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  1. All access (Showtime's version of 24/7) starts Friday night on Showtime it's a 4 part series here's the trailer.
  2. Obviously the UFC have a vested interest but obviously can't be too involved like a promoter as it will violate the Ali Act (which for now is Boxing only) but Al Haymons PBC have a deal with Fox and he's Floyd's manager, so that will be why they are showing the prelims as they are in deals with both PBC & the UFC. The people commentating will have Fox Sports microphones until the PPV starts then it will be a Showtime PPV.
  3. Brian Stann & Rashad Evans are both employed by Fox through the UFC, Brendan Schaub isn't and I think his work on the Bellator PPV was a one off. Ariel Helwani is more of areporter but his actual in cage analyst isn't that great by his own admission, even though he's a bit arrogant Luke Thomas is a lot better, Pat Miletich would have been even better but he works for the RFA who run almost every Friday. I think Randy Couture and Frank Shamrock both work for Bellator or at least paid to show up to the events and meet and greets ambassadors.
  4. An hour show would have to only be filmed in the east coast and central, in the west coast Raw and Smackdown starts at 5pm, so I'm sure they couldn't do a one hour show before that, unless they don't mind half the audience missing it while they work.
  5. Mousasi got a decent deal for himself, money up front, the ability to Box (not on US TV or UFC Fight Pass) presumably in Russia. He'll probably fight for the MW title and then have the option of fighting at LHW or HW. To combat USADA, any opponent he fights they both get WADA style testing where they can show up at your door anytime and test you, which probably stops fights with Chael Sonnen or Wanderlei Silva. As for Reebok both Rory MacDonald & Benson Henderson have said they made more money from Reebok than they did sponsors in Bellator & Ryan Bader says he makes a lot more money in Bellator but it has nothing to do with Reebok how the UFC distribute the money they get from them and the UFC are probably looking at potential rights holders (ESPN were apparently put off by them) & in cage sponsors, how can you ask Budweiser for say a $1 million and Dynamic Fastener get a sponsor for $1500 or something.
  6. I know where the fights were held my point was several shows I've seen who haven't changed the rules have been very liberal with 10-8 rounds, much more than last year, it's also judges they bring in work both rulesets. The point about New Jersey was off topic but is the main reason they don't want change, as they want to limit head strikes not increase them and New Jersey is one of the most respected AC's.
  7. Plenty of states that haven't changed the rules have been giving more 10-8 rounds from what I've seen in The UFC & Bellator, its the added strikes to the head that are putting states off, that or rule changes haven't came up yet, I think some athletic commissions only vote on these things once a year, I know New Jersey are dead set against extra strikes to the head.
  8. ACB was on Boxnation live, while I'm happy guys are getting paid, the owner is a tit, he said they got offered a Nike deal but he turned it down because he agrees with Manny Pacquiaous idiotic homosexual views. I think they also allowed the Chechen dictator have his kids beat up other kids and gave them big trophies.
  9. They aren't flying Snoop in to Vegas every week, he'll be in his own house commentating to a live feed and Faber and a camera guy will be with them, Snoop will be stoned through every fight on a sofa, we've seen this before for 205 when he was calling Khabib a scary N word
  10. Its also for guys who are going to be cut by the UFC and winning a fight or two might get them back on track, Luke Thomas likened it to Michael Chandler, loses 3 in a row, Bellator give him a few lower ranked guys and he then went and won the LW belt back and dominate Benson Henderson. It allows them to compete with Bellator for Ametuer wrestlers, kickboxers etc with not much MMA experience. I also think this will replace TUF, when the Fox deal runs out, they will want a week day presence on TV for at least half the year.
  11. Well the old PPV in August would have got crushed as Mayweather-McGregor is the next week and will probably cost $100 to buy. Even Goldenboy, especially De La Hoya who are doing Canelo Vs Triple G, 3 weeks later has been moaning about it as he knows it will hurt his buyrate.
  12. Cyborg is a draw somewhat, she's popular in both Brazil & does good ratings in the US, they don't need a top 15, just 2 or 3 girls she can crush for the next few years.
  13. M1 global from China is on live right now, its on Boxnation. I only really recognise Sean Wheelock (former Bellator) & Ian Freeman who is both co ring announcer (they have a Chinese guy as well) and on the booth with Wheelock. Sakodjoua (sp?) & Kharitonov are on the card.
  14. Yeah she's been battling Diabetes for a while and she had her leg removed not long before the OSP fight, (which he also spent a small time in jail for in the lead up to that fight) He also had a older sister that died of brain cancer before she was 18, apparently the effects were really bad, as they would be. That's not excusing any of his actions but saying he's been through similar stuff and managed to carry on.
  15. Without looking it up I'm guessing 152 Jones-Henderson, 176 (I think that was the number, think it started off with Aldo Vs Pettis & didn't they cancel a PPV in January because they couldn't find a main event. I think they may have cancelled a few Strikeforce & 1 WEC show but I think that was more a weather thing.