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  1. the_mole

    Vince has BritWres in his pocket.

    Didn't seem to hurt that El Generico bloke on the main roster.
  2. the_mole

    Tank Abbott - a fine man, going through a rough time.

    Hopefully the lads from 3 count were there for the first dance.
  3. the_mole

    BT Sport loses UFC rights

    I don't know the BT Box Office numbers for Canelo Vs Triple G 2 or Fury Vs Wilder but I had many people asking me how much Khabib Vs Conor was, I told them free if you have BT Sports and they didn't believe me, who knows if they would have bought it but it certainly had a big time buzz, probably more that the Canelo fight and these were mostly casual Boxing or Combat sports fans.
  4. the_mole

    Dave Meltzer

    Wasn't Yoko banned by the New York Athletic Commission for being so overweight in 97, think I remember Power Slam saying that, probably why they were so quick to say it's fake but obviously New York would look bad if a 600lb man died at say Madison Square Garden.
  5. the_mole

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Why would Dana hate Jimmy Smith? he's not as good as Joe Rogan and probably did better in Bellator but he's not exactly known for doing anything outlandish or saying anything that would get anybody mad at him. He's not a robot repeating the same shit, who clearly has had his day like in Mike Goldberg.
  6. the_mole

    BT Sport loses UFC rights

    I have BT with my broadband but BT seem to be cutting back on sports rights, they let Series A & NBA leave already, SPFL next year or two is going exclusive to Sky and they have lower tier premier league games in the next TV deal and I wonder if they can hold on to the champions league, those are still a year or two away though. ITV just signed PBC boxing to an exclusive contract I don't know if they would have the space to run both, as they sometimes go head to head I wouldn't mind it on there or even Sky Sports. I think any way they will have occasional PPVs, be it Sky, BT or ITV, probably not every month though.
  7. the_mole

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Charlotte Flair is a great women's wrestler, can do most styles, strong athletic etc, I would say she works well in most gimmick matches I've seen her in, maybe her dad got her in the door but she's very well rounded, can talk, not to Becky or Alexa levels and wrestle, Banks & Asuka are probably better and I'm glad they are embracing the booes, she's a better heel. I would say she would be a good leader of a faction but Becky doesn't need her and Bailey doesn't suit what should be a heel group.if they want to do that silly 4 horsewomen thing.
  8. the_mole

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Exactly, I've no idea the DVR ratings, Hulu, YouTube etc, USA Network & Fox didn't pay a fortune for nothing, even these numbers are bigger than almost all the shows on Cable TV.
  9. the_mole

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    It is that TNT, he sold it to AOL in the 90's which probably killed WCW faster but doesnt line up with WWE who like to pretend, they beat old Ted themselves and Time Warner sold it to AT&T this year. they plan to start a streaming app as well. So in America, outside of sports you will have Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu, then Disney Plus, AT&T (who also own HBO) & Apple all plan streaming services in 2019, we'll probably get Disney Plus, as they are taking all their stuff off Netflix & Amazon.
  10. the_mole

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Fights will be on Bleacher Report Live, these are Asian primetime, so on really early, its another fuckin streaming app, but TNT or whoever are really good with their sports rights, there NBA coverage is the best around and I believe it's similar with MLB on sister channel TBS and they show most of March Madness (NCAA Basketball knockout tournament) which does huge numbers. It will show old events in primetime, a reality show and other shoulder programming. I wonder if they can get on TV live over here, cards air lunch time and I think they mostly run Friday's, so most fans would be working, I had to say I was an adult just to watch the Nature Boy 30 for 30 on BT sports and they programmed it to be on at daytime, it wasn't a live event.
  11. the_mole

    Golden Boy MMA - Chuck vs. Tito III

    Oscar can fight anytime he wants and I do love commas, much more prettier than a full stop. Edited first post for your liking.
  12. the_mole

    Golden Boy MMA - Chuck vs. Tito III

    There's a video from TSN, guy goes hard on De LA Hoya, speaks about PPV buys, mentions 30,000 buys from LA Times. Oscar said they sold most on digital buys. Then guy said Chuck shouldn't have fought, Oscar gives the commission approved it and if Dana didn't like it, he should have paid his fighters more. Interviewer says what about the guys on $1,000, Oscar says those are amateur fighters, Interviewer says amateur means you don't get paid. Oscar then said these are 4 round fighters, I mean 3 round fighters, Interviewer says every fight on the card was 3 round fight https://mobile.twitter.com/aaronbronsteter/status/1072607196175888384?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1072607196175888384&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fs9e.github.io%2Fiframe%2Ftwitter.min.html%231072607196175888384
  13. the_mole

    UFC 231: Holloway vs Ortega

    Shevchenko was just a bit too strong Joanna, the striking was equal I would say but Shevchenko clearly was the better grappler. Holloway was amazing, first two rounds he looked amazing, the third Ortega nearly caught him but to have that know how that your finishing the guy in the next round and doing it was insane, that pressure he put on him in the Fourth most would have looked to get out, but Ortega showed heart but he was done and the ref rightly called it off. Him going to 155 would be great, so many top fights, 2 rematches, Conor & Poirer who both beat him, Khabib, if Conor & Khabib get long suspensions then him Vs Tony Ferguson would be great, hell even Nate Diaz would be a fantastic fight, one where I don't see a Diaz having a cardio advantage, that he usually has. Dana said it is trending well, he's not Conor, or even GSP but I think his fun, slightly punchy charisma can make him a bigger star, he'll playfully talk smack but like Rocky he just seems like a guy you want to get behind. I was worried when I seen his kid there though as I still remember Coleman bringing his kids to the Fedor fight and they watched their dad get butchered and I think Coleman had to explain that Fedor wasn't some bad guy who beat up their dad, he was just an athlete doing his job.
  14. the_mole

    Minor News & Random Shit

    Bloodyelbows Iain Kidd of Glasgow has been rightfully sacked for having and sharing child porn for over 15 years, among other despicable acts, as someone who lives just outside, Glasgow never met the guy or listened to his podcasts (3 amigos, it was called) but he used to do a lot of articles about PED use, USADA, WADA, probably put in Ped and went to stuff about drug cheating, instead of the child & animal shit he was probably looking for. I'm pretty sure he had an article a few weeks back about USADA & whatever drugs someone took should be legal, it's amazing how someone can be up thenselves writing shit like that, knowing you're going to court for something a million times worse and not thinking it would get out. Front Row Brian is taking credit for finding this but clearly someone sent him a link as it was the Evening Times a Glasgow based paper the story was in as I'm sure he's not reading Scottish newspapers for fun.
  15. the_mole

    Dave Meltzer

    Aye just watched 15 minutes of it from when the video is time stamped, Meltzer does look like Kramer when the guy thinks he's retarded, exact same smile, brilliant.