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Major incident going on in Paris

Undefeated Steak

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Shootings, suicide attacks reported in Paris. I've quickly copied and pasted this from the top comment on Reddit. The links were edited in top to bottom, with the bottom links the newest.


First pictures of the site

Allegedly two shootings

3 explosions outside of Stade de France - these were apparently grenades thrown source

Live stream, they are interviewing a witness here http://www.france24.com/en/livefeed/

10 people dead or seriously injured laying on the street according to BBC cameraman

Police and Army are shooting now

No one allowed to leave Stade de France now, (it is where President of France was also at the time)

Video at the restaurant after the shooting, from France 24

Hollande has been evacuated from the stadium

witness twitter account!

From @France24: Now reports of an explosion in another area of Paris. It's not clear if that's linked to shooting at the Paris cafe.


Several roads were cut by security forces in #Paris. Ambulances evacuating wounded victims now.. (PICTURES)

Picture of 6 bodies lying on the street

french special forces (RAID) are preparing for an assault now. 11th district is locked

liberation news paper has a journalist on site

22:32, France24 is interviewing a witness again, she says she doubts there was just one person, she heard 25-30 shots

another witness twitter account, they are still at the scene

BBC reports at least 10 dead

BREAKING :At least 18 dead in Paris attacks - AFP citing police

what the hell? suicide attack being reported, i dont know if it is true but i will link. 2 suicide attacks, one on forecourt of Stade de France, another nearby" according to Trade Union Alliance on @LCI

CNN affiliate in France saying 18 killed in restaurant shooting alone.

#BREAKING Hostages taken at Paris Bataclan concert hall, police say

Video of aftermath of the explosions

ambulance/police convoys responding

telegraph reports there are casualties at stade de france (i heard it on france24 live stream)


map of attacks in paris



30 dead according to breaking3zero quoting AFP

Around 60 people said to be inside #Bataclan concert hall in hostage situation

france24 reports that police found a dismembered body near the explosion (from the lvie stream)

gas cannisters with nails and bolts were said to be detonated outside of the stadium

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I was in Paris back in April, and admittedly the first thing that came into my mind as I walked the streets was "powder keg". The army absolutely everywhere, Jews being accosted in the street with quenelles, a quite worrying amount of racial (self-)segregation.


It's a stunning place and I even love the Parisians - but it's a disordered city that seems to be permanently teetering on the edge of tragedy. It's happened twice and I can't help but feel it's going to keep on happening, and happening to God knows what detriment to Paris' future, and to France's as a whole. God knows what it's going to be like at the end of this.

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The jungle refugee camp in Calais has been set on fire.


Apparently not true- no confirmed sources, lots claiming it's a hoax and the pic going round is weeks old.


Absolutely sickening night. France must be seriously struggling to comprehend why this has happened.

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Fucking tabloids trying to paint these attacks as revenge for "Jihadi John." Far too coordinated and immediate for it to have been related.


Interestingly, a state of emergency in France allows the police to arbitrarily search private homes, censor the press, impose military tribunals, order house arrest without trial, close public spaces and collect private weapons. Do we have something similar in the uk?

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