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Hell in a Cell review-a-match signup thread


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As king of the review thread @HarmonicGenerator points out, Hell in a Cell is next week. To get you in the mood, let's have one of those put-your-name-down-and-write-a-review thread eh?

Signup below and once we have enough (or thereabouts) I'll crank up the random wheel of justice to dish out the matches. Put your names here by Sunday evening, then I'll give out matches. Get them back ASAP and I'll start to post them next week at some point. Hopefully next Sunday if there's enough in.

Some quick HIAC match stats:

  • There have been 38 Hell in a Cell matches. One has not been shown that I could find; a Raw dark match between John Cena, Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger in September 2011.
  • The Undertaker has the most appearances with 14 so it's quite likely your review will feature him. Unsurprisingly he has the most victories with 8. Triple H is a little behind with 6 victories over 9 appearances. Despite 4 appearances, Foley has never won a single one.
  • By far the most used format is the singles match.


  • And this will come as no surprise but we get more Cell stipulation matches as time marches on.


  • Want to win over Meltzer? Put in the hours. There's a direct correlation between match rating and length.


  • Speaking of ratings, Hell in a Cell matches are generally well-received at WON Towers. They have a median rating of 3.75 snowflakes. Not bad considering Kennel from Hell is in there with a juicy rating of DUD.


That should've whetted your appetite. Get signing up!

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