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People who are pleasing to look at


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Let's create a catologue of people who are aesthetically pleasing. Now, I should clarify I don't mean beautiful or handsome necessarily, I mean people you look at and think they are remarkable looking in some way. 

I'll get the ball rolling with Ernest Borgnine. I could look at him for hours, and I get a peculiar feeling that I'd like to fold him up and put him in my top pocket. 


Over to you. 




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He's very handsome, definitely, but I'm not sure he has the pleasing X factor I'm after. 

How about Marty Morrissey? I didn't know who he was for years and someone on another forum I go on had him as his avatar. For ages I thought it was David Mitchell in prosthetics. Just study that face! 



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24 minutes ago, Hannibal Scorch said:

Timothy Dalton


he was my Bond and I think underrated (certainly at the time). Just look at him

I'm a Roger Moore man myself, but Dalton's Bond movies are really good. A proper pallet cleanser from all the Hollywood excess of the previous 16 years. Imagine how differently things could have been if he hadn't turned down On Her Majesty's Secret Service when it was offered to him. 

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