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  1. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    The Japanese card with Bendo-Edgar 1 headlining it started it around that time, well the prelims did. I'm guessing with Australia being so large they have several timezones and if they want to do Western Australia then it has to start early (or be a Fight Pass card) I'm guessing they looked at numbers to see if it would sell before trying it.
  2. TN-EH? Discussion Thread.

    Scott D"Morre apologised to NJPW & Okada for how he was treated in TNA and they have reached out to ROH for talent exchanges as they aren't running weekly, they can let their guys wrestle in Japan, The Indies, Mexico or Europe. It doesn't seem they want exclusive talent and will just work on short term contracts and the guys can wrestle wherever during the months they aren't taping.
  3. UFC Fight Night: Werdum vs Tybura - Nov 18

    He films a video trying to get Werdum in trouble and then calls him a faggot, how dumb is he? Fair enough we are talking about him but I have no desire to see him fight, he was getting out struck by Maia, Woodley would knock him out easily in my opinion and the wrestling would probably just cancel each other out.
  4. Bellator MMA Thread - Bellator 188 (Nov 17th)

    Glory's ratings on Spike were terrible, nobody gives a fuck about them, Bellator are only really going for former UFC, Pride & Strikeforce fighters (but only guys who have headlined cards), they let Volkof (now a UFC top 10 fighter) & Blagoi Ivanov (WSOF Champion) both with good Heavyweight records, leave under Scott Coker and it doesn't look like they even bidded for WSOF champions who all signed for the UFC. They don't even seem to care that their former undefeated champion Vitaly Minakov is just fighting guys in Russia and don't even seem to want him back. They have signed some promising rookies but that just means those guys are fighting on Spike instead of LFA or another regional promotion.
  5. Bellator MMA Thread - Bellator 188 (Nov 17th)

    Lashley isn't fighting even near the top guys even just in Bellator but he comes across as legit in TNA from what I've seen. TNA's schedule is basically shoot several months of TV over say 4 days and every few months put on a PPV, so the schedule would be pretty easy for Lashley, especially when they were filming in Florida and he trains at ATT in Florida as well. Jack Swagger is apparently going to still do a little bit of pro wrestling as well as train MMA, I don't know if it would be a TNA or just the odd Indy booking.
  6. Bellator MMA Thread - Bellator 188 (Nov 17th)

    Rampage is saying that he's fighting Chael Sonnen, he doesn't seem happy as he doesn't want to fight another boring wrestler but that's pretty much all the LHW's said he doesn't want to fight Fedor (said he would foght him or his own Momma for $10 million) as he's his hero but will do if he faces him in the tournament.
  7. Minor News & Random Shit

    Las Vegas let Mayweather have a fight before putting him in jail (granted that was the criminal courts but the Athletic Commission won't want to chase away the money he brings in), no way do they ban him for any length of time, 3 months back dated to Friday, means he can fight in Vegas in March I'm guessing.
  8. UFC Fight Night: Bisping vs Gastelum - Nov 25

    It makes sense he's probably on the biggest base salary in his career but won't be getting PPV points and there's probably no way he can earn more money in MMA be it as a pundit or coach.
  9. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    I don't know how good his grappling is (he did say Maia would be the last WW he would want to fight because of how good he is at grappling), he seems really strong and should get back to his feet if given the chance like in the Cowboy fight but even if Till smashes him, I'm sure we will here about the huge size difference as Till could be a 205er one day and Gunner could probably cut to 155 if he needed too.
  10. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Was in the same year as Cain Velasquez and got to around the same stage (quarter finals) from what I remember reading and former Bellator champion Cole Konrad won that year but he was boring and fat as fuck and packed it in to get a regular job but he did train with Brock Lesner for a while. I'm sure Jim Ross & Jerry Briscoe recruited him, as I think he was at a Oklahoma school and had decent look.
  11. TN-EH? Discussion Thread.

    That and the fact Billy has no arms during the whole thing. I was bored and watched a few NWA videos and they really made the NWA belt and the match between Tim Storm (who I'd never seen) & Nick Aldis seem really important, despite the wrestlers being quite limited and the match not being that great. Him & Dave Lagana maybe should have taken over TNA. Heard Meltzer saying EC3's contract is coming up in a few months and like James Storm he was on a big guaranteed contract that Anthem probably want to cut, if I was WWE he would be a great choice on both NXT & WWE, he has the look, the charisma & he's a pretty good wrestler. I remember seeing him & Drew McIntyre on I think Evolve and him basically bashing NXT, as he had to appear on the one nobody gave a fuck about after Smackdown doing weird stories, not the cooler Indy thing it has become.
  12. UFC 217: Bisping vs St Pierre

    John Danaher said he struggled to keep weight on, he was vomiting daily as his body wasn't used to the extra bulk, he had seen a doctor and was considering pulling out. He was able to walk around at 200lbs but when he did his weight cut he got back up to 191lbs and usually fights around 189lbs for his Welterweight fights. I guess they give up the title now and give it to Whitaker to fight someone in Australia and he fights Woodley at 170, sometime next year.
  13. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Put this here because not a lot of people check the Bellator thread but they are doing a 8 man Heavyweight GP featuring most of their big stars at Heavyweight & Light Heavyweight Fedor Emilianenko, Frank Mir, Roy Nelson, Matt Mitrione, Rampage Jackson, Ryan Bader (LHW Champ), King Mo & Chael Sonnen Not the strongest guys but probably their biggest names The card will be 7 nights spread over a year, so not like Pride GPs and the winner gets the Heavyweight Title.
  14. Smackdown Discussion Thread

    The ratings were up because last week it was Halloween and game 6 of the World Series, which hurt the ratings. Maybe Vince panicked but he should have realised it was a one off low.
  15. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Wonderboy has to go on a long run or hope Woodley loses the belt, he's had two chances and even though one was an exciting draw, I doubt they want to do a third fight. I think they are trying to rush Till along fast as they see him as a big potential star but Wonderboy has the right to say no, just as Woodley has the right to say he isn't fighting a guy he has fought twice and couldn't beat him. Lawler-RDA get the next shot, unless GSP wants it basically.