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Is anyone able to give me a quick(or in depth) rundown on the infamous "UKFF Stable Wars" please?

Cod Eye

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As the title says really. Mention of it in the "Dates" thread has rung a few bells(no pun intended) and I seem to vaguely remember it going down over an extended period of time(I hardly visited the site at the time) but that's it.

Can anyone please recap what started it, who/what was involved etc?




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Basically it was a war between two factions. The paidos led by Mafia Mike Castle, The pCc led by, god, probably D-mal. Carbomb and Boatfucker tried thwir own stable called Our Great Sport. Given short shrift. 


Both stables had nothing but shit for each other. Infiltration on both sides. Green from the pCc who we didn't even like ourselves. It was proper nasty hatred on here, and the chat room go going again at the time and I think we all met in there probably for a fight. But thw humour was great in there and one one fatwful day Dizzy (Tiger Rick) banned the PCC at midnight. Then our greatest acquisition. Literally at the stroke of midnight. Neil hid the forum and replaced it with pCc on the webpage. 


Stable Wars was responsible for several leavers though. JLM was one. Joe The Lion too (amd no one cares) and Stu Allen's (RIP) "congratulations on the continued death of the UKFF" resulting in a sweet freestyle from PITCOS in a sting mask.


And then we all bwcame great friends. All down to Stable Wars. Before Stable Wars loads of us despised another. I personally was one of the nastier parties. Complete prick in fact and still feel guilty about the way I treatwd some people.


Next thing I'm a mod.

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