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Windham-Bray-The-Rotunda-Wyatt-Fiend - anyone miss him?


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So, going by his Twitter feed it would appear that Bray/Rotunda/The is likely to return somewhere, sometime soon.

Given that his new profile image has a Fiend face hidden within it, and he’s reverted to using the ‘Wyatt’ name on his socials.. the good money has to be on him coming back to WWE.

Do they need him? Do the shows miss him? Did he do anything throughout that period that made you think he could exist on the shows long term?

I loved the firefly funhouse for how mad it was, but ultimately he became a black hole that didn’t just destroy those around him but sucked in the entire company; why believe in anything, if they were trying to pass this shit off as credible?

For me, it’s a very hard road back for him. If he has to come back, I’d prefer to see a less spooky, less magic-reliant of Bray; the simple cult of personality style cult-leader, maybe with some Fiend aesthetics.

But, I just don’t trust the brains trust at WWE to not get carried away and bring back the spooky.

I dunno. The shows are missing star power, but I struggle to see this being the answer.

Better WWE than AEW though, I suppose.

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18 minutes ago, theringmaster said:

I just don't see where he turns up except wwe or aew, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he crops back up on a episode of raw

That’s pretty much what I expect.

Seeing as they seem to be running with Cody as their man guy, I could see Wyatt/Rhodes being their post HIAC program.

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27 minutes ago, Supremo said:

It's not really WWE's style to have a returning character start teasing stuff on Twitter. Which is terrifying. Keep your spooky, lore bollocks away from my Wednesday nights, Bray!

Highly theoretical situation, but say AEW had gone and got him; the new Discovery overlords want some star power and one of their kids had a Fiend mask, say.

If that happened, how do you make it work?

Like, say TK called you up and said ‘Supes, in all seriousness, I’ve got a problem… how do we book Bray Wyatt as a big star on our programme, in a way that plays to peoples understanding of his brand but in a way that doesn’t fuck up our shows?’

Is there even an answer to that question? Or willy spooky bollocks always follow his spooky bollocks around?

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Bray's earlier work as the cult leader from a bayou, I enjoyed a lot. If he brought that to AEW, I could live with it. It might even be good. If he does end up in AEW, hopefully Tony comes up with some way of debuting him that isn't turning the lights off and then on again.

Bray apparently is asking for a lot of money so I can't imagine a company like CYN or whatever could afford him, so it must be one of the big two.

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8 minutes ago, 69MeDon said:

hopefully Tony comes up with some way of debuting him that isn't turning the lights off and then on again.

That's asking too much. 

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42 minutes ago, d-d-d-dAz said:

the new Discovery overlords

Off topic, but I'm pretty out of the loop so this is the first I've heard of the AEW-Discovery partnership. I suppose it was inevitable that with Vince in bed with the owners of Fox News, Tony would find himself shacked up with the backers of GB News. What a business.

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When he came in as the Cult Leader from the Swamps, he was totally different from everything else that was around at the time. Once he came up the main roster he could talk up a match better than most and on occasion could have a good to very good match - The Wyatts v The Shield at Elimination Chamber 2014 still stands up as an absolute gem from that era (see also the rematch on Main Event #80).
But, he never got that big win over someone that would elevate him, or he got the win after people had lost interest. He had feud after feud of people beating him in the decisive match, which ultimately didn’t do anything for the victor as every beat Bray Wyatt. He could still string together a rambly promo, but you knew what the result was going, so why should anyone care. He also hung around with Matt Hardy for a bit, copying something that had had its moment nearly two years earlier.

Then he comes back as Mr Rogers with a bunch of vignettes with a lingering dark undertone. Completely different to what he’d been before and and again completely different to everyone else around at the time. 
His Fiend debut against Finn Balor didn’t overstay its welcome, but it didn’t answer everything in one go, there was still an element of mystery to him. Did have a split personality? Was he possessed by a demon? All very silly stuff, but it worked in a “it’s wrestling, it’s meant to be a bit daft’ sort of way.

Then he got his big comedy mallet out, and just like that it was dead.

He clearly has a creative mind. Whether that’s just him ripping off his favourite horrors, tinkering them enough to make them look like his own ideas or not is up to you to decide, but he certainly separated himself from the pack for a while.

Do I want him back? That depends- if he can come up with another new persona to rejuvenate the character then maybe, but if all he’s got are Spooky Swamp Preacher and Poundland Pennywise, then no

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In the nicest possible, non personal way, wherever he turns up I won't see him. If it's WWE I haven't been watching it anyway outside of the odd PPV. If it's AEW I'll fast forward his stuff. I gather part of why he's been off this past while (other than the release of course) has been possibly mental health related stuff, so I truly hope he's well and in a better place. As a wrestling character though, I only ever enjoyed him for a couple of very brief moments and that was versus Daniel Bryan at the Rumble and that cage match. Then again on the six man tag versus The Shield. 

People always bang on about his promos but they bored me to tears. As well as that, he really doesn't have much beyond a second gear in the ring. Three matches of his that I enjoyed in a whole career tells it all about my feelings on it. 

Maybe if he turns up in TNA or GCW or something, with some new version of his gimmick and it gets a bit of traction there where he can figure out what may be getting warmly received and what isn't, before bringing that to WWE or AEW, might be the move. 


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