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One good film


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So there's talk of an Event Horizon tv series being made, which has led to people talking about the original film again, and not just as the answer to the question 'Has the bad Paul Anderson ever managed anything not shit?' (and no Mortal Kombat isn't a good film. You're just being blinded by how ace Goro looked in it!)

So what Director / Actor do you hate but have to give them credit for one film?

As mentioned, for me it's Anderson and Event Horizon. The more he makes, the more i'm certain that Event Horizon was made in the edit suite and with a talented DoP and had little to do with him.

I mean look at this...


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Regarding Anderson, you could make a case for Resident Evil, which is a pretty enjoyable action film but not technically a good film at all. Event Horizon stands as one of the greatest flukes of all time.

Eric Roberts has always been an absolutely awful actor but Runaway Train was the one film that used his terrible overacting in a fitting way. The rest of his career has been uniformly shit.

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Holly Valance though, and she's surprisingly not the worst actress in any of the films she's been in.

I liked the three musketeers film, and also resident evil. Not great films by any stretch of the imagination but decent enough for what they were.

He's definitely not a sign of quality though, is he?

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Just now, Accident Prone said:

Ryan Reynolds has stunk up the joint in every movie he's been involved with, thus reducing them to ash and shit.. 

Deadpool is pretty fucking good though, isn't it?

This is the worst post in the history of all forums.

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