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  1. the_mole

    TN-EH? Discussion Thread.

    Eddie Kingston is at least half Puerto Rican, so is fine in LAX, they have done a great job building up Slammiversary, all of the matches have a reason to happen and Impact's a breeze to sit through but I'm not paying for it as I'm too cheap but hope it sells well.
  2. Pretty shitty for Rory, unless they make all GP fights 5 rounders. They could easily do that though, they've had the HW gp headline 4 separate events, I know why they didn't do 5 rounds there as most of those fights you probably wouldn't want to watch 25 minutes of it.
  3. the_mole

    Other MMA Show Discussion

    Money laundering most likely from ACB, the UFC being involved with M1 before other perhaps richer competitors probably is surprising but M1 doesn't have links to dodgy oligarchs, the FNG one (Khabibs mate) is in jail for tax evasion right now and as much as he probably hurt Fedor joining the UFC, Vadim doesn't have public links to these guys.
  4. the_mole

    Other MMA Show Discussion

    ACB have cancelled there last 3 shows, so they could be in trouble & Vadim & M1 are finally working with the UFC, they will be basically a talent scout for them in Eastern Europe & M1 champions will be free to join the UFC. So big changes in Russian MMA.
  5. Apparently Neiman Gracie Vs Jon Fitch & Ed Ruth Vs Yaroslav Amosav will be fighting to get into the tournament as 3 of them are pretty unknown & Jon Fitch is quite boring, Ruth & Fitch probably win.
  6. the_mole

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    The UFC might give Brock special treatment with USADA (he still has to serve his suspension & pass the tests) but Nick Diaz currently has a domestic violence case that he needs to face, before even thinking of fighting. If the women drops the charges, he gets off on a technicality or he is found innocent, the UFC will bring him in no question if he wants to fight someone, hell they may even give him Woodley or someone he probably shouldn't be fighting but he won't come back before then.
  7. the_mole

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Probably got tired of chocking out women, Yoel Romero has did the same and that would be a better match up, in the case of Diaz, DC is stronger than everyone he's fought and nick loses to wrestlers, so why fight someone 20-50lbs above what he's ever fought and then expect different results? plus he needs to win his domestic violence case before anyone let's him back.
  8. the_mole

    UFC 226: Miocic vs Cormier

    Spot on, Dana's job is to promote the UFC, not a singular fighter, all their top fighters haven't fought in 2_years but they still get big TV deals. Conor hasn't fought MMA since November 2016, Rousey retired around the same time, Brock went back to the WWE, the Diaz brothers are not fighting (and ones going to court for domestic violence? Jones & Anderson are suspended and GSP has fought once in 5 years. They can't put anyone above the brand, this isn't Boxing were a promoter will try and protect his star(as he's usually only one fighters promoter) The brand counts for more, ESPN knew Conor or any top in their prime star isn't fighting on ESPN, unless he loses a few fights and drawing ability goes down. The only thing constant is the UFC brand and yes bigger stars help and in 3 years we are probably talking about new stars but who knows. Nganno did shit the bed too, wasn't it the least amount of strikes in a UFC fight and his opponent apologized and mentioned having a sore back. He probably needs to go to a top 5 camp, Mike Perry looked really improved and much improved just by moving to Jackson-Winks camp.
  9. the_mole

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    He wanted VADA, basically only done a few boxing and MMA fights, (Rory Vs BJ was under VADA testing) I think Hendricks wanted USADA, some nonsense. WADA don't test anyone, they give out rules and the world is meant to comply, USADA & VADA are testing agencies, who bring the testing to WADA approved labs. Their are certain testing agencies from every country but USADA has probably the biggest worldwide testing and the Russian version RUSDA basically allowed cheating for their athletes, there's a Netflix documentary (Icarius) about it, the guys on the run from the Russians for exposing them and basically showed how easy it would be to cheat, like Lance Armstrong in cycling.