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Grease 2 pisses all over Grease 1


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I played one of the T-Birds in a primary school showcase extravaganza performance of Tell me more. The teacher clearly felt I had something about me as she upgraded me to Shankin' Stevens for that years ahead of its time alternative nativity play.


Please go into far more detail about this Shakin' Stevens-starring nativity.

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It was but an episode in the play where some Shepherds were going around looking for young JC and they interrupted a Shakin' Stevens concert to look for Christ and I sent them packing. Needless to say if that happened in real life there'd be some pretty angry damp pantied middle aged women.

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Grease 2 is legit one of my favourite films. I watch it whenever my best mate is over and we get the beers in. We've watched ever since we were kids but it really came into its own when we hit our twenties. I even have a small Grease 2 lobby card and autograph collection.


Grease 2 absolutely has weirdos singing along to it. (See the above)

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