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The Christmas Avatar thread

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Didnt want to clog up the Christmas thread with it but its officially December now and I have no intentions of doing any work till I finish for Christmas so you know the drill, If you want your avatar or signature 'festiving' up post in here.


Remember to keep a copy of your original pic if you want to change back afterwards

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Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Thanks for doing this again chokeout.


I still have Christmas Charles II from last year and Christmas Bonobo with a Thagomizer from the year before, but if you could Christmasise Loki, I'd be very grateful.







Thanks chokey, you're the man, merry Christmas!


And to you my good man

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Chokeout you absolute gent, you superbly Christmassed-up my Blue Demon family two years ago and Sir Cliff playing basketball last year. Any chance you can give the gorgeous Olivier Giroud (as per my sig) the festive treatment please? I've been a good boy this year.

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