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  1. WSOF is no more after 2017, they become the Professional Fighters League, which is basically 7 division, they fight for a season, then the fighters with the highest score goes through to the play offs and then finals, with the winner getting $1million I hate shit like this, I don't mind 8 man tournaments but but guys barely fight 3 times a year, your probably looking at 7-8 fights a year. Its has a $10 million budget, with each of the 7 winners getting $1 million and $3 million for the rest of the roster. NBCSN deal is done in. 2017
  2. He'll be on WOS quite a lot I would imagine, and while it would only be in the UK, you don't want over exposure as he could be on freeview TV Friday & Saturday nights.
  3. Carvalho- Manhoef & Dantas-Higo are on five on demand
  4. Carvalho Vs Manhoef & Dantas Vs Hugo are on Five on demand right now
  5. I was making the point Bellator don't sign WSOF fighters and promote them like they are big deals and they shouldn't because most dont care, especially about the younger guys, talent is talent and get it from wherever. Bellator does heavily promote UFC fighters (or Strikeforce, Pride). The UFC rarely does this with anyone because they have most of the top stars and when the real top people return they do promote them, like Ronda, Jones or GSP. He isn't some no name he trains and tries to talk like Conor McGregors, he's a rookie but he's a loud mouth so they are pushing him. I never said Rory MacDonald, he's still elite, promote him and they and make him your big Canadian stae but Koscheck isn't and shouldn't be bigged up because he's lost about 5 in a row very badly, he was good in his day but he's not elite, he shouldn't be fighting in a big league never mind promoted from things he done 5-10 years ago. Spike have ditched PBC and I think they should do the same with their kick boxing league and just concentrate on MMA, especially when it becomes the Paramount Channel.
  6. Marcin Heid if you are really asking, predictive texting and forgot to go back and check
  7. A quick interview should be with someone you employ talking about a new fight coming up or a returning fighter, , its the exact same reason Bellator aren't picking up WSOF guys and doing interviews with them, nobody cares about the number 1_org picking up guys from the number 2 org and if the guys good enough he can make himself a star. Sean Grande who is decent, has to cut the WWE/Pro Wrestling talk, who cares if the building hosted 3 Wrestlemanias, it was also the home of Michael Jordan when he became a legend or King MO is going to be watching Wrestlemania, fair enough a little but not all night.
  8. Why would they do that though, he doesn't have a big name, they signed Will Brooks & Marvin Heir both top 3 fighters in Bellator but the UFC casual crowd don't care, they care when Rhonda comes back or GSP and Conor whenever he comes back. Bellator constantly mentioning the UFC makes themselves look week. Watching the replay and Steve Mungo McMichael is on commentary For the Army guys which was different but not seen him since WCW, so glad he's still alive, still think a 3 man team of Grande, Jimmy Smith & Chael Sonnen is the way to go, maybe Randy Couture when Chaels fighting will watch the last two fights after the Juve game
  9. Hopefully true, I still think Bamma are able to make their arenas look and feel much bigger, even if it's not and its the same arena with the same amount of people, quite weird that.
  10. Mcgregor hardly speaks BBC English and he'd done OK ... Mines is glaswegian so im not slagging him, Every American buying Conors PPVs and watching him on talk shows knows what he's saying, Terry Etim was the same with certain fans asking for subtitles. He also goes on about Hillsborough but after a fight is not when you should bring that up. Even though I don't support any English team I sat amongst Liverpool fans and swapped scarf's with them in Liverpool's first game since Hillsborough and everyone got on well with each other, so I hope they do all get justice.
  11. Nobody outside the UK can understand him, has a shit haircut and he's very annoying and struggled in his last fight. He'll probably always be able to get a pop in Liverpool but Ariel Helwani was talking about buzz and the last person with the same level was Conor McGregor, providing he's good enough at that level, he would have to tone down his accent, up his shit talk a million times to get to that level. Tom Dequoney is much more marketable, good looks, training at a top team Jacksons, exciting style and has the nice guy French accent and is basically a 135/145 GSP. Its just a pity MMA is banned in France with him and Nganno they have future top guys and even in Cage Warriors/BAMMA they have a few French champions
  12. Sonnen Vs Wand in New York in June, apparently a PPV, can't see this doing big numbers, Chael can talk but now he's the boy who cried wolf, I can't see many people paying to see him or Wand in PPV in 2017, it would draw on TV though. Bader & Larkin have signed with Bellator as well.
  13. The GSP fight is apparently being targeted for July. If he wins that then I could see the Romero fight happening around October/November time. Are the UFC coming back to the UK around then? They usually do, don't they? Maybe they can do Bisping's last fight in the UK. If he loses the title to GSP it kills the Romero fight but maybe then it'd open up the door for that Nick Diaz fight. There's a few interesting ways this could go. The UFC are going to Sweden, Scotland, Holland & Poland that's it for 2017, they won't be back to London until next year, they only ran then because it was a PPV card.
  14. Matt Serra does the UFC podcast and does that looking for a fighter thing, pretty sure he's contracted to the UFC.
  15. Maybe it's Raphael Calvacante who won the LHW title from King Mo but then lost every big fight he was in since