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  2. You can't beat seeing the words "Modest Culls" in a massive font.
  3. At least he didn't lie to get put on the promotional material (from the back of a VHS of Batman Forever)
  4. I tend to see a lot of horrible formatting, so I'm going to be haunted by that post.
  5. Saw this and it made me think maybe @BomberPat has gone and created a new heel faction. https://inews.co.uk/news/uk/jersey-terrorised-feral-chickens-cull-complaints/?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=fb&utm_campaign=ijp&fbclid=IwAR1dz--JctiYwkNPuqSXArwQcyqG_N_Xq_ZvEWfScHBFFgz8sM0XdPB7150 Jersey is being terrorised by 100-strong gangs of feral chickens waking up locals and chasing joggers Residents have been making complaints about the birds, which have also become a traffic hazard Chickens have been causing chaos in Jersey (Photo: SWNS) Residents have been making complaints about the birds, which have also become a traffic hazard. Two small culls have been carried out, but they continue to cause chaos, the Environment Minister has admitted. It is believed the chickens were once pets which were abandoned, before rapidly breeding. They now roam the British island in 100-strong groups. There are no foxes in Jersey, which means the chickens are running round unchecked, without a natural predator. ‘Modest culls’ Environment Minister John Young said: “We are now dealing with very large numbers – the culls that happened were quite modest. “We are in a situation where we have got animal lovers on the one hand and where we have got those who are experiencing a nuisance on the other. I can’t pretend to sit here and say I have got an answer to that.” Feral chickens roaming in Vallee des Vaux, Jersey (Photo: SWNS) A total of 35 chickens were killed in the first two culls, carried out by a private pest controller. Mr Young said his department has received 40 complaints about the birds so far this year. Tough battle Local authorities on the island say they are fighting a tough battle, and have urged people not to feed the chickens, as it encourages them to breed. William Peggie, director of Environment for the States, said efforts to come up with a plan to tackle the issue had been hampered by the loss of the states vet, but with an interim replacement now appointed discussions could take place to find a practical solution. A warning notice about nuisance wildlife in the area (Photo: SWNS) He added that they did not know where and when people were abandoning chickens, making it hard to crack down on it. Under nuisance legislation, landowners are able to “dispatch” chickens if they are causing a nuisance, he said, and action could be taken if a feral chicken was being fed in a way that causes a nuisance. Feral chickens are not protected under the animal welfare law because they do not belong to anybody. Who's gonna kick yer ass? D-Generation Eggs.
  6. Funnily enough, I always thought it was “It’s not - X-Pac”.
  7. Keith Houchen


    Look for the urban otters. They’re ace. Also, it’s custom for first time visitors to put used chewing gum on the pavement. It sounds weird to us but make sure you do it.
  8. Dixie Carter buys a swanky Miata.
  9. I spent a good few minutes wondering what the heck Braun Strowman has to do with this debate til I realised what it said.
  10. Dixie Carter buys All Elite Wrestling
  11. My toppest tips from what we did: - If you haven't had a chance to look at the Gardens By The Bay, they're really impressive. You have to pay to go into the Cloud Forest dome but it's well worth it, spectacular stuff with a strong environmental message. - The zoo was my highlight, it's divided into the main zoo, the River Safari (freshwater animals and those who depend on rivers) and the Night Safari (which we didn't have time for, but nocturnal animals). Easily a full day if you're interested in wildlife and conservation. - the National Museum is good, the History of Singapore gallery puts a lot of what you're seeing into context, i.e. the mix of cultures and influences that Singapore has had. - For food, find your nearest hawker centre, for dozens and dozens of affordable and tasty street food options. There's one at Marina Bay but we thought the Maxwell one (just round the corner from Chinatown MRT stop) was the best. Whether you want gyoza or chicken rice or chili crab or an ice cream sandwich they've probably got you covered, plus loads of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Western options. - And if you've got some time at the airport check out the Spider-Man exhibition with a small selection of costumes and props from the new film.
  12. Just to even things out after posting that Ibushi spot and declaring it the stupidest spot of the year, here’s my new favourite spot of the year. I’ve never actually seen a DDT show but it looks like the most fun ever.
  13. He's hardly from good stock is he, I mean his dad is a piece of shit as well. Josh Trank can fuck off though, he's hardly credible as a source, but the allergations have been on social for a while, interesting they have now got him.
  14. Well that looks fucking garbage
  15. That's a bit chicken and egg though, isn't it? Those people are desperate for the more dangerous stuff because that's what the wrestlers give them. Ibushi could definitely still get the crowd going without doing those spots. It's a long term disaster waiting to happen, isn't it? Doing more and more dangerous spots because that's what thst audience wants. It's all fine until someone gets internally decapitated. For the record, this is true of all of the stupid, decided in an adrenaline rush stuff, this is just the latest example.
  16. Fair enough. What I took from your post was you inferring that I was gung-ho on wrestlers incurring life-threatening injuries, which was then taken as you attacking a point of view that isn't my own (my general understanding of a 'Strawman'). Despite all the massively different opinions on this, I'm glad the discussion has remained quite civil and engaging. I've seen people on Twitter go after one another's throats over this.
  17. MPDTT


