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  1. UFC Fight Night: Werdum vs Volkov - Mar 17

    Ponzinnibio makes sense if they can't get Wonderboy but they might want him being Latin American Spanish speaking guy headlining in Chile which is around about the same time as the Liverpool card (its replacing the Irish card right?) Covington would be OK but the boring prick might win then slag off the UK with some shit trash talk.
  2. UFC Fight Night: Werdum vs Volkov - Mar 17

    Yeah Edwards against Gunner Nelson makes sense rather than Till both outside the top 10 and likely on a European card. Volkof looked good, was dominated on the ground but never in serious trouble. There is him Vitali Minakov (undefeated former Bellator champ who fights in Russia with win over Volkof) & Blagoi Ivanov (guy who first beat Fedor in Sambo and only loss coming from Volkof, came back from being stabbed in the heart and is WSOF champion or whatever it's named now) these are all guys from the Bjorn Rebney Bellator era all would be up there in the rankings if given the chance I believe. Manuwa-Blachowicz was great neither are going to get a title shot anytime soon despite 205 being as weak as piss but still good decent fighters but neither should co-main unless it's Blachowwicz on a card in Poland. Tom Dequnoey looked good in parts but didn't seem to have much power in his shots or his opponent wouldn't be able to stand with the amount of leg kicks he took, he always looked good whenever I seen him on BAMMA but that's mainly just British or European guys, don't agree moving up would help, he looked much smaller than his opponent last night at 135, perhaps the weight cut hurt his stamina as they said he mainly trained in France for this fight, who knows though.
  3. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    I don't think he's in any hurry to sign with Bellator, so they might just leave him and that Molly girl in Cage Warriors as he's still young and will get smashed by any of the mid to top tier guys in the UFC, plus it helps Cage Warriors with talent that draws at a local level. The UFC have a new show with the girl who presents Cage Warriors called UFC connected, it's just a magazine type show but it's aimed at the UK & European UFC guys, some background stuff most wouldn't know about. It also has zero GAD, I have a feeling him and the UFC aren't talking anymore, I don't think he's banned he's just not the face of UK MMA he thought he was.
  4. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Speaking of translators, was that Jorge Gurgel (Rich Franklin's best mate TUF 2 alumni and apparently great on the ground but always tried to stand with his opponents despite being pretty shit at striking) doing the Portuguese translations, when did he start doing that job? He was at UFC 222 but it's normally a skinny Brazilian guy who I assume never fought (not that you need to have fought if your just translating)
  5. UFC Fight Night: Werdum vs Volkov - Mar 17

    Wobderboys dad wants him to fight someone higher ranked than Till, he probably won't get a title shot with Woodley still champ but he doesn't need to fight newcomers. Till did say he would like to fight Covington in Brazil but A there's a chance Coby says more stupid things and he actually gets threatened by actual nutters and Covington could bore his way to a decision, Cowboy took Till down for a second and he isn't nearly as big or as good of wrestler as Coby. Till can get over big in Brazil & over here and a win puts him in title contention, more casuals will watch PPVs than Fight Pass events I would have to guess and makes a decent co-main and with his charisma or Covington being annoying they probably have a future contender. As far as the cards hopefully their new US & UK deals mean more European dates with Russia and former Soviet countries, Scandinavia & Poland, they just need to get stars in bigger European countries and the US company shouldn't mind afternoon cards in the US, NBC puts on the Premier League which doubles the MLS ratings and they start at before 6am in the West Coast for the early afternoon games over here. Fox signed that TV deal before Fight Pass launched and they've added 5 weight classes since. I also hear fans moaning the cards are too late in the East Coast and some months its every week, at least with Afternoon cards, they would have occasional late weekends off.
  6. UFC 222: Cyborg vs Kunitskaya

    Probably stays out, I would assume they have big cards in July (Cyborg wants on) & November (25th Anniversary) and Conor seems to want to fight in August (although I doubt Conor wants anybody with PPV% clauses on his undercard)
  7. UFC 222: Cyborg vs Kunitskaya

