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Las Vegas let Mayweather have a fight before putting him in jail (granted that was the criminal courts but the Athletic Commission won't want to chase away the money he brings in), no way do they ban him for any length of time, 3 months back dated to Friday, means he can fight in Vegas in March I'm guessing.

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Yeah, that does nothing for me. There's so many fights I'd like to see Nate in. That's not one of them. 

Wait a minute, I'm assuming that's a title shot? How are they gong to spin that one? He's been gone about 18 months and his last fight was a loss, at 170. Now he gets a title shot at 170? It'd have been enough of a stretch if they'd given him a shot at McGregor at 155 but at least you can see the logic there. As much as Nate wouldn't deserve it he has that history with McGregor and it'd be a huge trilogy decider. Nate and Woodley have no history at all and I can't see it being a big PPV seller really. So I don't get the UFC's motivation behind this. If it's true that is. 

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Conor has apoligised. To everyone other than Marc Goddard and the guy he slapped.

"I sincerely apologize for my behavior at last weekends fight event in Dublin. While trying to support a loyal teammate and friend, I let my emotions get the best of me and acted out of line. As a multiple weight UFC champion, executive producer, role model and public figure, I must hold myself to a higher standard. 
The referee Marc Godard was making a horrendous decision in trying to pick an unconscious fighter up off the floor and force the fight to continue into the second round. Even against the wishes of the said fighters coach. The fight was over. 
After witnessing my fighter in a fight where the worst happened and the opponent passed away from his injuries on the night, I thought the worst was about to happen again, and I lost it and over reacted. I am sorry to everyone. 
I sincerely apologize to the Director of the Mohegan Tribe Department of Athletic Regulation, Mike Mazzulli, all the officials and staff working the event, Andy Ryan and his fighter John, two stonch ones that put up a great fight every time. That side will always have my respect, and lastly every one of my fans. I love yous all! 
I’ve always learned from my mistakes and this will be no different."


Anderson Silva has released a statement where he doesn't say sorry for anything.

"Obvously I think everything is part of a process of evolution. With each passing day, I can learn more about who I am. I’m here to thank all my fans, especially my coaches and all the contributors for this long journey. I can’t express my feelings and how sad I am, because we all invest love, passion and time in this camp. I don’t know exactly the plans of God for me. But anyway, I can only thank him and all of you for the love and affection. Nothing is more gratifying at this moment than having you by my side. I will not give up, much less stop doing what I love. Not because of fame or money, it’s because I love to fight. So no matter what happens from now on, nothing changes. My plans are the same. Nothing has changed. A big kiss for everyone and see you soon."

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Woodley is meant to have said recently, on one of those UFC Tonight shows on FOX, that there is a chance that he'll be fighting before the year is out. He must have been the fall back option for UFC 219, behind Holm/Cyborg and McGregor/Ferguson.

Woodley/Nate being the rumoured direction is a huge surprise though. If they were going to announce Woodley on short notice for a title fight, with most of the division currently tied up, I'd have thought they would have just went with Covington for simplicity. 

Really, if it's not a WW title fight, they have no title holders ready for December 30th:

Stipe: Out indefinitely, no challengers until Ngannou/'Reem is sorted.

DC: Appears penciled in for January

GSP/Whittaker: GSP only just fought, Whitaker is still injured/likely fighting in February.

WW: Woodley - How's the shoulder?

McGregor: Too many millions currently

Ferguson: Waiting on McGregor

Holloway: Fighting at 218

Dillashaw: Only just fought

DJ: Waiting on either the winner of Cejudo/Pettis next month or else TJ.

Cyborg/Nunes: Holly Holm is the only option for both of these and I'd imagine she knows it. Holm could be trying to leverage a better deal out of that situation.

Namajunas: again, she only just fought and I would think she will be waiting until the spring to do a part II with JJ. 

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Looking at it from a wider perspective, I guess it makes sense: UFC want a title fight for their end of year show, as WeeAl mentioned, and I guess they want to make sure it "moves the needle" as much as possible - given that the Diaz Bros. are the only people available who are perceived as being able to do that with not much build-up, I can see the thought process.

"Shit. We need a NYE title fight."

"Only one available's Woodley."

"OK, so - Covington?"

"You kidding? We want people to stay up past midnight. Got to have something more exciting than that."

"Well, Lawler's already booked, Wonderboy was a dud, and Cerrone just got his head taken off."

"Oh, fuck it - just stick Nate in there, we'll get some draws that way."


It's ridiculous, as Diaz should be nowhere near that, but I can see how this situation has led to this.


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yeh, this may simply be a case of them needing a big main event for New Year's Eve. I'd be more than happy with Woodley/Covington, but if the UFC want to hold up the tradition of hitting the New Year with a marquee fight the Covington fight ain't it.

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The Conor stuff is so depressing. This time last year I was still a huge fan after the big Alvarez win. I think he is acting like a total wanker now. Just a nasty, bullying, dickhead who thinks he owns the world.

How much of what's coming out rumour wise is true I doubt we will ever know. It does seem true he has got some very dodgy people in his inner circle of friends. He has posted pictures of himself of Instagram happily hanging out with Irish gangsters. It seems he has now lamped the wrong person at the wrong time.

Reading the MMA Reddit led to the Ireland Reddit discussing what supposedly happened and how he acts in Dublin. Its grim reading if your a fan. A far cry from the funny likeable guy who was obsessed with Martial Arts and training a few years back. 


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Aye. I try and avoid Reddit as a rule, but there's a lot of interesting stuff on it regarding Conor today

For anyone who wants a read/listen, click the links below. The first link is the thread in its entirety. The other three are the most scandalous bits about the bar incident (the txt message is hard to read). There's more in the thread about his past and girlfriend; but some of it could be bollocks.  

- https://www.reddit.com/r/ireland/comments/7fz3ef/conor_mcgregor_supposedly_in_a_fight_in_dublin/

- https://www.reddit.com/r/ireland/comments/7fz3ef/conor_mcgregor_supposedly_in_a_fight_in_dublin/dqfgzyo/

- https://imgur.com/hRt6jeh

- https://instaud.io/1u2m



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