the RAW and Smackdown takings, Smackdown was poorly attended and the upper tier closed. Plenty of seats next to the hard cam didn't get sold, 114 & 115 etc.

Times may have changed but they we're touring Hull around the same time the 'Sold Out' the old Wembley.

Just out of interest, I'm guessing these are bought shows, but how big is Minehead? They seem to tour there frequently.

I only write on here on my phone, so it's done by that self changing predictive text. Which is more than frustrating. When I'm in a rush and don't read back through what I've wrote, then mistakes easily slip through the cracks.

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The thing is WWE could quite easily sell out both nights at the MEN but the ticket prices are ridiculously high you can understand why no one bothers with Smackdown. I suppose WWE know what they are doing with ticket pricing as those that do go at a higher price probably make up for the empty seats. 

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