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Songs About Wrestling Or Wrestlers


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I know there is the Ric Flair Drip song but I have just come across this

So I wondered if anyone knew any more songs about wrestling or particular wrestlers? I know Luke Haines did an entire concept album about World Of Sport (Not you Mr Shane) that included this:

The whole album is bonkers, but then again so is the subject. 


So any more that anyone can add to the mix?

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Two random album tracks I've listened to this year reference wrestlers.

SUMO/ZUMO by Denzel Curry:

# Anybody wanna B.E.T?
Man y'all n*ggas can't see me
Out of my league, you Pee-Wee
Pockets too big - Rikishi. #

And FIVE FIVE by Pouya:

# Rappers been mumbling, talking bout nothing
They got the kids stumbling off the xannies
Now killin' themselves so slowly
And I feel like Mick Foley
When I'm in your bitch raw, can't hold me back
I'm feeling myself, still rocking a shoelace for a belt. #

Please feel free to interpret these lyrics as you wish... :/ 

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As well as Luke Haines' whole album about World of Sport, his song Leeds United has the line, "the Devil came to Yorkshire in the Silver Jubilee/it could be Kendo Nagasaki, Jimmy Saville or The Queen".

Half Man Half Biscuit also have a song with the line, "I can put a tennis racket up against my face and pretend that I am Kendo Nagasaki”

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9 hours ago, Mr Butternut Squash said:

Mountain Goats did a concept album about the wrasslin' a couple of years back. They're indie folk band if you're into that sort of thing.


Might as well end the thread here. 'The Legend of Chavo Guerrero' is up there with 'No Children' as the Mountain Goat's best song. Really really great stuff.

Also, 'Daniel Bryan Danielson' is a legit good punk song from Cheap Pop that's well worth the quick run time.


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I've done a weekly show on this on London's Resonance 104.4 FM for the past couple of years, The Atomic Drop FKA Kayfabe Radio

It's on Friday's at 5pm

There's an absolute shedload of songs about wrestlers and wrestling.....



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