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Off Topic Death Pool


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A bit of a morbid topic I'm aware but still.


We had some big names pass away in 2012 including:


Sir Patrick Moore




Whitney Houston


So who do we think might be off to the great big shindig in the sky this year?


My pick:


Clint Eastwood :(





Lefty – Clint Eastwood

Patdfb – George Gaynes

SpursRiot2012 – William Shatner

Chest Rockwell – Nick Nolte

Flying Tackle - Sean Connery

Scratchdj – Roger Moore

Steve ‘Big’ Jobs – Christopher Lee

bAzTNM#1 - Bruce Forsyth

Philo Vance – Rolf Harris

Jaffa – Duke of Edinburgh

Frankie Crisp – Margaret Thatcher

Wandshogun09 – Kerry Katona

John Matrix – Aaron Ramsey

Seph – Stuart Hall

Inspector Paul Solo – Fidel Castro

Kickin it wit the kliq – Silvio Berlusconi

Dead Mike – Ken Dodd

Gallybagger – The Queen

stunstone316 – Whoopi Goldberg

bigfoote – Zsa Zsa Gabor

Tommy! – Kenny Rogers

martyngnr – Dolly Parton

Dave the Stoner – Stephen Hawking

Magnum – George H. W. Bush

Megan Midas - Nicholas Parsons

Thunderplex – Freddie Starr

SpiritOfTheForest – David Attenborough

Dingbat – Andrew Marr

El Espanacas – Lionel Blair

Loki - Chuck Berry

King Coconut – David Jason

Wretch – Noel Edmonds

bAzTNM#1 Fan - Lindsay Lohan

The British Bushwacker - Nelson Mandela

Vegeta - Mario Balotelli


Anyone who has chosen more than 1 I've taken your first as your pick.

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