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Stan Bush says "fuck it. I'm never escaping the 80s."


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5 hours ago, PunkStep said:

Just shared this to two of my WhatsApp groups. This is massive news, Dare and The Touch are part of our souls. 

I will fight anyone who says that The Touch is not a great song, cannot listen to it without instantly thinking of Optimus transforming mid-air to fire at Megatron in the 86 film

On that subject was watching the Weird Al film 'The Compleat Al' on Monday on Pluto TV and one of the songs featured in it was 'Dare to Be Stupid' from the same movie in the scene that introduces the Junkions

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What's the better Stan Bush JCVD track - Fight to Survive from Bloodsport, or Never Surrender from Kickboxer?

Incidentally one thing I appreciate about Stan is that the titles of his songs are all easy to remember because it's always just the first line of the chorus.

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Love me some Stan Bush. He seems to be utterly synonymous with  my childhood and everything from Transformers all the way through JCVD, Wrestling and now he's doing anime.


Falling 2007 ish


Til I was Loved by You (Won an Emmy I think?!?!) 


The Touch (Sams Theme) (remixed with NuMetal stylings


Til All Are One.. 


And finally a reworking of the Lion Transformers Theme on the 20th Anniversary Soundtrack ‚̧ԳŹ



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I had the pleasure of seeing Stan live a couple of years ago as part of a Transformers event in Birmingham.

I'm somewhere in that crowd and I don't think the video gives enough justice to how much fun and energy was felt in the room that night but boy that was enjoyable.


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