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MOD CHALLENGE - Glen Quagmire


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Everyone here is entitled to their opinion, while most posters here skew left politically Gus Mears who's on the other side of the spectrum put forth a fantastic post why he is and was given kudos for it. 

Glen, you haven't. But that's not the issue. It's the fact that I get fucking reports all the time for lazy trolling using bollocks terms like "snowflake" (although from my personal experience the real "snowflakes"  are the ones that use that term").


So, because I'm fucking bored of the reports it's a MOD CHALLENGE. In less than 300 words explain your political leaning without using any trendy alt-right or new-right buzzwords in 24 hours. 

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I won't be needing 300 words, as I'm a man who doesn't feel he needs to say much to get his message across.

I consider myself a centerist.

I'm pro-business

I'm pro-freedom

I'm pro-respect for authority while at the same time a strong campaigner against corrupt and improper authority as well as standing up to bullies

I'm anti-fascist, pro democracy

I'm pro-family

I'm pro-Brexit

I'm un-PC

And if the crying little ********** are the same people telling me to "fuck off" (more than likely), they really need to toughen the fuck up or life is going to come down on them like a bitch

Jeremy Corbyn will never get in to No. 10 because the British people are wise to ******-********** ever getting into power in the UK, that's the reality

That is all.

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30 minutes ago, PunkStep said:

Didn't see an explanation there at all, just a list of things that you are- like a WhatCulture feature.

Glen explains his reasons for his views. You won't believe number 4

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I'm guessing that Glen is referring to freedom against 'liberal' standards of conduct? So mixing in with the 'I'm not PC stuff'? Basically freedom to call a spade a wog and watch repeats of In Sickness and In Health on Gold. 

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