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What would a Heroes of Wrestling PPV look like in 2016?


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Can you remember that rubbish show featuring the Bushwhackers vs Sheik and Volkoff? And Jake Roberts and Yokozuna vs Neidhart and Bundy? That was a show bringing together a bunch of old acts because wrestling was so far removed from the era that the time. I wonder, if you wanted to exploit the last boom period in 2016, what card could you put together, realistically. Because of course HOW didnt have Hogan, Flair, Savage and the real big stars of the era. You sort of have to make do with what is available, which would be no Rock, Austin or anyone like that. Remember, match quality isnt important. Ability to even draw isnt important. Like Heroes of Wrestling, if your face fits, you're in. Hope you're with me here.


D'Lo Brown vs Val Venis is definitely one of those matches you could put on a card like this. 2 Attitude era wrestlers who used to regularly work together. That would probably be the opener.


Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton (representing the nWo, because we want to sell a few t-shirts at the gimmick table) vs Glacier and Ernest Miller in a WCW Saturday Night tribute.


You need an ECW match in there, so throw Tommy Dreamer and Compo Raven in a weapons match.


I'll have more later. Carry on.

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The bWo do fifteen in the middle of the show where you're not sure if a match actually took place or not. I'd pencil the Harris boys in to haze the entire Shotgun Battle Royal but Kurgan wins in the end and does the ICP dance bit to get the crowd popping. Jarret defaults to my number one heel with Hardcore Holly coming after him with all that young babyface fire.


Drowning Pool are played over the PA constantly and Teddy Long refs all the matches.

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Oh oh oh oh and depending if we can get a decent projection screen for the entrance the show would dry start with a Just Joe based GTV segment being played.


Sandman can do the Stone Cold bits. Foley takes a modest payday to restart the main event match.

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