    UFC's 205 had natural big guys from Tito's reign until Rashad, outside Vitor's little spell. Tito, Randy & Chuck were all legit 6ft 2 and much thicker and Forrest was an inch taller as well, Rampage was much thicker but around the 6ft range, none of these guys could make 185 any easier than Jones could, they are all in that 220-230 stage at least in shape they were, Jones couldn't just bulk up to 240 or 250, his brothers can which is why he was skinny and they are in the NFL.
  8. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    I know with the whole brand split it probably doesn't work but creating a co-branded women's tag title (they don't have enough girls on the main roster for a separate Raw & Smackdown one), say two teams from Raw & Smackdown and they share the belts, with them doing 2 brand PPVs it would be easy to switch back and forth. They have had a bunch of firsts for women the last 18 months and for the girls not in the title picture, it gives them something to do. Have Bayley & Sasha win and continue the animosity for a few months.
  9. Bellator MMA Thread - Bellator 195 (March 2nd)

    That's why I think Coker booked Fitch-Daley he's probably hoping to get rid of Daley as he's been speaking smack about him and the promotion. I'm guessing something happened in the negotiations as the MVP fights a given and now Daley wants out, he hasn't failed weight or hit anyone after the bell, is exciting, so it must be something personal.
  10. Bellator MMA Thread - Bellator 195 (March 2nd)

    Main cards pretty good well the mains good, Cro Cop fight should be interesting and has a few big names. You have Carvalho-Mousasi MW belt, MVP-Rickels, Davis-Vassell & Cro Cop-Big Country
  11. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Wasn't he under a USADA ban, which is fine in Asia & Europe with no actual commission but most AC's look down on that.
  12. Bellator MMA Thread - Bellator 195 (March 2nd)

    Darrion Caldwell is great probably is one of the best at 135 in the world but the division needs bumping up right now with more talent but that's hard to do with 4 fight cards and like 20 a year 10 divisions and building female fighters who have no or 1 or 2 fights, perhaps Viacom should stream about an hour or two with actual prospects like the contender series in Strike force, even if that means having less shows and deeper events. Cro Cop should draw in London with Croatians coming over but I don't think this is a co-promoted show with BAMMA, so at least you won't have fans walking out before Bellator as they have seen the Jersey Shore bloke and the top stars are on the main card.
  13. UFC 222: Cyborg vs Kunitskaya

    To be fair Frankie could cut to 135 if he wanted, he could compete but he would then lose his usual speed advantage. So I don't want him there, if he wanted too he should have cut more when he first dropped to 145 but probably top old now. It's crazy I looked at his record and remembered the 5 loses and a draw he's had which in the UFC for 11 years isn't that much, the Bendo fights were super close, he did well in the first Aldo fight and I can't remember the first Maynard fight, I'm guessing it was on a random Spike Fight Night, obviously remember the draw & win classics he had with Maynard. I also still have his first fight in the UFC against Tyson Griffin on a best of 2007 his UFC debut, it's crazy with his size and longevity compared to the up and coming LWs from that era, hell even the fresh blood from WEC & Strikeforce are all nearly done.
  14. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    He apparently had a 35 second match with Kane with one fan shouting "We paid for this" fuckin brilliant, he actually got booed, I suppose getting real heat is now not caring or pretending not to care about your job, so Roman Reigns gets cheered for beating him, actually quite smart, I would no show most of the Mania build and everybody wins.
  15. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    They are trying to buy it and have been for years but Murdoch owns too much media over here, Disney or Comcast don't. Disney want a Netflix or Amazon Prime alternative plus the rights to the original Star Wars, Xmen and more their movie business and Regional Sports Networks (a ESPN version of Netflix for cord cutters) while Comcast wants to expand their pay TV business which is maxed out in the US.