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WCW Reunion


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So, there's some dodgy Twitter shite attempting to promote a WCW Reunion show in London if it gets over 1000 Re-Tweets, because we all know that's how promoting works. 


It's been re-Tweeted by IPW:UK, who also seem to forget to log out of the "WCW Reunion" account when replying to IPW queries from time to time. They've been on Twitter since 2009, so I'm assuming it's an old account rebranded.

My favourite part is the list of names they've tagged in that initial Tweet - Juventud Guerrera, Shawn Stasiak, Tony Schiavone, Mark Madden, Ernest The Cat Miller, Shane Douglas, and a fake Dean Malenko account. Just screams "Reunion Supercard", doesn't it?


So here's the question...if you were tasked with booking a WCW Reunion card, and you couldn't use anyone currently signed to WWE, NJPW, Impact, ROH or AEW (which I'll stretch to include anyone who appeared at Double or Nothing, so no Dustin Rhodes, DDP or Glacier), and you could only use people still actively wrestling (which I'm going to define as having had a match within the last 12 months and not announced their retirement), what the hell do you come up with? Here's my stab at it;

Ultimo Dragon vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Psicosis

Rock N Roll Express vs. Too Cold Scorpio & Buff Bagwell

Sid Vicious vs. Meng (w/Col. Robert Parker)

Raven vs. Shane Douglas

Kevin Nash vs. Scott Steiner


It's slim pickings.

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They did one years ago called "the 6:05 reunion." It was shite.

# Results Stipulations Times
1 Jim Duggan defeated Nikolai Volkoff (with The Iron Sheik) Singles match n/a
2 Rick Steiner defeated Virgil Singles match n/a
3 Koko B. Ware defeated Disco Inferno Singles match n/a
4 Jimmy Snuka defeated Greg Valentine (with Jimmy Hart) by disqualification. Singles match n/a
5 Vampiro defeated Eddie Colón (with Carlos Colon) Singles match n/a
6 Jake Roberts defeated Kamala by disqualification. Singles match n/a
7 Dory Funk, Jr. and Mike Graham (with Bruno Sammartino) defeated Tully Blanchard and David Flair (with J.J. Dillon) Tag Team match n/a
8 Diamond Dallas Page defeated Kanyon Singles match n/a
9 Brad Armstrong, Scott Armstrong, and Bob Armstrong (with Bobby Heenan) defeated The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey, Bobby Eaton, and Stan Lane) (with Jim Cornette) Six-Man Tag Team match n/a
10 Scott Steiner defeated Buff Bagwell
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6 minutes ago, Bellenda Carlisle said:

David Arquette definitely.

A gimmick battle royal with any vaguely memorable random guys like crowbar or 3 count that I could get hold of and could work it as per the stipulations.

Vampiro if I'm allowed to use him and he's still wrestling.

Yeah, Arquette is a notable miss on my card, come to think of it.

I was going to throw Vampiro in there - he wrestled late last year, and I don't think he's officially announced his retirement (any moreso than the two dozen other times he's retired), but the fact that he reportedly has Alzheimers now made me rule him out. 

Crowbar edges his way in by having worked the Clusterfuck at Joey Janela's Spring Break this year, which was his first match in ages. I think of 3 Count you'd only manage to get Shannon Moore.

It's actually easier to do a reunion of late '80s/early '90s WCW than it would be year 2000 WCW, for a lot of depressing reasons. I was tempted to swap out Scorpio for The Patriot and have Stars & Stripes on the card. 

The lack of Dungeon of Doom on my card is depressing - I think it's only Sullivan, Meng (who I'd rather put with Colonel Parker), The Barbarian and Konnan still wrestling, and even amongst that mess I couldn't bring myself to give Konnan a spot on the card actually wrestling in 2019.

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7 minutes ago, BomberPat said:

Crowbar edges his way in by having worked the Clusterfuck at Joey Janela's Spring Break this year, which was his first match in ages.

He's actually had 7 matches in the last 12 months according to cagematch.


I'm sure WWE will put a stop to the use of the WCW name and logo if this is a legit thing that's going to happen.

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