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  1. Well that's too fucking bad, cause I'm off. Adios Amigos.
  2. That's lame. Surely you can come up with something better than that you fat bastard.
  3. Either way I expect him to have the last word with some witty remark before he bans me. Same old shit.
  4. It'll give Cockwell something to do as banning people on a wrestling forum is his only purpose in life.
  5. Oh really? What a shame.
  6. Ok Thunderplex enjoy ploughing your way through a dozen easter eggs and then trying to burn off the calories by tossing yourself off over some porn you cunt. Pretty easy to spot the offended fat bastard here. Feel free to complain to the mods I couldn't care less.
  7. I have no concerns. Apart from it resulting with the fat fucks putting more strain on the NHS.
  8. Wonder if they'll keep going until the run is complete this time? To be honest I was expecting them to add those HeAT episodes as a lot of the storylines ran over from Raw for the first year.
  9. It's a dream weekend for all of those fat bastards. Munching away on all those chocolate eggs. Come next week I bet the number of type 2 diabetes goes up.
  10. WrestleMania 33 was even longer. 5 hrs 10 mins and 38 secs to be exact.
  11. Rik Mayall was always a delight in real life by all accounts.
  12. Just browsing some of the titles in the Sky Movies On Demand section. I came across a movie called K-Shop about some lad who works in a kebab shop and turns vigilante on all the drunks that piss him off during a night out. Might give it a bash later. Anyone here watched it?
  13. I'm well aware of Angela White, but I still prefer Gianna.
  14. This made me chuckle. I'll be interesting to see what kind of role they have planned for Lana. They made it look like they're splitting her and Rusev up.
  15. As far as I'm concerned Gianna Michaels always had the best tits in porn.