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Six Degrees Of Wikipedia


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So somebody's made a thing that finds the shortest path between two Wikipedia pages, and now I'm trying to stump it, Googlewhack style.


Your challenge is to put in a page to do with wrestling and a page on a subject not to do with wrestling and try to find a pair with as long a 'shortest path' as you can find. For example, you'd think early 80s education secretary Keith Joseph and Starrcade 93 would be many links apart, but it turns out to be only three:

Keith Joseph > Lloyds of London > Ric Flair > Starrcade 93

But Curly Watts to DC Drake can't be done in any less than four, such as:

Curly Watts > Stella Price > Manhattan > Philipsburg NJ > DC Drake

And I finally found a five with:

Brown sauce > Republic of Ireland > American Samoa > Professional Wrestling > NWO > Randy Anderson


So can anyone hit a six?

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Thus far, best I've found is a four: Cuneiform -> Mesopotamia -> Wrestling -> WWE/Lucha Libre -> WrestleMania III.

EDIT: Just found another four, but there are far too many variations on the steps to list - Big Daddy to James Hydrick.

EDIT: Another four, but absolutely insane the sheer number of links - looks like a child's scribbling with a ruler and glitter: Vince McMahon and the Battle of Rorke's Drift.

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Does everyone realise that Bicurious Dad already found a 6 by the third post of this thread?? 

Rikidozan > Jimmy Savile Sex Scandal- only three degrees of separation- one of them being Piers Morgan.

I'm having fuck all luck though, but Rikidozan appears to be my best bet so far.

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