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March 26 "I'm pleased to announce the expansion of my pub empire. After years of war, I've taken over the Rovers Return and tonight, you'll see me on BBC and ITV." "''old on, mum.

I heard they tore the house down so much, Will Ospreay set up a GoFundMe for it.

One of Earthquake's children posted a picture on Reddit, and this great story about him was the top reply.  

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I've just had a conversation where I've fully justified and explained James Ellsworth winning the Royal Rumble and what would happen leading up to WrestleMania.


I'd imagine the inevitable elimination of Ellsworth by Braun Strowman should be interesting at least.

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Cena is winning this year's Rumble to face either AJ or Taker for the belt.


Balor won't be ready in time for the Rumble, but I'd imagine he'll be involved in the Universal title picture on Raw with either Owens or Reigns.

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Miz was the alternative.


We basically had this thing of the final three being Brock, Goldberg and Ellsworth, with Brock eliminating himself and Goldberg (who's gone on a Reigns/Kane elimination spree) leaving Ellsworth there as the unlikely winner, with it being he doesn't deserve his Mania spot (doesn't need to Main Event) with the following three month build up being him proving himself as a challenger.


Miz on the other hand could do the exact same and then  be the smug 2017 winner that nobody but him and Maryse believe he should be in the Main Event (probably against whoever the Raw champ is at the time). 

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