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Divorced Dad

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This may massively die on its arse but thought I'd give it a shot anyway. 

Anyone else on here collect action figures or toys? I've got a few hundred upstairs in my spare room ranging from wrestling figures to comic book characters to film and TV stuff. I don't really collect anything in particular, just stuff that I think is cool or that I like the look of. I really enjoy going to car boots or charity shops to try and find stuff. Recently got a Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns figure for 75 pence a piece from a charity shop. 

So basically anyone else on here collect any toys? If so this can be a place to discuss them or share pictures. 

Will try and post some pictures of some of mine over the weekend. 

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Used to be partial to collecting vintage Star Wars figures. I say used to, I would still do it if I could justify spending the money on it.

The habit started when my mum brought back a blue plastic tub full of them from a car boot when I was about four. I’d never seen any of the films but when I did, I was as familiar with the likes of Bib Fortuna as I was Luke Skywalker. The village we grew up in used to have a shop that sold vintage/retro things and Star Wars figures (and occasionally vehicles) would always be there, so any pocket money I had went on them. I think the shop owner used to go to the markets and car boots and buy up whatever he spotted, which I guess we could have done (I’m still tempted to do that now) but it was so convenient having access to them round the corner. Ended up with an almost complete collection.

When Episode I came out I had a bit more of my own money and was buying the figures new now. Got most of those ones, fewer from Attack of the Clones, and by Revenge of the Sith I just wasn’t really bothered. Got into the hype of it again for Force Awakens but again that dwindled with each subsequent film (didn’t help that you couldn’t find Solo figures in the shops anywhere). Nothing quite replicated the thrill of finding an original figure on the shelf that you didn’t have yet, and the fun of actually playing with them when you’re seven or eight.

Also collected a few Buffy figures from when it was on TV, and Lord of the Rings ones (mostly Fellowship).

Like I said at the top, I can’t justify the expense of them anymore but if you have any old Star Wars ones you don’t want anymore, I’ll always accept them. I always wanted an AT-AT...

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My collecting has gone way down but there was a time where I’d collect the blind bag figures from franchises I like but the pricing has started pricing me right out, can’t justify paying £5-7 a pop for the Funko minis or £10-12 for the Loyal Subjects ones much less £3 for the Lego figures. The last thing I bought was a Hot Wheels Batmobile from the 90’s animated show and that was only because it was on clearance in The Entertainer

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The cost involved is probably my least favourite part of collecting which is why I tend to buy stuff from car boots and charity shops now. 

There's the occasional thing I'll buy from a shop (like the Hot Wheels Batmobile line) but generally it's whatever I can find elsewhere. 

Got some vintage Star Wars figures and an X-Wing somewhere.

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As I said previously it's mostly stuff from car boots or charity shops that I've bought. Here's a random selection of things (there's probably close to another 100 - 150 that aren't pictured). 

Selection of random things:


Star Wars (vintage are on the bottom row) :


Green Lantern:

90's children's TV shows VR Troopers and Masked Rider:

Power Rangers:


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6 hours ago, Bicurious Dad said:

All of these photos and not a single fork, I'm really not sure what to believe anymore.

Well, if there's enough interest we could have a thread for people that collect forks.

In the meantime, here's one from my collection. A sleek 1940s model marked with the Rank Organisation logo. It's made of Sheffield steel, and is satisfyingly heavy.


Whilst I don't consider myself a collector per se, I do have a decent number of Daleks in various colours and styles. I wish I'd gotten more of the special editions when they were on the shelves in shops and not on eBay for £60 a piece.

They've been semi-adopted by my son, hence the pirate bedding.The one in the box I only picked up today and will go into hiding until Christmas.

There's a couple of Cybermen that have crept in there recently, as the detailing on them is really impressive.


daleks 30-09-19a.jpg

daleks 30-09-19b.jpg

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Distinct lack of Transformers in this thread. I've noticed in the collecting realm of that fandom there are a number of companies producing very high quality "nock offs" of characters from that franchise. These 3rd party companies seem to get around licensing issues by changing the names of the characters. Some of the figures produced are incredibly well made and the engineering involved in the transformation generally of an equal quality. Are there third party releases in other lines? Are they well regarded?


The above tweet is a good example. The two larger figures are different representations of the same character, Superion. They cost around £250 each. They are made by two separate companies. The Optimus Prime is an official Hasbro/Takara figure.  Part of the Master Piece range. Which are highly detailed, and quite expensive. At around £400 for that Prime.

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