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  1. Went to see Toy Story 4 yesterday. It is a superb ending to the series (if it really is the last one - which it should be) and definitely overcomes the worry that it was a cynical cash-in. It is the most understated entry in the series and I have read reviews saying that it feels like an epilogue. I don't think that's a bad thing and I would agree with that. A really funny, warm and actually quite sophisticated film. I think Toy Story 4 will become gradually more appreciated over time. It's not the immediate mind-blowing experience that 3 was, but I think people will reflect on it and realise its true greatness as the years pass.
  2. This, a million times over. Rollins is a weasel-faced arse (or is that aN arse-faced weasel?) and is completely unrelatable as a top babyface. Don't even get me started on Becky Lynch - the silly season that ensued when certain pockets of fans fantasy booked her before WrestleMania lives long in the memory. Beating up R-Truth at #30 to win the Men's Rumble, tapping out Ronda clean at Mania then beating Austin in Saudi Arabia seems perfectly plausible to some of these nutters. "Unappealing" is the best description of both of them I can think of.
  3. Has she been daughter? If not, I don't know if Marty will be interested.
  4. There have been some fine header merchants over the years. Jan Koller was good for a power header. The best kind of headed goals are the ones where the attacker arrives from deep off-camera. Henrik Larsson was also immense in the air. He was relatively short but seemed to hover mid-air when he leapt.
  5. Is that you, Hastings? Don't you have any real police work to do today?
  6. Regardless of how discussion relating to the dangers of the piledriver will progress: anyone who derives enjoyment from watching a grown man bash about a 15 year old girl, pre-determined or otherwise, is worth the watching.
  7. I'm the polar opposite. I don't find it sad at all. I am far from Flair's biggest fan, but I admire a 70+ year old man telling medical science to get straight to fuck. I never particularly enjoyed his gimmick to begin with, but I think the older he gets, I can't help but be amazed by his "I'LL NEVER CHANGE!!!! WOOOO!!!" attitude. He's lived his life - he's finished and past it. Allow him to delude himself into still believing he is the man.
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