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2018 Post of the Year Thread

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12 hours ago, Rey_Piste said:

Wand showing why he is one of my favourite posters in the MMA forum with a history of the UFC's middleweight division.


I just came in here to post the same thing. +1 for Wand's efforts for always increasing interest and driving discussion in the MMA threads. This by itself was a fantastic read, and must have taken an incredible amount of time, but it was also the latest in a continual string of brilliantly informative, fun reads, that Wand goes to the trouble of writing up for every UFC card. 

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Guy's post from the Awkward Social Situations thread is exactly the sort of thing that I was hoping for when I started it: 

36 minutes ago, Guy Bifkin said:

Well remembered Keith!

Yes about 15 years ago I went to a work colleague’s Halloween party dressed as the Yorkshire Ripper. A controversial choice given that I work in possibly the most liberal, pussified workplace you could imagine (people in the office openly wept the morning of Brexit). However, I wasn’t quite prepared for the shitstorm it would create as it turned out the host of the party was the niece of one of Sutcliffe’s victims. I was basically asked to leave, Larry David style and forced to wander the streets in flares, afro wig and painted on goatee.

Funnily enough I’m going to the very same person’s leaving do next Friday – maybe I should dig out the outfit for old time’s sake?


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That and Frankie's story are both amazing. +1

Great thread, that. Wish I could remember something better to share than calling a teacher mum but I think I've successfully repressed those memories, it seems.

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54 minutes ago, chokeout said:


Rocky (1976)


Rocky 2 (1979)


Rocky 3 (1982)


Rocky 4 (1985)


Creed (2015)

Wrong Screenshots was one of my favourite threads last year, and it may end up being the same this year. This from chokeout:

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