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Fatty Facesitter

UKFF Fantasy Booking Classic 2018

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While that's a shame, I'll still get my entry up, hopefully tonight while I'm at work, if not first thing in the morning. Really excited to write mine up.

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I don't think I'm going to get mine in either. Started writing but real life has got majorly in the way and need to put my attention towards that.

Abridged version of my King Of The Ring booking ,incase anybody was interested, was to have seeded picks from Raw and Smackdown and GM pick wildcards. Pete Dunne argues that as a current champion with the longest reign he should be NXT's pick but Regal goes with a six man ladder match to determine NXT's entrant instead. Dunne wins it and beats down Regal. Triple H has had enough of Dunne's shitand allows him to be NXT's entrant but also pulls some strings to get a Regal in to the tournament as a wildcard.

PPV- Ziggler gets to the semi final after using Galloway to cheat during matches when the refs back is turned, including turning on Strowman. Tries to use the same tactic against Rollins in the semi but gets outsmarted, takes out both Ziggler and Drew and progresses to the final. Dunne faces Regal in the quarters of the second bracket, wins and tries to beat Regal down post match but gets a brass knuckle to the face post match. Wins his semi final. Rollins versus Dunne in the final, Dunne wins. Proceeds to be even more of a prick for 12 months.

I'd also started on another feud between Owens and Goldust that starts a couple of weeks before the PPV but fuck knows where I was going with that.

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Thanks @TildeGuy~!, @cobra_gordo and @LaGoosh for your notice of withdrawals - We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours. 

By my count I'm just waiting on entries from the below - let me know if I've missed you by accident! 

  • @Shy Dad¬†(Your opponent withdrew, so as long as you don't withdraw and you submit something you are essentially through)
  • @Wrasslin¬†(Opponent has submitted)
  • @Glenryck Pilchards¬†(First reserve after TildeGuy pulled out)
  • @air_raid¬†¬†(Your opponent withdrew, Pilchards is first reserve.¬†
What chance of getting your entries in by tomorrow chaps? Let me know the score.
In other news - We now have our anonymous five-man panel so the judging is ready to begin. For matches where both posters have submitted I'll start conversing with the panel now and we should hopefully be able to post the results and the second round draw in the next couple of days. 


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