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  1. UFC 217: Bisping vs St Pierre

    The way Dana sees it, it would only be in a stadium with a roof (because of the potential of rain over here) which basically means Cardiff if they want it in the UK.
  2. The "Jon Jones gone screwed up again" thread

    It's % of body weight in Boxing it goes up as little as 3lbs in the smaller weight classes but 175lb is LHW and 200 is Cruiserweight and Heavyweight doesn't have a limit. 10lbs for someone like DJ is a lot while guys like Jon Jones 10lbs is easy to lose especially just water weight I do think a 165lb title wouldn't hurt as they have 100s of fighters at 155 & 170 just in the UFC (145-170 have the most fighters for a reason and not just in the UFC) because there's more in shape humans in the western world at those weights but 195lb would just destroy half the already weak 205 division. 205 was great in Pride & The UFC when nobody really tested but now they do including the commissions, UFC fighters did get tested but it was usually just before they fought. I do find it hard to believe that no Footballers or Basketballers ever fail yet they spend so much on sports nutrition, it won't make you better with a ball but it will help recovery and fitness
  3. UFC 217: Bisping vs St Pierre

    Same time as usual, they tried going an hour earlier and it bombed, so they went back and fixed it and numbers went back up.
  4. Who is the GOAT?

    GSP is an average size guy. Height wise with a muscular body, DJ is what 5ft. 3 135lbs he's smaller than the majority of the North American public for a man, GSP isn't. The WW a much stronger division than the Flw division, so it should be a lot harder to finish those guys, it's also been around in some form since about 2000 while 125 has been around since 2012 or something.
  5. The "Jon Jones gone screwed up again" thread

    Basically every b sample comes back the same as they take both samples at the same time and unless the lab are retarded then it should be the exactcsame.
  6. The Notorious v Money

    The UK PPV buys are in and it did just over a million, they are saying this is a record but I think Anthony Joshua has been selling more, it did 250,000 more buys than Mayweather-Pac (In the UK). I can see Sky putting in a decent bid when the UFC UK rights come up, granted most people don't sell PPVs like Conor. They might not be bog fans of the sport but they aren't going to give up a potential money earner.
  7. UFC 216: Ferguson vs Lee

    Because he was a company man and probably didn't want to come across as a diva, you could say loads of words before his last name and they would sound dirty or stupid but Johnson is his last name, so he's stuck with that.
  8. Who is the GOAT?

    The Welterweight division has been one of the most stacked divisions in MMA since the early 00's the fact GSP beat all the top guys for about 10 years puts him ahead of DJ. Anderson Silva & Jon Jones both dominated as well, the PED failures hurt their legacy but their opponents were getting the same tests during their prime runs Anderson beat some really good Middleweights most of the time with ease, he also beat Light Heavyweights pretty easy and Jones ran through 5 former champions as well as other dangerous fighters. I would say GSP fought, beat and never failed a test against about a dozen top level fighters. DJ has dominated but his division isn't deep he beat guys who were up and comers and needed more big fight experience, even Ray Borg is only 24 and would probably benefit from a few more top 10 fights. He did beat Benavidez & Dodson twice but that's probably the only guys I would put as top level fighters at flyweight. Anderson is what 41, he always relied on his speep, you can blame steroids but you can't discount his age, in their prime Roy Jones was better than Bernard Hopkins but his reflexes got slower and Hopkins was able to fight at a high level into his mid 40's and RJJ is losing to guys he would embarrass 15 year ago.
  9. UFC 216: Ferguson vs Lee

    Sure but he doesn't even want the name, he wants taking more seriously. If some top fighter was nicknamed shitty pants or something in school, then he wouldn't be expected to keep it, why would one of the best fighters in the world want to be called a school nickname. Red King doesn't really make sense Mighty does.
  10. UFC 216: Ferguson vs Lee

    Besides the copyright, DJ doesn't want to be known as Might Mouse as it's not exactly some killer name and wants to be known as Mighty now (so not a Reebok mistake). I assume Mighty Mouse was a name he got in school and not something he chose like Iceman, Pitbull, Rush or Notorious etc.
  11. TN-EH? Discussion Thread.

    If it's Pro Sieben1/Maxdome then they show loads of sports movies etc basically Netflix with live sports think WWE are on there, so is some Champions league & Bundesliga games NFL etc
  12. UFC 216: Ferguson vs Lee

    People I know call white people monkeys, he called those two steroid pumped white guys monkeys that's probably just something he says, Ireland doesn't have the same race problem and certainly not at the level the US has. Sure he should have picked his words better but some times you say things that sound worse than you meant them.
  13. UFC 216: Ferguson vs Lee

    I don't know about a big massive star but he certainly would appeal to Black Urban Sports fans the way no black fighter has done since Rampage, most of the other guys are soft spoken college guys and it's a market that probably isn't being fully explored.
  14. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Angala Lee who is half South Korean & half Singaporean who grew up in Canada is very marketable in Asia and is the One champion, she's their 110 lb champion as they don't let their fighters do extreme weight cuts, so their divisions have changed since some guy died cutting weight for them, Askren fights at 176lbs for example. The big problem the UFC would have is barely anyone leaves One and most of their champions train at Evolve MMA in Singapore, so the UFC would have to offer big money when she becomes a free agent. Lee is 5ft 4, she's skinny and not that tall but that's less of a deal breaker than it would be for Males. Even some pics of Rousey she has big muscular arms, that isn't very attractive to me anyway.
  15. The Notorious v Money

    USADA are testing this fight Mayweather has used them for some of his later fights, McGregor's still in the UFC testing pool as well and you have to ask USADA for an IV exemption as it can be used as a masking agent, Mayweather took an IV which is banned under WADA rules for the Pacquiaou fight that took place at 147lbs, I don't think he had an exemption as they only give it to guys who have damaged kidneys or something and need the IV, nothing came of this and people have now forgotten, I don't know if Conor has used an IV not from any fights under the UFC and USADA regime.