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The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread *MMA Edition*

Egg Shen

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Okay, I haven't got much - but just in an effort to get things started:


Irish tabloid headlines the day after the McGregor vs Jose fight:








When Shamrock owned Bisping on Twitter:



Chris Cariaso borrowing his Dad's suit:



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The tabloid ones are interesting to see. Herbie, have the latest Conor developments made the front pages over there at all?


Yeah as above.


Plus my Dad even asked me yesterday on the phone. And he hasn't a clue about any sports! And my wife paused House of Cards last night to get me to fill her in because she'd been reading & hearing so much. It's big news - well, as big as MMA is in this country - which is pretty much McGregor.


To put that into perspective, a headline last week read "Former McGregor opponent accused of assault in strip club" - Brandao was not in the headline.

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Fucking hell, T-Guy, get with the program :laugh:


Sakuraba is the man. Even Dana doesn't even attempt to hide his love for Saku and he never usually heaps praise on fighters Zuffa had nothing to do with. No-one could hate Sakuraba. Even the Gracies speak highly of him and he fucked most of them up.


On the Japan theme, Shinya Aoki was a fan of Attitude Era WWF, I reckon;





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