    Thanks for the suggestions. I have Friday and Saturday to myself before coming home, so have some tourist days. This is my 4th long haul trip in 2 months, so I'd not put much planning into it until I got here.
  18. Today
  19. I'm not sure you understand my post. And/or what a Strawman argument is.
  20. The whole "Japanese wrestling is just no-selling and head-drops" thing is bollocks anyway. That's what US indy wrestlers took away from it, when they missed the point entirely, hence the ridiculousness of RoH and a host of other indies. Rikidozan didn't do head-drops, neither did Inoki - hell, Baba's most over moves were his Russian legsweep, and a big boot and a dropkick named after his kayfabed shoe size. Chono was one of the most over guys in NJPW, and he was more about heel character work with a relatively safe brawling and submission style. Osamu Nishimura got over using an abdominal stretch as his finish while wrestling a very safe style (although I know his style can be polarising - some find it boring, some find it fascinating). One of the most over and popularised moves of the late 90s/early 2000s was the Shining Wizard. Besides, it's stupid to refer to Japanese wrestling as a monolithic whole, same as it would be to refer to British or American wrestling the same way. NJPW's Strong Style was distinctively different from AJPW's King's Road, which in turn was different from NOAH's Ark Road which evolved from it, and the lucharesu styles of Michinoku Pro and Osaka Pro are quite distinctive from the sprints and llave of DragonGate. There's even K-Dojo, which, because of TAKA Michinoku's experiences and influence, is closer to the more character-driven styles of the US.
  21. I often watch 205 Live baffled when they're doing mad high-risk moves like that, even when they go right, because the crowds just don't care and they're not exactly setting the Network alight with views. A lot of risk for the reward of 'nobody will remember this by the end of the episode, let alone in a week or a month or in 30 years'. Maybe that move went wrong deliberately so that it got talked about more. I mean, the first time I heard of Misawa and Kawada was the legendary powerbomb that went wrong and got Misawa dropped on his head, and that was a good decade and change after it happened. We definitely wouldn't be discussing it if it had been pulled off without a hitch. It's all a work, even when it isn't.........
  22. I was there a couple of weeks ago! I loved it. Lots of great sights (and a fantastic zoo), so easy to get around with the MRT, and the hawker centres for food were amazing. We've got friends who are from there so will happily go back. We were told beforehand that it's ideal if you've never been to Asia before (we haven't) and I'm now recommending it to everyone.
  23. Always hated this nepotism fuck even when everyone was bumming him for that crap wrestling thing he did, didn't realise he was this much of a piece of shit. https://variety.com/2019/film/news/max-landis-sexual-assault-accusation-1203246371/
  24. MPDTT


    I'm here on a business trip. What an amazing city / country! This is my first time to Asia and I'm just blown away by Singapore. The sites, the people, the cleanliness, the food - it's amazing! Who else has been here? I think more Asia travel is in my future!
  25. Im your maths teacher, Scott Steiner
  26. Shane McMahon buys All Elite Wrestling
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